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Today is an exciting day here in the pink cave. My new novel, STUART, Bachelors and Babies book 10, is available. Authors always have favorite heroes and heroines. Stuart McGee is a worthy hero. Georgina Potter is one of my favorite heroines of any I've created in my books. She will only be pushed so far and then—watch out world!

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What's a bachelor
going to do with a baby?


He is building for the future . . .
She is escaping the past . . .
Trouble could destroy their family

Stuart McGee needs the bounty from capturing the two men he’s trailing. That reward will allow him to buy the ranch of his dreams. When he encounters the men, he learns they’ve killed a young couple. The big surprise is there’s a baby in their cabin. What is Stuart supposed to do with a baby girl?

Georgina Potter has to get away from home. Her family treats her as a screw-up. She is determined to prove them wrong. Starting over as a mail-order bride might not be the best way but it’s the only way she can get away from her family. When she arrives she learns her groom has married someone else. What is she going to do with no money, no groom, and nowhere to stay?

When Georgina and Stuart join in a marriage of convenience, neither is convinced it’s the right choice. Baby Adeline captures the affection of both. Can working together as parents ignite romance for Georgina and Stuart? When trouble comes, will their fledgling relationship disintegrate or become stronger?

Stuart is talking to Sheriff Claud Iverson at his office attached to the jail:

Claud waited just inside his office. “So this is the child? Cute little thing.”
“She is, isn’t she? Adeline, this is Sheriff Iverson. I don’t know enough about children to know if she’s good or not.”
Claud led the way back inside. He glanced over his shoulder and grinned. “You going into the dairy business, too?”
“As if you hadn’t guessed I brought the cow so Adeline could have fresh milk. Cow slowed us some. The wagon belonged to her folks. Apparently they didn’t have living kin. After I collected her supplies I loaded whatever I could onto the wagon. Figured she’d want the things when she was older.”
Claud motioned Stuart near. “I’ll make you a deal. You take Miss Potter off my hands and I’ll dismiss her fine.”
“Have you considered what people are going to think about me having a young woman living out at the ranch with me? You know what the devil they’ll say. Her reputation will be ruined.”
“She came here to get married to a stranger. She’d be a heck of a lot better off married to you than to Brick.”
Stuart had wondered if he’d have to marry to get someone to care for Adeline. He’d planned to marry sometime but he hadn’t figured on the wedding being now. “I agree with that. Brick’s head is thick as his name.”
He thought for a few seconds then exhaled. “I don’t have any other candidates in mind for a wife. Okay, I’ll go talk to her.”
“I’ll bring you a chair.” Claud carried a chair and set it in front of the cell. “Miss Potter, my friend Stuart has something to discuss with you.”
She stared at Adeline and a soft smile formed on her face. “Is that your child? She’s precious.”
He told her how he found Adeline. “I reckon she’s mine now. Only people who’d take her seemed more interested in the things on the wagon than in her. I’m not set up for a baby but I’m not going to let her go to anyone unless they’ll treat her like their daughter and give her a good home.”
“That’s commendable.”
He set Adeline on the floor and she toddled to the cell. “Ma ma ma.” She held up her arms for Miss Potter to lift her.
Miss Potter smiled and knelt so she could touch Adeline through the bars. “I can’t lift you this way, dear. I can play patty cake.” She demonstrated.
Adeline laughed and sat down in front of her. She tried imitating Miss Potter.
“I think her mother or father must have shown her patty cake, don’t you? She seems to know the game.”
“Looks like it. Here’s the thing. I need a mother for Adeline. Since you came here to marry a stranger, are you willing to marry me and come to my ranch? The house is sound and plenty large for a family. It’s not so far out of town that you’d be isolated all the time. I generally come in once a week unless the snow is too deep.”
Claud stood behind him. “I guarantee he’s not near as strange as Brick Larson. Stuart is hard working and honest and has a good ranch and house.”
Without standing she looked at Claud. “What about my fine? Is he willing to pay that?”
Claud looked down. “The fine will be dismissed if you marry Stuart.”
She stood. “In that case, how can I refuse?”
Stuart picked up Adeline. “We’ll have to marry right away so I can get on the way to my ranch.”
“That’s satisfactory. I would like to change clothes before the wedding.”
Stuart looked at Claud and raised his eyebrows. Let him explain away this one.
“Miss Potter… um… the station agent had your luggage brought over. You see… he was afraid if it was left any longer that it might be stolen or vandalized. There’s a room behind my office where you can change clothes.”
Claud didn’t look at her during his explanation or as he let her out of the cell.
She stopped and looked him in the face. “You’ve had it all along, haven’t you? You were just being spiteful. That is childish.”
Claud raised a hand. “Now, Ma’am—”
She stabbed a forefinger at his chest. “Now I’m not sorry I gave you a black eye.”
She flounced her skirts as if she were in a ball gown. Or, as Stuart thought a woman in a fancy ball gown would. He’d never actually attended such a function.
Claud shook his head. “She has a temper. You may regret this.”
He couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “If I do, you’ll hear about it.” He scooped up Adeline and carried her to the front of the office.

I hope you’ll buy and read (and review) STUART. I have to be immodest and admit I love this book!

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