Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day To Us!

Sue B is the winner of last week's prize drawing. Sue wins a Literati book thong and a few little surprise items.


I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend with those you love. Let's take  moment to think about those who can't be with family because they're serving our country elsewhere.

No matter what your political opinion, I hope you will support our troops. These men and women risk their lives daily to insure our freedom.
No man left behind. Think how much this soldier is carrying--his own forty pounds of supplies plus a wounded fellow. This is hero material for any author.

No matter your religion, stop here and take a moment to say a prayer for our brave men and women in the armed services.


katsrus said...

Thank you! Happy dance.
Happy 4th of July everyone. Praying our men & women come home safe.
Sue B

Anonymous said...

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