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From Geek to Greek Billionaire
Gloria Silk

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

5 stars - Gripping story of true love, forgiveness and happily ever after!
Did he deserve her second chance? Could he love a woman with secrets?
Olivia Moore is thrilled to renovate her best friend’s beach house in
Wrightsville Beach. But she is mortified when she literally bumps
into her teen crush, the enigmatic and sexy Greek geek, Alexander,
who heroically tackles her onto the hot sand. Nearly ten years ago
she fell for him hard and fast but he broke her heart. Now he’s her
best friend’s brother-in-law and seems to appear everywhere she goes?
Still sorry he walked away from the only woman he ever loved the shy
bachelor is determined to earn a second chance with the unique and
spirited Olivia. Begging her to help him boost his confidence to woo
a special, secret woman—her—will his convoluted plan win her over
or lose her trust forever?
Refusing to let her secret past—or any man—distract her from proving
herself as the most talented designer in the industry Olivia resolves
to stay away from Alexander and focus on her work. But her generous
nature prevails. She is over him so why not help the shy geek win his
mystery woman? So why is she curious to see what Alexander will look
like after his makeover? And why risk being hurt and rejected again
by entertaining foolish dreams that he might take her to beautiful
Santorini instead of the secret woman he craves?
Once the truth inevitably comes out, will Olivia and Alexander get their
second chance to forever? Or will both their hearts and lives be destroyed?

Olivia loved dogs, but that huge monstrosity galloping towards her was definitely not a mere dog. Before she could take action, she was whisked out of its way and unceremoniously dumped onto the hot sand centimeters out of the barking black beast’s path. Her breath caught as a big weight held her in place.

Olivia tasted grit in her dry mouth as something wet and rough sniffed at her cheek. “Off Spartacus,” someone called above her. Within seconds strong hands drew her to her feet as she saw the large dog and his owner continue on their way down the shore.

“Are you okay?” The deep voice held a certain urgency.

Her pride and ego were the only things that were hurt. Straightening, she flicked her hair out of her burning face and stared up at her tall, bearded savior. He was regarding her through the lenses of black-framed glasses, with a combination of concern and curiosity.

She nodded but no words came out.

The expression in the man’s striking green eyes suddenly changed. He let her go and his eyes widened. “I—I’m glad.” And added, “Olivia? Olivia Moore?”

Frowning, she nodded again and then recognition snatched her breath for the second time, the emotional impact even more powerful than her encounter with the hot sand.

“I’m Alexander, Alex Anderson.” His black beard and thick curly hair had changed his appearance, but as soon as she looked into those eyes again she knew him. Her best friend’s brother-in-law, who now lived in Greece. And worse, her secret, unrequited teenage crush. Well, not so secret….

This couldn’t be happening.

His earnest gaze boring into her, he said, “We knew each other when we worked on the gala—”

Gloria Silk, Author

USA Today Bestselling author, Gloria Silk, loves writing sensuous,
uplifting and unforgettable romance and women's fiction. Her powerful
stories are filled with passion without cultural borders, which will
take you to various exotic locales around the world. Her books focus
on the many facets of romantic relationships with strong and complex family bonds.

Born in Russia, her love of travel was ingrained within her from a very
young age, as she has lived in various parts of Europe and the
Mediterranean. Some of her favorite visited places are Austria,
France, the Middle East, Hawaii and Hong Kong. Her next planned
excursion is to Australia and New Zealand.

England (where she was brought up) holds a very special place in her heart
with all its history and lush, green landscapes. Her background in
English literature, writing and psychology help her create
well-rounded, unique characters.

After spending many years in London, England where she met and married her
own loving hero, she now lives - and happily writes - in Toronto, Canada.

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