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Why I wrote HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN . . .

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Some readers have asked me why I wrote HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN so I thought I’d speak to that here. I’ve always loved history about the Civil War – the battles, the thousands of lives lost and the boundaries that were often crossed when family members choose sides. It wasn’t uncommon to find cousin fighting against cousin or neighbor against neighbor. The Civil War was a deeply personal war for many, and yet in the end, many didn’t know why they were fighting. I can’t think of anything more horrible than to have our country divided over ideals, beliefs or principles to the point we take up arms against our brethren.

Imagine drawing a line across the United States – the top half of the states fight for one side and the bottom for the other. And suppose you had family down in Texas when you live in Wisconsin? I’m sure you can see what the Civil War was one of our darkest times in history.

HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN is, in essence, about a woman named Lauren McCain who was raised in the deep South and moves to the North just before the war broke out. Her loyalties are divided. She’s fallen in love with a Northerner, carries his child, and yet her father and family hail from North Carolina. Now, toss in the Dakota Sioux uprising in Minnesota at the same time and the entire country is ablaze with fire and terror.

HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN is an emotional story about betrayal, grief, fate and abiding passion. If you like reading about the Civil War, I think you’ll love the story of brothers who love the same woman and yet, love each other too. Oh, yes, and there’s a few twists and turns in the story. There is a happily-for-now ending, but here’s the good news: DARK NIGHT OF THE MOON, the sequel to HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN was released! And I promise there will be a happily-ever-after for all.

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Creed Gatlin flees to Arizona intent on eradicating the haunting memories of his brother’s wife. His brother Brand, presumed dead, resurfaces after a long absence and with his re-emergence, the destinies of those he loves is altered forever.

In a land rife with war and danger, Sage must travel to the village of her husband’s People. There, she is reunited with Crooked Back, the ancient healer. One the long trek back to Full Circle, devious plots are underfoot and peril lurks around every corner for Sage, Lauren and Peter Pa.

DARK NIGHT OF THE MOON will take you on an unforgettable journey of war, violence, overwhelming grief, and finally, compassion and love.

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Keta, thanks for sharing with us today! Readers, on Wednesday, I'll post my review of DARK NIGHT OF THE MOON. Beware! Aftert I read it, I had to also get HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN.

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These novels sound great...and when i think i surely have all the books i need to feed my addiction, you come up with another awesome sounding novel that is not on my must read list until your post! Keep it up, though, Caroline. Thank you

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Hi Caroline and friends,

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I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Dark Night of the Moon and Holding On to Heaven.

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