Friday, October 21, 2016


A Mystery Genre
Which Path Will You Choose?

Presented By
Susan Horsnell,
Phoenix Johnson, Kylie Price,
Charlene Raddon, Scarlett J Rose and
 Margaret Tanner


What secret has been uncovered in a disused mine? Something is not as it should be. The scene is set, the beginning in place BUT there are six different endings.
The path is up to you.
The story unfolds in the way YOU decide.
Five Authors – Kylie Price, Margaret Tanner, Charlene Raddon,
Scarlett J. Rose and Susan Horsnell.
Five Genres - Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Time Travel or Contemporary/Western
Five Pathways.
Which path will you choose to uncover the secret?

Present Day
Detective Callum Palmer dragged his fingers through his thick hair. He had a murder to solve. A pile of skeletons had been found in an old mine shaft, and he’d been assigned the case. He and his new partner, who had yet to show up. Irritated, he paced the precinct floor.
“Calm down, Palmer,” one of the other detectives said, “You’re driving me nuts.”
“Tough shit,” Callum shot back at him.
A small woman dressed in black entered the room and his line of vision. A real looker. Callum wondered who she was and what she was doing there. Her posture and dress gave an image of a professional. Not the type of victim he usually dealt with.
“Detective Callum Palmer?” she said.
“Yes?” Oh oh. Callum hoped the thought that just popped into his head proved wrong.
She held out a hand so delicate, he feared he’d break those tiny bones if he grasped it. “My name is Detective Olivia Hansen. I’m your new partner.”
Fuck. They sent me a female partner? Great. Fucking great. Resigned, he took her hand. “All right, Hansen. You’re just in time. Come with me. A murder has been called in and we’ve been given the job of investigating it.”
“Fine,” she said. “Nothing I like better than to keep busy.”
Turning away, Callum rolled his eyes, and led the way to his car.



Cover:                                                 Susan Horsnell

Beginning Chapters:                           Susan Horsnell and Charlene Raddon

Formatting:                                         Kylie Price

Trailer:                                                Kylie Price

Published by:                                      Susan Horsnell

Contemporary: Do the mysterious bones belong to someone closer to home than Callum and Olivia realize, discover the secrets that one of them is hiding.

Historical: He stole his dead brother's identity, then his wife. What happened in 19th Century Australia and who do the bones really belong to?

Paranormal: Do the mystery bones belong to someone in the supernatural world and how does a secret affect Olivia?

Time Travel: Murder, kidnapping, child abuse, time travel, and the healing gift of love.

Contemporary/Western: A sinister rancher is hell bent on getting what he wants regardless of who it will hurt... does he find himself buried instead?

The choice of where to begin is now yours. When one pathway has been read, visit another.
One book.
One Beginning.
Five completely different stories to solve the mystery of one set of bones.
Which story will you believe?
Which story will be your favourite?


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