Friday, September 26, 2014


Here we are with Fall begun and in Texas, that means the State Fair. Personally, I love the fair and hate to miss it this year because of recent ankle reconstruction surgery.  Years ago, I always entered jams, jellies, and vegetables I’d canned from our orchard and garden. Darling Daughter 1 won a blue ribbon one year with her photo of a spider web still wet with dew. Now, we just like to soak up the atmosphere.
Blue ribbon and Best of Show for my peach jam
Strolling through the fairgrounds is a great place to watch to watch people. In addition, I love the exhibits and midway. No, I don’t play the games or ride one of the 73 rides available. However, the Texas Star ferris wheel is on my bucket list. I do not like heights, especially in a swaying seat. But I have vowed that I will ride the Texas Star. Darling Daughter 2 was at the top one year for the fireworks show and reported the sight was spectacular.
Big Tex before the fire

Two years ago, Big Tex caught on fire. He has since been reincarnated better than ever. Each year, he gets new jeans and shirt. This year, he’s wearing a navy shirt, as shown on television. He welcomes fairgoers with greetings at intervals.

One of the contests each year among food vendors is the newest fried concoction or unusual food offered. Among this year’s winners are funnel cake flavored beer and fried shrimp boil. Of course, attendees can still find the traditional Fletcher’s corny dogs in many places throughout the grounds.

Our family’s favorite was to buy tickets to the State Fair Musical for an afternoon matinee. This allows ticketholders to park inside the grounds. Parking is always a problem, although there are shuttles all day. We enjoyed looking around the fair for a few hours, then resting during the hottest portion of the day in the air-conditioned Music Hall to enjoy that year’s musical show. By the time the performance was over, the outside temperature would be cooling down.

In addition to the usual attractions, there are numerous museums at the fairgrounds. They include the Women’s Museum, African American Museum, Natural Science Museum, Arboretum—and more.  If you are in the Dallas area the last weekend of September through the first two weeks of October, why not visit our State Fair?

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Unknown said...

Looks nice. Haven't been in a fair in years. Sorry you're missing it this year but next year will be even more great for you, don't you think?