Monday, April 04, 2011


Congratulations to Nikita, who won my portion of the Fool For Love Giveaway Hop. I'll contact you by email, Nikita.

What drags your spirit down, down, down?  Makes you blue as a country western love song? For me, it's when my writing doesn't go well.

This past weekend was the bi-annual Dreamin' In Dallas writers conference sponsored by the Dallas Area Romance Authors (DARA). What fun to visit with friends I hadn't seen recently, hang with my BFF's, and talk writing, writing, writing.

My favorites--other than talking with friends--were the workshops by Margie Lawson and Allison Brennan. As a psychologist, Margie is able to get into what makes characters and their actions and their dialogue marketable. Allison Brennan writes scary romantic suspense books, but she is a delightful person who kept the audience laughing even as she imparted wisdom.

Me just before the bookssigning opened,
photo taken by Ashley Kath-Bilsky, author of  
the terrific historical, THE SENSE OF HONOR

Writing is a lonely profession. If we're fortunate enough to write full time, we sit at our computers all day. Sure, we have online friends we see on writers loops and email, but that's not personal. Not face-to-face. Visiting online is helpful, but not the same as laughing with a friend over iced tea and snacks.

So, attending the conference was a renewal for me. Yes, my spirit was sagging. Dragging the floor. Maybe even in the basement. I was discouraged because my latest WIP (work in progress) was not going well. In fact, I hated it. Very annoying to say the least!

Now, I feel energized and ready to face the dizzying publishing world again. I am woman, hear me roar! Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. At least now I can growl and hold my own. Grrr!

Do you get discouraged? If so, what helps renew your spirit?

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Vince said...

Hi Caroline:

What encourages also discourages.

The road to learning rises in steep plateaus. Each new vista opens an horizon clearly showing how much more work must be done to bring the tired old WIP up to the new standards.

What pleased you so much then, now calls out for repair. Beauty became the Beast. Why couldn’t you see it then? For the same reason you couldn’t see the earth from the moon. You had to be there.

Why is it so exhilarating to learn those things we 'know' that ain’t so, while at the same time, this same joy of discovery, undermines everything we think we know.