Friday, March 20, 2020


One of the nice things about being an author is meeting (sometimes only online) other authors and readers. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly creative and interesting people. Being an author has led me to become associated with new concepts.

Multi-author projects (MAPs) are something I enjoy. Although the books are stand-alone, they usually involve the same locale. That is true with The Matchmaker Series. Each of the books is set in Creede, Colorado at the same year in the late 1880s. The first book in the series is TWO-STEP WITH TESS, by Jo Noelle.

My contribution is POLKA WITH PAULINE. An author I recently met online is the only person I’ve ever met with that name. I like the name and chose Pauline for the heroine. The hero is named Creighton. I met a cute child of that name, nephew of a friend. I loved the name and saved it in a recess of my mind.

I hope you’ll preorder POLKA WITH PAULINE, The Matchmaker’s Ball book 8. The Universal Amazon link is It will be available in print and e-book and will be in KU. I releases on Friday, March 28.

Here's an excerpt:
Pauline and Creighton were playing chess when the doorbell chimed. He’d been calling on her two or three times a week.
Uncle Henry folded his newspaper. “Not expecting anyone. I’ll see who that can be.”
Pauline froze when she heard the visitor’s voice. What on earth was he doing here?
Creighton looked up from the chess board and stared at her face. “I should go.”
She reached across the game table and laid her hand on his. “There’s really no reason to leave. Please stay.”
Henry led the way into the parlor. “Jasper Tabor, this is Creighton Reed, a local friend.”
Jasper surveyed the room. “I hope I’m not interrupting your evening.”
He was a handsome man whose attire was neat and of the latest style. His light brown hair was sleek and his handlebar mustache waxed to perfection. She could find no fault with his appearance. She couldn’t pinpoint a single reason for her distrust. Perhaps it was the predatory look in his brown eyes.
Uncle Henry gestured to her and Creighton. “Not at all, Jasper. Creighton is a good friend. Have a seat. What brings you to Creede?”
Jasper sat in the new rocking chair. “Curiosity mostly. I wondered how you’re getting on here. Fred thought I should check on Pauline.”
Pauline stared at him. “Did Papa send you to check up on me?”
Jasper chuckled and held up a hand. “Don’t get riled at me. I happened to say I was curious about Creede and he said if I came I should check on you. We had wondered if this would be a good place for a new store. Not full scale, but one of the reduced size ones that we have in smaller markets.”
Her uncle shook his head. “Not the right place. As it is, most residents are rough, not the type to shop at Brubaker’s. When the ore plays out, this place will lose residents by the thousands. In my opinion Creede will be a nicer place to live then.”

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I would love to read a print copy of this the cover is so beautiful! peggy clayton