Friday, October 18, 2013


When I was a kid, the Christmas catalogs came about the middle of September and coincided with my birthday. That was the first clue that fall was here. We wouldn't see decorations up until the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Being a kid, it never occurred to me that a lot of people worked while I was overeating turkey and dessert at my aunt and uncle's house. Nope, the stores just magically had Christmas displays the day after Thanksgiving. Oh, I did see men hanging the street decorations, but the lighted ones were never turned on until the day we now call Black Friday.

Whew, how times have changed. As soon as school classes are in session, out comes the Hallowe'en and Christmas decorations. Poor Thanksgiving doesn't warrant much space.

Don't think I mind. Fall is my favorite time of year and the holidays are a joy for me. For many years we lived in a rural area and had no trick or treaters. I look forward to having them this year. Have my wreath and plan to get a pumpkin or two this weekend.

We have a small family now, so our celebrations are laid back.

Except for Christmas!

I am a certifiable nut about Christmas. Not the day.
The preparation.
The decorations.
The gifts.
The cards.
On the day, there's a let down. All the fun is in the anticipation.

Yes, I know it's a religious holiday. I get all that. We observe the meaning as well as the secular traditions. We read the Christmas story from the Bible before we open gifts to remind us of why we give them. We give thanks for our many blessings. And I am grateful for all the true meaning of Christmas. Truly I am.

But giving gifts is so much fun. Choosing the perfect gift for each person is important. Not just a gift card, although those are nice. No, a gift I picked out because I knew the person who received it would love that particular thing. A gift I receive that proves the giver knows me and planned for my gift.

And I shop all year, of course. (Sadly, I usually forget where I've stashed a few gifts and find them about February. )

So, when I ask "Is it here yet?" I mean the Christmas season.
Can I decorate the tree?
Put out the yard decorations?
Hang the stockings?

Just for you, I'll wait until after Thanksgiving.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Bookie said...

I think you sound like you are revving up for the holidays! My reactions to holidays have changed over the years, but I still do love autumn. It is just a reflective, non-commercial time before the big shopping days ahead. I have enjoyed pumpkins and mums already...and freeze is coming next week so I will have to say goodbye to most flowers.