Wednesday, September 24, 2014


What is your favorite book of those you’ve read in the past year?

That is the question I ask when someone follows me on Twitter at @CarolinClemmons (no E in Caroline). Often people answer with a book I’ve never heard of, but there are a few repeats. Among them are GONE GIRL, THE BOOK THIEF, THE CONFESSION OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE.

Now I’ll share some of my favorites of books I’ve read in the past year.

THE CATTLEMAN by Anna Jeffrey is the second in her Sons of Texas Series, set near Fort Worth. I loved Pic Lockhart and the story surrounding him. You will too. Anna is a strong writer who weaves multiple threads together masterfully in this women’s-fiction-type contemporary romance.

OUT OF THE DARK by Geri Foster is in her Falcon Securities series of contemporary romantic suspense. How would you react if you had amnesia and didn’t know who you could trust? All Tony Archuletta knows is that some people claim to be friends yet others are trying to kill him. He senses he must get to St. Peterburg, Russia but doesn’t know why he knows this is urgent or what he’s supposed to do when he arrives. This opens with action that lasts through all the book.

SLEIGHT OF HEART by Jacquie Rogers is a fun, action-packed western historical romance. Hero Burke O’Shaunessy is one of my favorite heroes ever. The model for heroine Lexie was Jacquie’s aunt, who was an amazing math whiz.

DESPERATE: LIPSTICK AND LEAD by Sylvia McDaniel is a short novella written to introduce the three sisters for her latest series. This western historical is fun and includes surprises. It’s available now as a single. But this novella is included in the upcoming box set, WILD WESTERN WOMEN, which also includes novellas by Callie Hutton, Kirsten Osbourne, Merry Farmer, and me!

MAIL-ORDER TANGLE by Jacquie Rogers and Caroline Clemmons. Yes, I realize listing my book is vain, but I do love this box duet. Jacquie and I worked together by phone and email to link our books seamlessly (in my opinion) as two cousins find mail-order wives who are sisters.

KATIE AND THE IRISH TEXAN by Carra Copelin is a short western historical novella that introduces one of the families in her Code series. The characters came to Texas from Ireland. I love Irish characters, and Carra does a good job with the dialogue.

BRIDE OF THE HIGH COUNTRY by Kaki Warner in her runaway brides series is a book I won and set aside to read later. I’m so sorry I waited because this is a great book. The heroine’s character development through three stages of her life is remarkable—from terrified Irish immigrant Cathleen Donovan to socially prominent ward Margaret Hamilton to self-sufficient Lucinda Hawthorne who claims her life in Heartbreak Creek, Colorado. 

What's your favorite of the books you've read in the past year? 

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Kristy McCaffrey said...

Hi Caroline,
So hard to pick just one, but I read a YA book this year called "Running On Empty" by Colette Ballard that just blew me away. It's about a girl who accidentally kills her abusive boyfriend and flees. It was so engrossing, and surprisingly romantic, with a subplot involving a boy who tries to help her. I couldn't put it down.

Jacquie Rogers said...

I'm reading The Most Unsuitable Courtship by my favorite author, Caroline Clemmons. Love it!