Friday, July 23, 2010

Effect of E-Readers on Book Collectors

In our home we have bookcases in the bedrooms, the family room, my office, and Hero's office. In addition, we have stacks of books beside the bed (both sides) and in numerous places around the master bedroom. We can't help ourselves--we love to read and we are both fast readrs. In addition, we often reread favorite books. I've read several so many times you'd think by now I could recite them. I have certain shelves for my "keeper" books. There are many, such as Julie Garwood's FOR THE ROSES and PRINCE CHARMING that I will keep forever and reread once a year or so. Same goes for Louis L'Amour's FALLON. I just dug out my Jodi Thomas books to reread them. So, there are hardback and paperback books I will always keep. They've brought me hours of pleasure and I treasure the books and admire the authors for their ability to create books that remains memorable.

There are tons of others I read once and pass to friends. Why shouldn't I buy those in e-book form and save money? How long would it take to make up the cost of the e-reader in the amount of paperbacks and hardbacks a voracious reader buys?

After reading a discussions on The Wild Rose Press authors' loops and on Hearts Through History's loop on the effect e-readers have had on the book collection of those posting, it's clear that I really need an e-reader. Really, really need one. What kind to choose?

I've entered all the contests I've found that offer an e-reader as a prize. Darling 1, who is incredibly  lucky in contests, has also entered to try for an e-reader she would give to me. Isn't that sweet? In reality, I'd like a Nook or a Kindle, but I wouldn't turn down any brand if it's free! Free is one of my favorite words.

I have been trying to wrap my mind around the concept of cuddling up with an e-reader for a cozy evening of reading. So far, my brain can't quite make the leap. I am positive I can adjust, though. I always have a book tucked into my purse, plus emergency books in the car in case Hero decides to make a quick stop while we're out. He can't pass a Harbor Freight store without going in. LOL But my friend Cynthia takes her Kindle everywhere. That appeals to me. Only one thing to carry, yet it holds too many books to count. Wow, I'd never be stuck somewhere with nothing to read! 

But my mind is quirky and I'm wondering if in the future there will be a special way to save "keeper" e-books?  Will we have multiple e-readers because we've filled the first one with all the "keeper" books it can hold? Can you see a full e-reader on a bookshelf. Yes, I know my mind goes off on strange tangets. After all, I'm a writer.

Do you have an e-reader? If so, what type?


Celia Yeary said...

CAROLINE--honestly, this has bothered me, too. I have a keeper shelf--but eBooks? So far, I consider them "disposable books." I don't like to think that, but words floating around out there in cyber-world, not anchored to paper, just aren't keepers. Pooh.Celia

Kathy Martin said...

I have a Kindle. I haven't thought about keeper books. Why can't they be keepers and on your Kindle? If you buy them from Amazon, you should always be able to retrieve them.

Now, getting books autographed is a larger problem for me. I still buy print books for that.

I also still buy print books of the the books I buy that I plan to donate to my Media Centers.

I think you will enjoy whatever kind of reader you choose. I love having bunches of books with me in the space of a trade paperback.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Celia and Kathy, thanks for your comments.

katsrus said...

I think ereaders are neat but; there is nothing like holding a book in my hand. And I do have a collection of signed books. And I wouldn't give them up for the world. They are most cherished books. I do have some ebooks that I can read on my computer. It's hard to just sit and read them. I have been trying to win an ereader too. LOL. A lady at work has a sony one & she bought a book for $11 and she couldn't get it to show up on her ereader. And she already had the hardcover. That would make me nervous.