Friday, September 19, 2014


WRONG BRIDE is Geri Foster’s latest in her Accidental Pleasures series of sexy novellas and releases on September 20th. (Fans of her Falcon series should not worry as Ms Foster is currently working on the next Falcon book, OUT OF THE DEPTHS.)

Misty Walker is a professional wedding consultant who has been dealing with a genuine Bridezilla. Misty hasn’t met the groom, but she believes if he’s anything like his kind mom, then Mitch Collins doesn’t deserve a fate like Priscilla McFadden, aka the bride from hell.

When Misty overhears Priscilla and her lover plotting to kill Mitch on the honeymoon, she decides to warn him—wearing a disguise so he won’t recognize her at the rehearsal and wedding.

Is there a flaw in this plan? Oh, yes, several. Fortunately for readers, they all make for fast-paced, fun reading.

Here’s a blurb:

Misty Walker has agreed to be the wedding coordinator for the bride from hell, literally. When she overhears the future bride discussing how she and the lover plan to off the groom on the honeymoon, Misty decides she must warn the unsuspecting Mitch Collins.

Mitch arrives in the Dallas area drenched in doubts about marrying the wrong woman and wondering if he made a mistake. While waiting for the wedding date, a mysterious woman shows up at his place and after spending the night together, he realizes the wedding must be stopped.

The bride-to-be isn’t happy with the turn of events and takes matters into her own hands. Can Misty and Mitch both learn how important it is to find the right life partner?

Will love win in this crazy and comical situation?

You can find this book on Amazon at as well as at other online retailers.

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