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In RESCUING LARA, by Lyn Horner, Lara Spenser was badly injured in the car crash that killed her beloved Uncle Malcom. When she learned that the car had been tampered with, she knew she was supposed to die in that accident too. Since the wreck, she wears a brace on her leg and can’t place any weight on that foot. For that reason, she is in a wheelchair or on crutches. She flees to Ireland to heal and evade the evil forces set on doing her harm.

She rents a cottage that comes with a housekeeper, Una. What Lara needs is a bodyguard who can protect her from those sent to steal her family’s legacy and kill her. Only one man answers her ad in a satisfactory manner, Connor O’Shea. Connor is a Texan on leave from his job as foreman of fire fighters on an oil rig in the North Sea. His mother wants him to trace his family’s Irish roots. He accepts the job with Lara on a temporary basis. He has eight weeks before he has to go back to work.

Lara is desperate. She senses danger is near. She’s trying to decipher a message from her late uncle. He was the chief Guardian of an historic relic and had passed that office down to her. Uncle Malcom hadn’t completed telling her all she needed for the hand-over of the office. Lara is left with many questions and no one who can answer them.

Connor understands Lara and encourages her to expand her world. Lara is soon enjoying rides on Connor's motorcycle and meeting new people. Lara and Connor bring out the best in one another.. 

Ms Horner works in many twists and turns to keep readers reading until the book’s end.Readers don't need to know Celtic myths or Irish history to enjoy this novel. The background of Irish life is appealing. When the characters move to Texas, Ms Horner paints vivid word pictures of Caddo Lake, complete with the eerie sensation conveyed. 

If you enjoy reading romantic suspense with heavy paranormal content and Celtic myths involved, you will certainly want to read RESCUING LARA, by Lyn Horner, Book One of Romancing the Guardian series.

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