Wednesday, October 30, 2013


WooHoo! Today is a big, big day for me. This is release day for THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP, book three of the Kincaid series. I am super excited.

Thanks to readers who loved the first two books so much they requested Storm’s book. THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE, book one, is about Pearl Parker and her marriage to Drake Kincaid. She is the eldest sister who cares for her two half-siblings, Storm and Sarah. Drake needs a wife to inherit the ranch he's run since his parents death. Pearl needs to leave Piper's Hollow, Tennessee as soon as possible. But trouble follows the group to Texas.

THE MOST UNSUITABLE HUSBAND, book two, is about sweet, shy Sarah, who goes to see her dying natural mother in St. Louis and settle the estate. There she encounters Nate, a gambler and con man who believes Sarah owes him the proceeds from the saloon she sold. He vows to get that and more from her. But he doesn't count on falling in love with Sarah. And he is surprised at his reaction to the three children they rescue on the way back to Texas.

And now, the trilogy is complete. Life intervened and it’s two months late, but here it is. You might ask what delayed me? What didn’t happen? 

We’re getting a handle on the new place now, but we had a rough move coupled with other major distractions. Today, all is well. 

Don't think this is the end of books about the Kincaid family, though. It's a big family and second cousin Gabe's story is next.
In the meantime, today on Facebook, I’m hosting a Launch Party with giveaways of print and ebooks, Amazon gift cards, and swag. Come on over and join in. 

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