Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I’m excited to announce that the fifth book in my Bride Brigade series, RACHEL, was released last week. To show how pleased I am, I'll give away a copy of RACHEL to one person who comments today. 

This series has been a lot of fun to write and readers tell me they enjoy the books. Tarnation, Texas is a small town with no young single women and many suitable bachelors who wish to wed. A young widow travels East to recruit seven young women candidates for marriage who will live in her home until each chooses the man for her. So far, Josephine, Angeline, Cassandra, and Ophelia have wed. Now it’s Rachel’s turn to find her true love.

Here’s the blurb for RACHEL:

A shameful past…

Rachel Ross’s secret haunts her. She joins other women leaving Virginia for Texas, object matrimony. Vowing never to trust again, she is rebuilding her life. She likes the dusty little town of Tarnation and is attracted to Zane Evans. Her past has made her extremely cautious, but she allows him to court her.

Zane Evans is a former Pinkerton agent who wants to forget all he saw in that profession and in the war and create a good life in Tarnation, Texas. He has carefully planned his future. When he meets Rachel, he is instantly attracted but is puzzled by her reluctance to reveal anything personal.

One event reveals her past in a spectacular way. Will Zane forgive her silence?

Here’s an excerpt from RACHEL:
Mama glanced from Hannah to Rachel. “I’ve fixed you a place in my sewing room. Your clothes and things are already there.”
Not even allowed to return to her former room? Scooping up her valise, she turned and fled to the sewing room. “Fine. At least I’ll have privacy.”
Patrick followed and caught up with her before she closed the door. “Dahlia and I’ve been scouring our brains since I learned of our parents’ plan. I may have a solution.” He handed her a folded newspaper page with one advertisement circled. “What do you think?”
Rachel read the item:
Young women of good character desiring to go west for the purpose of marriage may apply for an interview between ten and four o’clock in the afternoon from April 5th to 10th at the Grand Hotel, Richmond, care of Mrs. Lydia Harrison.”
“Good character? This Mrs. Lydia Harrison might not agree I qualify.” She reread the item as she mulled over the implications. Texas was hundreds and hundreds of miles from Richmond.
“Regardless, I’ll go see Mrs. Harrison at ten tomorrow.” She hugged Patrick. “I knew I could count on you, dear brother.”
“You’ll have to thank Dahlia for that advertisement. It wasn’t in the parts of the paper I read.”
All her plans for the future had changed. Instead of welcome from her family, she was ostracized by all but her brother. In her head, she saw the wisdom of her father’s edict. In her heart, she was far too crushed for reason. She wouldn’t remain a second longer than necessary to find a solution.
Patrick leaned a shoulder against the door jamb. “I’ll take off work again to go with you and be certain this woman isn’t a con artist soliciting young women for objectionable purposes.”
Rachel was able to force a smile though her heart had frozen solid. “No, Patrick, thank you for coming for me and for being the same fine man I remember, but I should do this alone. The ad says ‘for the purpose of marriage’ and I’ll be sure of the details before I commit—if she even chooses me.”
“At least let me give you a few dollars to pay cab fare there and back and enough to buy lunch if you’re out then.” He opened his wallet and removed several bills, which he pressed into her hand.
She gazed at the amount. “Ten dollars? Patrick, this is too much.”
He backed away as he held his hands palm facing her. “You don’t know what expenses you’ll have. I’ll worry enough without thinking you have no resources.”
She dropped the cash into her purse. “Thank you. You’re the dearest brother who ever lived.”
His cheeky grin cheered her. “I must modestly agree with you.”

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Now I'm writing Christmas novellas.

MISTLETOE MISTAKE is my story in the box set WILD WESTERN WOMEN -- MISTLETOE, MONTANA that will be released November 1. The authors included are Kirsten Osbourne, Merry Farmer, Sylvia McDaniel, and me. Callie Hutton had to drop out due to contractual obligations. The cover designer is Erin Dameron Hill.

ANGEL FOR CHRISTMAS is a contemporary romance that will be released as soon as I can finish it and get it edited. The cover designer is Skhye Moncrief. I think she did a fabulous job, don't you agree?

Don't for get to leave a comment if you want to be entered in the giveaway!


Mary Preston said...

Looking forward to finding out about her past too. Sounds like my kind of read.

GiniRifkin said...

Dear Caroline: Congratulations on the release of Rachel. The cover is beautiful, those eyes mesmerizing. The whole "bride brigade" concept is so clever and intriguing.