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THE BIG DAY IS HERE! Follow Suzanne Adair's instructions on her blog to be entered for a Historic Haversack of goodies from Suzanne (I'm donating a download of my book, SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME, for the Haversack) and in the Blog Tour De Force to win a Kindle! Visit Suzanne's blog, "The British Are Coming Y'all," by midnight EST on April 21st at for instructions to win a free download of PAPER WOMAN, a novel of the American Revolution. My review, also posted yesterday, is below.  Please mention me as your favorite of Suzanne's sponsors in BLOG TOUR DE FORCE! (Yes, unmitigated self-promotion.) Suzanne says, "If any visitors want to also win my Historic Haversack goodie bag, I will instruct them to select a review site from those listed, comment on the review site with, 'Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all!' then return to my blog to comment where they posted and why they liked that particular review."

                    PAPER WOMAN REVIEW

PAPER WOMAN is a book you will love! From the first page, Ms Adair’s story of one woman’s quest during the American Revolution will pull you into the pages (or your e-reader). This is not a pedantic historical treatise. Ms Adair’s ability to bring the era to life amazed me. She interweaves plot and historic detail while she entertains so well that the reader forgets he or she is gaining new insights into the American Revolution. In fact, not only did I immediately identify with Sophie Barton, I felt I was standing next to the heroine and experiencing each obstacle with her. No wonder Suzanne Adair's awards include the Patrick D. Smith Literature Award. 
Sophie Barton is only thirty-three, but she is already twice widowed and, via her seventeen year old daughter Betsy, soon to be a grandmother. (Yes, women often married young at this time.) Sophie is “the paper woman” because of her job assisting her father with his printing press. She also keeps the accounts for their print shop. Her father and his cronies are busy stirring up rebellion against the Crown at the same time Sophie is being courted by a British officer who is more than he seems--or less, depending on your viewpoint. David, Sophie’s charming brother, spends his time cavorting with widows and winning games of chance. Their selfish younger sister, Susana, is a young matron interested primarily in grabbing all supposedly due her and her family. Sophie hates the small town of Alton, Georgia and longs for travel and adventure. Ever hear the saying, be careful what you wish for?

Renactment from Suzanne's website

Circumstances rapidly change, placing Sophie and her family in danger. Like a female Indiana Jones, she is determined to solve the puzzle of who wants her arrested for treason and who has plotted against her family. I won’t include any spoilers, so I won’t describe her quest through forests and swamps, accompanied by the men who love her and offer their loyalty.

PAPER WOMAN is a book I enthusiastically recommend and I rate it five stars! One night I read until my eyes were so tired I couldn’t focus. The next morning, I hurried my routine so I could finish this enthralling tale of love, sex, and death. PAPER WOMAN is available in e-download from Smashwords here.

Suzanne Adair is the nom de plume for Suzanne Williams, a native Floridian who currently lives with her family in North Carolina. In second grade, she wrote her first fiction for fun after the eye of a hurricane passed over her home, and she grew up intrigued by wild weather, stories of suspense and high adventure, Spanish St. Augustine, and the South's role in the Revolutionary War. She has traveled extensively and lived in England for half a year. After visiting the ruins of colonial-era Ft. Frederica on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, she began writing PAPER WOMAN, the first book of her series and the recipient of the 2007 Patrick D. Smith Literature Award. THE BLACKSMITH'S DAUGHTER and CAMP FOLLOWER continue her fictional ventures into the Southern theater of the Revolutionary War. CAMP FOLLOWER was nominated for the 2009 Daphne du Maurier Excellence in Historical Mystery/Suspense Award and the 2009 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction. Suzanne enjoys participating in living history to commemorate events from the Revolutionary War -- a hobby that helps her depict colonial life in writing.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for the terrific review of Paper Woman, Carolyn!

Suzanne Adair

Warren Bull said...

Love, sex and death, The Paper Woman has it all. Thanks for a review without "spoilers" that capture the excitement and originality of the work.

Suzanne said...

Warren, I hope you enjoy Paper Woman.

Suzanne Adair

Geri said...

Okay, I have to read this book!


Susan Schreyer said...

Love, sex and death!! Paper Woman has it all! I read it, I loved it, I'll read it again and recommend it to my friends. Suzanne is a fabulous writer!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Suzanne, I loved reading your book. Thanks for sharing your time with us today. Best of luck in the Blog Tour De Force.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

excellent review Carolyn! thx :)
Love, sex and death, The Paper Woman has it all. :)) sounds intriguing!

Anonymous said...

Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all! Thanks for a review that brought the characters in this book to life for me. Now it's a "must read."

Suzanne said...

Geri, make sure you stop in at my blog today and follow the instructions. You'll get a free copy of Paper Woman that way.

Suzanne Adair

Suzanne said...

Susan and Faith, thanks for your comments!

Suzanne Adair

Suzanne said...

Anonymous, stop over at my blog today and follow the instructions, and you'll get a free copy of Paper Woman.

Suzanne Adair

JaylieG said...

“Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all!”
Thanks for the review, makes me want to read the book even more now!


Diana Cosby said...

Wonderful review, Carolyn! Love, sex and death, The Paper Woman sounds intriguing! ^5

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Jaylie!

Suzanne Adair

Suzanne said...

Diana, make sure you hop over to my blog and read the instruction there so you can get a free copy of Paper Woman!

Suzanne Adair

Sandy said...

Thanks for the review of Paper Woman.
I want to read the series. "Love, sex, and death, The Paper Woman has it all." It sounds like a great read.

Debbi said...

Love, sex, and death. Paper Woman has it all!

Awesome! :)

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Intriguing review, Carolyn! Congratulations, Suzanne on a great story!

hicotton said...

Loved reading about this book. My ancestors were at Ft. Frederica so I was fascinated to read in the blurb below that that's where you got some of your inspiration, Suzanne. And, echoing others, thanks, Carolyn for a good review that doesn't give away the store.
Jane Vasarhelyi

Suzanne said...

Jeanmarie, thanks for the kudos. If you haven't done so already, please stop by my blog and read/follow the instructions there so I can give you a free copy of Paper Woman.

Suzanne Adair

Polly said...

I read Paper Woman early on and had the pleasure of hosting Suzanne at my home. Twice, actually. Great review.

Suzanne said...

Jane, oh Jane, you must stop by my blog tonight, before midnight, and read/follow instructions there, and comment so I can give you a free copy of Paper Woman. You're going to love the book.

Suzanne Adair

Suzanne said...

Polly, you're a gracious lady. Thank you!

Suzanne Adair

Suzanne said...


Thanks so much for reviewing Paper Woman and sponsoring me for Blog Tour de Force. I've enjoyed interacting with your blog guests and hope they find Paper Woman an engrossing read.

Best regards,
Suzanne Adair

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