Friday, July 16, 2010

Hero Qualities

What's the most important trait for a hero? Some have mentioned in previous comments they like a brooding hero, but that's not really what I mean. Let me list some of the qualities I'm referring to:

1. Honor -- does he keep his word? Is he known for his dependability because once he commits, he can be counted on?

2. Intelligence -- is he clever or super intelligent? Those are not the same, you know. A man who lacks brilliance may still be clever at figuring out puzzles.

3. Strength -- is he strong as an ox or the guy bullies pick on?

4. Dedicated to family -- is he the one who holds the family together or is he a loner who's estranged from his family or orphaned?

5. Hard worker -- does he frequently spend a few days at the lake or is he in the office 60 hours a week?

These qualities shape the hero of the story. What traits do you feel are most important?

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katsrus said...

Hi Caroline. I like honor, being clever, being strong, Kind of like the loner who needs a heroine to help him, & a hard worker who usually has his own business. Not picky;am I?? LOL. I usually like whatever the author writes but; these are my favorites. I won recently so don't enter me. You send great prizes too! Thank you! I received mine in the mail today.
Sue Brandes

Caroline Clemmons said...

Thanks for commenting, Sue. Glad you like your prizes.