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Don’t you love a book in which you enjoy the hero and heroine so much that you are sorry when the book ends and you say goodbye? How lovely then to learn that book is the first of a series and you can follow this couple along with the new hero and heroine of the next book. A good series lets us stay in touch with characters we love.

For me, writing a series is similar to reading one. The characters become real to me and I want to let readers know how these great people continue with their lives. I seek to prove they were worthy of your admiration as they raise their own family while continuing to support extended family and community.

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Two series I have currently are the Men of Stone Mountain and the Kincaids. These revolve around families and the people who are their friends. Family series remain powerful and popular with both authors and readers.

A couple of other books, THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE and HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME are also the first of what I intend as a series. The former will be a series called the McClintocks and revolve around Dallas McClintock and his extended family of cousins and his brother in law Finn O’Neill.

HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME is a contemporary romance. That series will revolve around family and the community in which they live. This is set in West Texas near where I grew up, so I am fond of this locale.
Series can be linked by a location or a family or a profession. Mine are linked by family. In my opinion, family is important. This can be genetic family or the close knit ties we form with friends who become like family to us.

My current work in progress is THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP, book three of the Kincaids. Storm Kincaid is the hero and he meets a strong-willed German immigrant who steals his heart. This will be released October 30th and will be available in print and electronic download.

This book has been the hardest to write of any I’ve written. In the middle of it, we listed our former home for sale, sorted and eliminated years of accumulated excess junk . . . I mean stuff, bought another home, moved into it, found we saved too much good stuff, and have been trying to unpack gradually as we can. My writing time and my concentration went by the wayside. Needless to say, I fell far behind in my self-imposed schedule and deadline.

When I write, I immerse myself in my story and pretty much isolate myself in my little writing cave. Life goes on without me, but all I see is the computer monitor. This move disrupted my system, but I have finally carved out my new “writing cave” and time.

How about you? Do you like series or does it matter?   

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Bookie said...

Hum...sometimes I would rather the story stopped at one book with me longing for more. Sometimes the next in a series doesn't live up to the original. Then again, I like knowing ahead that I will like the character and am open to her/his new adventures.

Anonymous said...

I love reading series and yours are amongst the very best. You become so involved with the characters but when the series comes to an end you feel like you have lost some of your best friends. I can't wait for Book 3 in the Kincaid Series. I wish you continued success.