Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My new release is the hardest I’ve written. Not because of the romance, which I love, but because the hero has a difficult job. So have I!

Here’s the cover of the book scheduled to be released on May 16th.

If you read THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE you might remember the heroine’s older brother, Finn O’Neill. He works for his sister’s husband, Dallas McClintock. Both men work together raising fine horses. Finn wants to get his own ranch adjoining that of Dallas so they can be equal partners. When the ranch he needs comes up for sale, he has to act quickly or lose this golden opportunity. Problem is, Finn has no money other than his salary from Dallas. Dallas has helped the O'Neill family and has no extra funds.

In O’NEILL’S TEXAS BRIDE, Finn is desperate to strike before someone else buys the perfect place. He and Dallas discuss the problem and Dallas encourages Finn to ask Grandpa McClintock to loan him the money needed.  This might sound bold, but not when you consider that Finn is a hardworking member of the family who saved the lives of Dallas and his uncle, Austin McClintock. Dallas is certain Grandpa will help Finn with the loan.

When Finn arrives at Grandpa McClintock's home, he finds the nephew of Gran McClintock there asking for help. Gran is as self-centered as Grandpa is generous and Finn is wary of her nephew. The man owns a coal mine and needs someone to go undercover and discover who is causing the so-called accidents at his mine southwest of San Antonio. To strike a deal with Grandpa for the ranch, our cowboy and would-be rancher Finn agrees to go undercover as a coal miner.

Here is where my research went crazy. There are numerous articles on coal mining online and in books. Unfortunately, the material documents very early coal mining or modern coal mining. Learning what coal mining was like in 1885 Texas has not been easy. In all my books, I strive to have the historic background credible for that time period. I don’t want any reader to be taken out of the story by seeing something he or she believes to be an error.

I have to admit that part of what I include is general for a coal mine. Fortunately, I’ve had specific details from my critique partner, Geri Foster, whose father worked in an Oklahoma lead mine in the 1950s. Also fortunately, because Lignite is fictional, I can include those things I need for the town and working conditions as long as they are accurate for the time and locale.

The heroine of this story, Stella Grace Clayton, teaches school in the mining town of Lignite. Although I made up the town of Lignite, I based the community on actual towns of that time period. Lignite is in the Texas Hill Country I love. Let’s face it, I love Texas. ☺All my books except one novella, LONG WAY HOME, are set in Texas.

Here’s the first in the series, THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE.

Because my husband created the cover for the first in the series, he has created the covers for O’NEILL’S TEXAS BRIDE and the third in the series, McCLINTOCK’S RELUCTANT BRIDE. The third book is scheduled to be released July 3rd  and involves an error of the hero, Josh McClintock, which lands him married to a reluctant bride, Nettie Sue Clayton.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this series. I love the main characters and want you to also.

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Sandra Nachlinger said...

Beautiful covers! I'm looking forward to reading both books.

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Pretty covers.

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