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Here’s another book birthday! Please help me celebrate A BRIDE FOR DALTON, Proxy Brides book 25. I’m pleased to add another release to this popular multi-author series. Christine Sterling conceived the series and I believe there are about fifteen or so authors involved. Virginia McKevitt has created the covers. I love the image on this cover. Aren’t her eyes blue?

I laughed at some of the scenes in this book and hope readers will also. There are also tense scenes but I don’t want to give the plot away entirely. You already know the story ends with a happily-ever-after. 

About The Book
Rebecca wants a husband but not the man her stepbrother/guardian insists she wed. To escape his serious threats she turns to a family friend for help. Reverend McClain suggests she enter a proxy marriage to his only living relative, a nephew who ranches in Montana. Out of options, she agrees. Until she arrives in Sweet Springs, she has no idea the telegram with instructions to her supposed groom has not been delivered. Where does that leave her?

Dalton is working with dangerous men to accomplish his goal. Even though he’s been lonely, the last thing he needs at this time is a wife in the way. He’s a gentleman and sees no other solution than to complete the vows. How is he going to keep Rebecca out of harm’s way while he completes this job?

Rebecca and Dalton embark on married life in unusual circumstances. Can love blossom in tumultuous times?

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Pre-Order Problems

By the way, some who preordered the book won’t receive it without re-ordering. Amazon inadvertently listed the book twice and some preorders went to one listing and some to the other. When one of the listings was deleted, so were the preorders for that one.


Back at the barn, he told her, “Wait where you are until I can help you.”
She bristled a bit. “I can get down by myself, Dalton.”
“I know you can but can you stand up when you do?” He helped her dismount.
She wobbled and held on to him. “Oh, my, I see what you mean. My legs don’t want to support me.”
“Stand there a few seconds until your legs cooperate. In the meantime, I’ll take advantage of the situation.” He kissed her several times and she responded with equal measure. His enthusiasm increased and he wondered if she’d agree to cavorting on the hay.
Bert’s voice cut in, “Can’t leave you two alone, can I? Leave your horses to me and go on up to the house if you’ve a mind for that kind of thing.”
Dalton grabbed her hand and, laughing together, they ran toward the house.

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