Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Review of HIS WOMAN by Diana Cosby

Yesterday I wrote about first lines that hook the reader. Today, I want to add one more from the book I’m reviewing in this blog, HIS WOMAN, by Diana Cosby from Kensington's Zebra.

He thought her a whore.”

The statement is made by Lady Isabel Adair about Sir Duncan MacGruder. Captured my interest, and the fast pace of Diana Cosby’s HIS WOMAN held my interest for the entire book. In order to save her gambling and drinking father, Isabel has agreed to be mistress to the ruthless Earl of Frasyer. Her life has been a living hell, but she has not admitted that fact to her father, Lord Caelin, or her brother Symon. She longs for the man she loves, Duncan MacGruder. Duncan is lost to her, or so she believes. This book contains intricate plot points and a real surprise (for me) ending.

Diana has researched the medieval Scottish/English era so thoroughly that a reader becomes engrossed in the period. Her writing is exceptional, with complex plots that keep the reader turning the pages. Whether you rooted for William Wallace or King Edward, any reader who enjoys historical romance will love this book. Of course, you’ll love HIS WOMAN more if you rooted for William Wallace!

Diana is a former Navy Chief Meteorologist/Oceanographer whose retirement allowed her to write romance novels. She has lived around the globe, so she has rich stories and characters to relate. Her first love, though, is writing and reading Scottish medieval romances. HIS WOMAN is the second of the MacGruder brothers series. HIS CAPTIVE was her debut novel for Kensington Publishing. HIS CONQUEST, the third of the MacGruder series, will be available in November.

Diana donates a tithe of her royalties to the various charities in which she is active. She firmly believes that each of us can make a positive difference in another person’s life. In the midst of raising children, moving across the country, and writing terrific books, Diana manages to work with Habitat for Humanity. She organized a group of writers from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to help with a Habitat project. One Thanksgiving she took a traditional dinner to the fire station near her home because the men had to work away from their families on a holiday. She bakes pies and cookies to take to others. I’m honored to call this compassionate woman a friend and hope you will enjoy her writing as much as I do.

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Diana Cosby said...

My sincere thanks for your kind words as your review of His Woman. Duncan and Isabel's story is one of my heart. I thank Karin Story who helped me plot the amazing twist in this book. :)
I am blessed with friends such as you, to live my dream of crafting stories, and in encouraging others to pursue their dreams.