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WINTER BRIDE RELEASED! @CarolinClemmons #western historical romance #MFRW

You know the old sayings, “Life is what happens while you’re making plans,” and “When man plans, the gods laugh”? Do I ever know those are true!

After life interfering with my writing, I am extremely pleased to announce that my latest western historical romance in the Stone Mountain Texas series, WINTER BRIDE, has recently been released. This is a stand-alone novel, but I'd love if you read the entire series. ☺

Here’s the WINTER BRIDE blurb:

When Kendra Murdoch’s brother in law murders her sister, she takes charge of her nephew and two nieces. Fearing the man plans the same fate for her, she seeks shelter in Radford Crossing where she opens a café to support her small family.

Determined to be self-sufficient, Kendra shuns all advances from the handsome sheriff as danger hangs heavily over her head.

Butch Parrish battled a snowstorm and a killer to rescue Kendra and the children. He’ll do whatever is necessary to protect the independent young woman who rekindles sensations he thought were long dead. Protecting her, dealing with the town gossips, and investigating a stagecoach robbery, Butch has a battle on his hands.

Here’s the cover, designed by Kim Killion of Didn’t she do a lovely job depicting Kendra Murdoch and Sheriff Buster Parrish in Kendra’s café?

Let me share an excerpt from WINTER BRIDE:

 “Her nephew came to stand beside her and she ruffled his hair. “I peeled the potatoes and they’re in the big bowl of water.”
Thanks for your help.” She was glad Saturday had arrived, for she looked forward to being closed tomorrow. Although she loved operating the café, tensions of the week weighed heavily on her shoulders. She was proud of Caleb for wanting to help her today.
“What should I do next?”
She looked around. Terence was cutting up chickens for frying later. Dora was busy with dishes from meal preparation and their customers’ breakfasts. She wanted to make Caleb feel a part of their venture.
“Mr. Koenig’s helper will be by soon to pick up the slop cans. Can you make sure all the scraps are in pails?”
“Sure. I don’t see how pork can be good for us when the hogs eat old leftovers.” Caleb wrinkled his nose.1
Terence laughed. “I haven’t noticed you turning down the meat.”
Caleb dumped the potato peelings into one of the two large pails.
At the worktable, Kendra rolled out another batch of biscuits. “Thank goodness Mr. Koenig takes all our scraps. Without him, we’d have to pay someone to haul all that off.”
“I can put the cans outside for you, Aunt Kendra.”
Terence glanced over his shoulder. “Caleb, are you sure? They’re heavy.”
“See?” He hefted one of the pails.
Although Caleb struggled to manage the heavy can, Kendra supposed he wanted to prove he was a big help. Watching him, she struggled not to rush to his aid. He was growing so quickly and she knew she had to treat him less like a baby and more like an almost-nine-year-old boy.
He opened the door and stepped outside then returned for the other pail. As he disappeared from view to set the second can outside, he screamed. “Aunt Kendra, help me!”
Gus. Kendra ran as she reached a doughy hand into her pocket for her revolver. When she stepped out of the café, she saw Gus dragging Caleb toward a horse.
“Stop right now.” She aimed the pistol as Butch had shown her.
When Gus continued toward his mount, Kendra prayed she wouldn’t hit Caleb. She fired but her shot hit the dirt near Gus’ feet. He shoved his son to the ground and rushed toward his horse.
Kendra fired again, hoping to hit Gus now that Caleb wasn’t in the man’s grasp. Gus yelped and jumped as her shot went into his leg. He managed to climb onto his horse and gallop away.
Walking toward Gus, Kendra fired after him until he’d disappeared from view and there were no more bullets in her gun. Her hands shook and her knees threatened to give way. She staggered over to Caleb and hugged him to her for several seconds.
She checked his appearance and searched his face. “You’re going to have a bad bruise on your cheek. Are you all right otherwise? Did he hurt you?”
Gingerly, he touched the injury on his face. “I’m okay. I sure was scared, though.”
Terence, meat cleaver in hand, stood nearby. “You hit him. I was right behind you and saw him jump.”
Gun drawn, Butch ran around the building’s corner. “I heard shots. What’s going on?”
Kendra still clasped Caleb to her. “Gus tried to take Caleb. I was so afraid I’d hit Caleb, but Terence agrees I shot Gus in the leg.”
Butch holstered his gun and laid an arm across her shoulders. “Go back into the kitchen and sit down. I’ll go after Tucker.”
She waved away his comforting arm. “We’re fine. Go get that devil.”

WINTER BRIDE is part of the Stone Mountain Texas series set in North Central Texas near the site of present day Possum Kingdom Lake. Long before the lake was constructed on the Brazos River, settlers came to establish ranches and farms in the fertile lands along the river. Many remain today in towns like Strawn, Palo Pinto, Mineral Wells, and Graham.

Edge of the Palo Pintos in the distance.
What look like hills, but are really the Palo Pinto Mountains, are not as fertile, but furnish enough brush for cattle. Small valleys dotted over this range offer picturesque vistas. Needless to say, I love the area and always enjoy driving there. I hope you will find it equally fascinating in this series and hope you will read WINTER BRIDE

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