Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Do you read historical fiction? Do you like adventure stories? Do you read books that include Native Americans? Do you enjoy stories with romance between heroic characters? Do you want to win a Kindle? More about that later.

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 If you answered yes to even one of these questions, PAPER WOMAN, by Suzanne Adair, is a book you will love. From the first page, Ms Adair’s story of one woman’s quest during the American Revolution will pull you into the pages (or your e-reader). This is not a pedantic historical treatise. Ms Adair’s ability to bring the era to life amazed me. She weaves historic detail so well that the reader forgets he or she is gaining new insights into the American Revolution. In fact, I felt I was standing next to the heroine and experiencing each obstacle with her. No wonder Suzanne Adair won the Patrick D. Smith Literature Award.

Sophie Barton is only thirty-three, but she is already twice widowed and soon to be a grandmother. Sophie is “the paper woman” because of her job assisting her father with his printing press. She also keeps the accounts for their Alton, Georgia business. Her father is busy stirring up rebellion against the Crown at the same time Sophie is being courted by a British officer whose intentions are less than honorable. Daniel, Sophie’s charming brother, spends his time courting women and winning games of chance. Her sister Susana is a self-involved young matron interested primarily in what might be due her and her family.

But life quickly changes and Sophie and her family are in danger. Like a female Indiana Jones, she is determined to solve the puzzle of who wants her arrested for treason and who has plotted against her family. I won’t include any spoilers, so I won’t describe her quest, accompanied by the men who love her and offer their loyalty.

PAPER WOMAN is a book I enthusiastically recommend and I rate it five stars! I couldn’t stop reading until my eyes were so tired I couldn’t focus. The next morning, I hurried my routine so I could finish this captivating tale. PAPER WOMAN is available in e-download from  and in print from


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Join me on the 21st-24th when Suzanne Adair, author of PAPER WOMAN, will be my guest. Read my blog here then go to Suzanne's blog at for a chance to download her book FREE and enter to win a Kindle! To be in the drawing for the Kindle, you must comment here on April 21st and then go to her blog at the above link and follow her directions. (Nothing hard, nothing time consuming.)

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Janie Mason said...

I've never read any American historicals set during the Revolutionary War but this has sparked my interest. And to have a hobby that also adds dimension to your writing; how wonderful. That makes your research so much more fun!

Denise Eagan said...

This sounds wonderful! It's a facinating time period, one that we almost never get to read about. Can't wait to get my hands on it!