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BLONDIE AND THE HITMAN, by Kathy Shaw, is the first of the Darla Bodecker mysteries and is liberally sprinkled with humor, suspense, and a dash of romance. Darla is not your average private eye. She’s not even your average woman. She’s sexy, sassy, smart, and determined to solve each case given her. Darla’s office and apartment are on the floor above Pete’s Diner in New York City. Since Pete is more than her landlord, he lets Darla use his diner’s back corner booth as her office most of the time. That’s where prospective clients can find her drinking coffee and smoking while she talks to Pete.

In the opening, Darla is in her usual booth when a beautiful blond woman slides in opposite Darla. The woman claims to have lost her memory and says that frightening-looking men are following her and she doesn’t know why. Darla dubs the woman Blondie and at first believes she is a co-conspirator in one of Pete’s practical jokes. But when a menacing looking man appears and follows Blondie out of the diner, Darla springs into action with her unique detecting skills. She learns Blondie is the target of the Russian mob and must discover why and how to protect Blondie.

At times, Darla is not above coercing her cop ex-husband Dutch to obtain information for her. Obviously Dutch is sorry he cheated on Darla and lost her, but now he’s tied to the bimbo with whom he cheated. Darla holds no illusions about her ex, but needs his help at times for details only the police can access. When she needs other masculine help, it’s Pete who fills the role. Pete is protective of Darla but knows better than to let her know. 

Darla leads a tempestuous and hilarious life.  Readers who love Janet Evanovich will take pleasure in reading this book. BLONDIE AND THE HITMAN is a fast-paced, fun read in which Ms Shaw includes laugh out loud scenes featuring fresh characterizations. I particularly liked Ms Shaw’s fresh voice and writing style in this 134 page mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed BLONDIE AND THE HITMAN and eagerly await the next Darla Bodecker mystery. I hope Ms Shaw writes fast!

I give BLONDIE AND THE HITMAN 5 out of 5 with an extra star for originality.

You can buy the book at:  Amazon                  Nook                  Kobo

About the author:

Kathy Shaw, Author

Kathy Shaw is just as sassy, sexy, and smart as her Darla Bodecker character. But Kathy doesn’t solve mysteries, she writes them along with romances. She is the author of the humorous contemporary romances HIDE AND SEEK and I DO, KINDA and the historical romance TWIN TRAP. One of her novellas is featured in RETURN TO CUPID. Kathy is living happily ever after with her hero husband in East Texas.

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Ten Brides for Ten Heroes spans the gamut of the ever-popular wedding romance genre—from heartwarming laughter to thrilling adventure, from sweet to steamy. This 10-book bundle features novels by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. So get ready to toss the bouquet and say, "I do!" as ten brides risk it all to find their happy ever after.

About the stories:

Wedding Fever by Patrice Wilton 
- The romantic comedy series, Serendipity Falls.

Mila O’Reilley owns Wedding Fever, a bridal boutique in Serendipity Falls Mall. She sells more than dresses, she sells dreams along with the belief in happily-ever-after – a sentiment she personally doesn’t share. Can a jaded bridal consultant and a cynical news reporter uncover the true mystery of Serendipity Falls without being swept away in the madness?

Find Patrice at:

The Army Doctor's Wedding by Helen Scott Taylor 
- The Army Doctor's Series

Major Cameron Knight throws himself into the danger of front-line, battlefield medicine to keep the demons from his past away. When he rescues an injured charity worker who's saved a tiny newborn baby, he marries her so they can take the orphan back home for surgery. With this brave woman he finally has the chance to redeem himself and find love.

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Wedding Surprise by Mona Risk 
– The Holiday Babies Series

Claire and David faced many challenges over the years. Finally, Claire's dream of a wonderful white wedding to the man she loves is about to come true. Two weeks before the wedding, Adriana, the high-school classmate who’s tried to snatch David several times, makes an announcement that threatens to destroy the couple's happiness. Is Claire and David’s love for each other strong enough to turn the worst wedding surprise into the best?

Find Mona at:

Tomboy Bride by Alicia Street 
– The Dance 'n' Luv Series

Kendra returns home for her brother’s wedding determined to get her age-old crush to finally see her as more than a tomboy. But will her game of making him jealous with a hot and handsome faux-beau make him fall for her—or backfire and leave her in ashes?

Find Alicia at:

Destination Wedding, by Rebecca York 
– The Decorah Security Series

From the moment Nick Cassidy signed on as one one of Camille Norland’s bodyguards, sexual sparks flew between them. Although determined to keep his emotional distance from her, Nick is forced to admit his real feelings when she’s kidnapped by a ruthless Russian mobster with matrimony in mind. Can Nick rescue her before the wedding night? Can they escape from Victor Zanov’s tropical island death trap? And can they come to terms with their complicated relationship?

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Summer of Love by Annie Jones

Brides, Beehives and Barbecue! Can mother daughter mayhem be far behind? Bless her heart, it's 1967 and a determined southern bride isn't sure love is really all she needs.

Find Annie at:

Return of the Runaway Bride by Donna Fasano

Savanna returns to her hometown to explain why she fled on her wedding day, but she never imagined how her escape all those years ago changed Daniel. Can she make him understand—and forgive?

Find Donna at:

Single and Searching by Rita Herron

A woman looking for love... A reporter looking for a story... A mad rush to find a criminal... When the truth comes out and danger strikes, will they succumb to the passion burning between them?

Find Rita at:

Here Comes the Bride by Theresa Ragan

Samantha Johnston, a reporter for the LA Beat, attends the wedding of one of America’s hottest actors in hopes of learning the identity of his mystery bride, and ends up saying, “I do.”

Find Theresa at:

Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour 
– The “Elvis” Series

After her year in Texas as an exchange student, Annie leaves pregnant and heartbroken. Nine years later she returns to introduce her eight-year-old son to his American family. And to the man who still haunts her dreams – the handsome, embittered rancher who never knew he’d fathered a son.

Find Mimi at:



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CONTACT by Laurisa White Reyes

Mira wants to die. She’s attempted suicide twice already and failed. Every time she comes in contact with another person, skin to skin, that person’s psyche uploads into hers. While her psychologist considers this a gift, for Mira it’s a curse from which she cannot escape.

To make matters worse, Mira’s father is being investigated for the deaths of several volunteer test subjects of the miracle drug Gaudium. Shortly after Mira’s mother starts asking questions, she ends up in a coma. Although her father claims it was an accident, thanks to her “condition” Mira knows the truth, but proving it just might get her killed.


"CONTACT is a page turner that will keep you guessing right along with Mira, right up until the last revelation. And it will make you reconsider the next time you wish you knew someone else’s secrets!" - Margaret Petereson Haddix, author of the Missing and The Shadow Children series

Laurisa White Reyes Author Photo

Laurisa White Reyes is the Editor-in-chief of Middle Shelf Magazine and the author of two middle grade fantasy novels: THE ROCK OF IVANHOE and THE LAST ENCHANTER. She is also the mother of five kids, a graduate student, a fan of Broadway musicals, and a lover of all things chocolate.

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Friends, please welcome someone I recently “met” online, Zrinka Jelic. Although I haven’t yet had a chance to read her books, I intend to. And don’t you love her name? Since I have a common name, I love distinctive names. Growing up, there were so many girls named Caroline, Carolyn, Carol, and Karen that I longed for an unusual name. That’s especially so because my maiden name is Johnson. 

Enough about me, today we are learning more about Zrinka, so on with the interview.

Zrinka Jelic, Author

Caroline: Tell us about growing up. Where did you grow up?

Zrinka: First seven years of my life, I lived on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia. The island didn’t have high school and after the summer my sister started the high school, we moved to the city. It was quite a shock for me to come from a small village that only had a few students in each grade to a huge school with over 30 children per one teacher and numerous 1st graders. My family was mostly out working, or in school. There was no before and after school care offered in those days, so I’d spend many hours alone. But I adapted and life carried on.

Caroline: I had a similar shock, but in reverse. Until I was almost eight, we lived in a large town in Southern California. Then we moved  to a rural area in West Texas where I had to ride a school bus. What’s your favorite way to relax and recharge?

Zrinka: That would be writing and reading. I also love doing yoga and working out in the gym. Especially this new gym I just joined, some serious muscle to drool over while I’m on that treadmill. A good incentive not to skip my workout.

Caroline: Do you have a favorite quote that sums up how you feel about life?

Zrinka: Life is an echo. What you throw out there comes back at you. In another words, do good and good will come to you.

Caroline: A helpful quote. How long have you been writing?

Zrinka: I’ve been scribbling most of my life, but only started at the serious level in 2009. Since then I’ve come a long way.

Caroline: You certainly have. Where do you prefer to write?

Zrinka: My couch or in front of TV if we’re watching a movie. We don’t have cable, but we do rent or buy DVDs. Latest was the 3rd season of “Game of Thrones”.  Since we didn’t really see 2nd or 1st we watched the whole thing backwards. LOL, but I kind of got into it. At first all I was interested in were the scenes done in Dubrovnik, Croatia. They used the city as a “Kings Landing”. The city is such a pearl of the Adriatic that I’d hate for the world to think of it as Kings Landing. You have to visit to truly experience the city, the history, the people.

Caroline: Do you need quiet, music, solitude?

Zrinka: Music is a definite must. Not just to block my kids from bugging me but it’s an inspiration.

 Caroline: Do you use a PC or laptop?

Zrinka: Laptop, can’t imagine being tied to a PC. Need my mobility.

Caroline: Do you use real events or persons in your stories or as an inspiration for stories?

Zrinka: Yes, I do but since I write paranormal, I give the stories a twist. I love to resurrect local legends of tragic love and play on that.

Caroline: I also love local legends. Do you get a chance to write every day?

Zrinka: Not every day, though I do try. With a full time job and family it’s hard to carve time for writing when that laundry basket is overflowing, or have to take kids to their afterschool activities. But I put in what I can, even if it’s a couple of hundred words or if work on edits, I always make a point to open my wip and work on it for an hour before bed.

Caroline: I admire you for being able to juggle all your duties.What do you hope your writing brings to readers?

Zrinka: An escape from everyday world. And also a message that life is what you make of it. Happiness is not necessarily finding love, but finding peace. Once your life is in balance, everything else will follow. And if it should fall out of balance, reflect and try to pinpoint where did that happen. Did you let a wrong person in your life? Bad things do happen if we fall under the influence of others who don’t inspire us to be better person than we were yesterday.

Would you like to tell us what you’re working on now? I’m working on a prequel to my debut novel BONDED BY CRIMSON. I’m titling this one ROSE OF CRIMSON and taking readers some 6 years back in time when young Kate first met Miles (Matthias) and he “shows” her the story of his tragic life and love.

Caroline: Share a fun fact readers wouldn’t know about you.

Zrinka: There was a phase during my university days I actually despised romances. I read works of Marx and Pushkin, Shakespeare (but not Romeo and Juliet) not even knowing that some of those works are romances, like Pushkin’s “Onegin”. 

Caroline: Where can readers learn more about you?

Zrinka: Where to find me?
Find me on: Facebook Twitter  Amazon Kobo

 Caroline: Can you give readers a blurb about your book?

Zrinka: My debut novel,  BONDED BY CRIMSON, released on January 28th 2012, and it is available in all formats at Black Opal Books, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble Kobobooks and All Romance eBooks


Love isn’t in the cards for her…

After her short failed marriage, Kate tries to rebuild her life and takes a position as a nanny to three small boys. She quickly grows to love them, but their father, terrifies her, while igniting a passion she didn’t know she possessed. Disturbed by his distant manner with his sons, Kate struggles to make him more involved in the boys’ daily lives. Her efforts are mysteriously supported by an entity that cannot really exist. Or can she? And if she does exist, is she really trying to help Kate, or just take over her body?

But when he deals the hand, all bets are off…

Six years after his beloved wife passed away, Matthias is still trying to become the father she wanted him to be. Not an easy task for a three-centuries-old immortal. His search for the ultimate nanny ends when Kate Rokov stumbles to his home and into his arms. The immediate attraction he feels for her seems like a betrayal of his dead wife, a love he’s harboured for over three hundred years. But when Kate is stalked by a deadly stranger, life he clung to in the past begins to crumble and break down. Can Matthias learn to trust and to love again in time to save his family from disaster, or will his stubborn pride destroy everything worth living for?


He claimed to be immortal, but that was ridiculous...wasn’t it?

Kate’s heart hammered. The experience seemed so real. A low moan escaped her and she bit her lip. Soon warmth surged through her, causing her body to go limp. Her legs gave way underneath her, but Matthias—or whoever this man claimed to be now—wrapped his arm around her waist. His sweet, musky scent clung to her. Ecstasy filled her and she felt as if she hovered in the air. If he intended to kill her like this, she could imagine no better way to die. A voice echoed through her mind, speaking of undying love in centuries old Croatian.

“Wake up,” he whispered close to her ear, his strong arms still locked around her.

“I don’t want to.” Her head wobbled, exuberant with sheer happiness, a kind she had never experienced before.

“You must.” He stroked her hair with tender fingers. “Wake up now.”

“No. I want to stay like this. Forever.” She focused on his handsome face staring at her through her haze.

His smooth cheek brushed against hers. “Me too, but you must wake.”

The fog lifted and his image appeared, clearly now. She blinked once. Twice. What had happened? She pushed away from him and flattened her back against the wall.

“You, you—”

“You,” he said, pointing at her, “asked for proof.”

Watch the book trailer: Bonded by Crimson


I had many wonderful reviews on this novel, but this is where you can read my absolute favorite review of BONDED BY CRIMSON.

"Bonded by Crimson" is a beautifully written, almost poetic piece of literary fiction. The language to me was one of the main strengths of the book.

The story is simple: Kate arrives to become the latest of a string of failed nannies to a remote home in Canada. The Croatian widower both frightens and attracts her but she loves the children and stays…”

“Is Bonded by Crimson, by Zrinka Jelic, a paranormal romance? Yes, it is, but if you’re looking for ravenous werewolves, bloodthirsty vampires, vicious ghosts, or superhuman lovers, it probably isn’t your kind of book. While there are references to the past, the book is set in the present. In the present most people, including the female protagonist, don’t believe in, or at least try to make themselves think they don’t believe in, the paranormal. In this novel the paranormal is real…”

“A refreshing take on a vampire/ghost story. This is packed full of myth and Adriatic charm. I love that part of the story is set in Croatia and we get to live the beautiful culture and scenery…”

“I Love the story of Kate and Matthias. Taking a position as a nanny in Matthias household there is an instant attraction. Who is Matthias and what is his secret?”

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Sparks fly when a headstrong wrangler and an alpha park ranger are thrown together while he searches for evidence to stop the poacher killing animals in RMNP. When the monster turns his sights on Brittany, Joel discovers he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her—even give his own life.

Trust makes all the difference when love and danger collide.

Book 1 of the exciting Colorado Trust Series

Enjoy an excerpt:

He didn’t say a word about the groceries during the drive. Instead, he slipped into investigative mode. “Is there anyone you can think of who would’ve slashed your tires? Someone you don’t get along with?” 

She shook her head. “Only Kelly.”

And apparently, whoever wrote that note. How did he know so much about her? Could it be the poacher was someone she knew? A chill clawed up her spine and she wasn’t able to quell the resulting shudder.

Joel shot her a glance before checking the rearview mirror. “You’ve never had any problems with a guest?”


He reached over to adjust his side mirror, then glanced toward hers. “Hopefully there’s something on the security video from the grocery store and this’ll be over soon.”

She prayed he was right.

They were almost to the ranch when she realized his gaze hadn’t stopped shifting from the winding mountain road in front of them to the rearview mirror every couple seconds. When she twisted to look out the back window, her pulse leapt at the sight of headlights not too far behind.

He shot her another look. “What?”

She turned back just enough to face him. The dim light of the dash did nothing to soften the harsh line of his profile. “You’re the one spending more time checking mirrors than watching the road. Is someone following us?”

His fingers flexed on the wheel. His gaze flicked to the mirror again. “I’m just being careful, that’s all.”

A moment later, he slowed for Highlands, then gave her a brief warning of “Hang on,” before cutting the lights. He still took the turn and then a stomp on the brakes threw her forward against the seatbelt. Somehow she managed to brace her hands against the dashboard as they jerked to a stop on the far left side of the resort’s main entrance.

He cut the engine and the cab plunged into darkness. In the sudden silence, her heart thumped wildly in her chest. Her lungs grew tighter with each short breath. His hand finding hers to offer a reassuring squeeze didn’t help, because a second later he ordered, “Stay in the truck,” and opened his door.

It closed again just as quick, leaving her all alone as the overhead light faded to black.

Stacey Joy Netzel
 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel is an avid reader and loves all movies with a happily ever after. She lives in Wisconsin with her family, a couple horses and some barn cats. In her limited free time she enjoys gardening, canning, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North), at the family cabin on the lake.


Website and Blog:




Trust makes all the difference when love and danger collide.

EVIDENCE OF TRUST, Book 1 - Special Sale price $0.99 (regular $3.99)














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Yipee, readers! My guest today is western historical and contemporary romance author Shirleen Davies. You know how I love western historical romance and contemporary romance set in the West.  I’m so pleased she’s willing to tackle my interview.

Caroline: Please tell us about growing up and something of your life today.

Shirleen: I was born and grew up in Southern California, spending many days at the beach, then later lived inland at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains. Most of my friends would’ve described me as a jock first and bookworm second. My favorite sport was softball—catcher, shortstop, and left field. I still love the game but haven’t played in years. They didn’t take girls in the softball pony leagues when I went through school, so I switched to cheerleading. As a bookworm, my favorite series was Nancy Drew then I moved up to more “grownup” books in the teenage years. Okay, so I also loved Archie Comics with Archie, Jughead, and Veronica.

My husband and I make our home in the northern Arizona mountain area. We love it here. Between us we have five grown sons. All of them still live in Southern California.

Caroline: Surely everyone loved Archie Comics. Who are your favorite authors and favorite genres?

Shirleen: My favorite genres as a reader are historical western romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. I also read non-fiction historical books about many time periods and am a huge fan of the History Channel. For my own writing, I focus on historical western romance and contemporary romance, some with elements of suspense.

Most writers seem to have many favorite authors and I’m no exception. Here are the ones who triggered my writing journey. Linda Howard, Sandra Brown, Jill Gregory, Catherine Anderson, Roxanne St. Claire, Kat Martin, Jodi Thomas, and Brenda Novak.

Caroline: Jodi Thomas is one of my favorite authors. She’ll be a guest on this blog in October. What’s your favorite way to relax and recharge? Hobbies?

Shirleen: My husband and I met dancing, so that remains one of our favorite activities. Great exercise, wonderful way to relax, and you just can’t be in a bad mood when you dance. Mainly country (2-step, some line dances, etc.) but also other dancing (night club 2-step, waltz, cha-cha, west coast swing).

I remain an avid reader, finishing a few books each month. My husband has taught competitive clay target shooting—skeet and trap—for over forty years, and I’ll most likely be one of his students as long as I can hold a shotgun. I’m also a backseater on his Harley motorcycles and have been fortunate to see some beautiful places from my perch on the back of one of his bikes. We camp, travel, cook, collect antiques, and lead pretty full lives. Oh yes, and I love to ride my bright red motorized scooter! A picture of it is on one of my Pinterest boards.

Caroline: Both my daughter and I want a Vespa so I envy you.  Do you have a favorite quote that sums up how you feel about life?

Shirleen: Winston Churchill in a speech he presented on 29 October 1941 to the students at Harrow School. 

"Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.''

I even pinned the quote to the bulletin boards in my son’s bedrooms when they were growing up.

Caroline: I love reading about Churchill. I recommend Susan Elia Macneal’s fictional Maggie Hope mysteries set in London during WWII. She studied the notes of Churchill’s secretary and talked to the daughter and a survivor of the time. How long have you been writing?

Shirleen: I’ve been penning short stories for years before I made the decision to become serious. Most of these were contemporary women’s fiction, some of which still lay in a box somewhere. My first real leap into serious writing came with book one in my MacLarens series. It released in July 2013, followed by the other five books in the series, and two books in my contemporary series. I now write every day.

Caroline: I love to find a good book and realize it’s the first of a series, don’t you? I also love writing series. Where do you prefer to write?

Shirleen: Although I have an office with a printer and all the other “stuff”, my preferred spot is in the dining room. It’s upstairs and looks over the valley toward the mountains. I use a PC, although I own a Mac Air that I use when we travel. It’s much lighter and also serves as an additional backup for my work. I prefer to keep action movies showing on the television while I write with the sound turned off. Seems strange, but it works for me.

Caroline: If it works, it’s not strange. Are you a plotter or a panzer?

Shirleen: At this point, both. I started as an almost one hundred percent panster, writing stories and making a few notes, while letting the scenes flow from whatever popped into my head. Now I’d say my work is closer to forty percent plotter and sixty percent panster.

I prepare a master spiral notebook for each series, plus a separate notebook for each individual book in the series. These include a rough outline, notes regarding plots and themes, character archetypes, and data about the history or events during the timeframe of the books. I refer to and update them every day. I’m also beginning to use author Beat Sheets to help with my storyline and flow. 

Caroline: Do you use real events or persons in your stories or as an inspiration for stories?

Shirleen: Yes, I do use real events and persons as inspiration. All of my stories include aspects of real life experiences, struggles, tragedies, and triumphs.

Caroline: Do you set daily writing goals? Word count? Number of chapters? Do you get a chance to write every day?

My goal is to write at least 1000 words per day. Many days I write 3000 plus words and others a few hundred. I have an aggressive publishing calendar, so I need to keep up with my stories. Plus, I truly enjoy writing.

Caroline: I love writing, too. What do you hope your writing brings to readers?

Shirleen: Like most writers, I hope to provide stories readers will enjoy and become a part of to the extent they build a relationship with the characters. I believe this is important when writing a series as my characters reappear in subsequent books. I’ve been fortunate in that many of my readers correspond via email and provide thoughts on the people, locations, and plot, what they like and what they’d like to see changed. Or, what else they’d like to see me write. This is great input!

Caroline: Every writer loves that feedback. What long-term plans do you have for your career?

Shirleen: I’ll continue to write in my main genres, historical western romance and contemporary romance, plus expand my writing into one or two other subgenres but nothing I can divulge yet.

Caroline: Would you like to tell us what you’re working on now?

Book three, ONE MORE DAY, of my MacLaren contemporary series has just finished the editing and proofreading process. It will release in July.

I’m very excited about my new historical western romance series, Redemption Mountain. Book one, REDEMPTION’S EDGE, will release in September 2014. The series focuses on men and women who live through the American Civil War to face massive changes and challenges to their previous life.

I’ll also be working on my next MacLarens historical western series, BOUNDARY MOUNTAIN, which will focus on another branch of the family and take place in the 1860s through 1870s. Three of the characters were introduced in WILDER THAN THE REST. Book one of that series will release in 2015.

Caroline: An impressive line-up. What advice would you give to unpublished authors?

Shirleen: There are so many options today for authors that I see no reason why any writer should remain unpublished. Indie publishing, legacy and traditional publishers, a hybrid journey, all of these are open to writers and enable them to get their stories out to a wide audience. If they choose Indie, then I’d recommend they identify professional editors, cover designers, and book converters. At this point I read about seventy percent Indie to thirty percent traditionally published authors. The choices are just too broad for any writer to sit on the sidelines.

Caroline: I agree wholeheartedly. What’s a fun fact readers wouldn’t know about you?

Shirleen: I took barrel racing lessons many years ago. Got okay at it, loved it, but never competed. I still own my barrel racing saddle.

Caroline: Share something about you that would surprise or shock readers.

Shirleen: I don’t know if these are a surprise or a shock, but I love speed and alternative sports such as dirt bikes, off road Jeeps and buggies, and ziplining. I’m also a speed shopper—in and out!

Caroline: Tell us about MacLarens of Fire Mountain series.

Shirleen:  WILDER THAN THE REST is book six in my MacLarens of Fire Mountain historical western romance series. The series about four brothers and two cousins, and their struggles, decisions, and choices growing up in the United States during the last half of the 19th century. They are ranchers, US Marshals, bounty hunters, decoders, investigators, and family men who place honor and commitment above all else. These stories are about family and creating a life you’re proud to claim as your own.

Caroline: Can you give readers a blurb about your book?

Pierce is a rough man, but happy in his new life as a Special Agent. Tasked with defending the rights of the federal government, Pierce is a cunning gunslinger always ready to tackle the next job. That is, until he finds out that his new job involves Mollie Jamison.

Mollie can be a lot to handle. Headstrong and independent, Mollie has chosen a life of danger and intrigue guaranteed to prove her liquor-loving father wrong. She will make something of herself, and no one, not even arrogant Pierce MacLaren, will stand in her way.

A secret mission brings them together, but will their attraction to each other prove deadly in their hunt for justice? The payoff for success is high, much higher than any assignment either has taken before. But will the damage to their hearts and souls be too much to bear? Can Pierce and Mollie find a way to overcome their misgivings and work together as one?

How about an excerpt: Here are two!

Book Excerpt One:
“Keep your head down,” Pierce MacLaren growled at his partner as he placed a hand on her head, shoving her behind a stack of barrels.
“Damn it, Pierce. I don’t need you to protect me.” Mollie Jamison had followed him through the dark, dank alley, trying to catch up with Otis Tatum, the man they knew was responsible for the latest dump of counterfeit bank notes.
Mollie had confiscated the plates after they’d caught Otis cleaning up after his last printing session. They were tucked into a cubbyhole in the old brick building next to the barrels where she and Pierce now hid.
Otis had spotted them and bolted through the back door. For a large man, he was surprisingly quick.
“Such language,” Pierce shot back with a slight grin.

Book Excerpt Two:
“Mollie? Are you ready?” Pierce stood outside her bedroom door, already dressed and waiting to leave for their supper engagement with the Bensteads. He wore a long tailcoat with a white shirt and white tie. He thought he looked good, if somewhat uncomfortable. Then Mollie pulled her door open and smiled, the first genuine smile she’d given him in weeks.
Pierce’s eyes widened and he sucked in a slow breath at the sight of her. He knew she was a pretty woman—her beauty had been all too apparent the first day he’d met her months ago. She’d been working as a barmaid at the Desert Dove, a saloon in Fire Mountain owned by his cousin, Niall MacLaren. At the time, Pierce hadn’t known she was undercover, trying to find the source of counterfeit bills being circulated in the territorial capital and taking orders from Noah.
He ignored the blood thrumming through his temples and the tightening of his body. Pierce couldn’t allow himself to think of her as anything other than a colleague, even though it took all of his self-control to stop from reaching for her and drawing her to him.

Caroline: Intriguing excerpts. Where can readers find your books?


Barnes & Noble:

Caroline: How can readers learn more about you?

Shirleen loves to hear from readers.

Write to her at:
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Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

I’m an avid reader and would love to learn about books other readers enjoy. The easiest way to send a recommendation is using my email above or through Goodreads at

Thanks for sharing with us today, Shirleen. Now I’ll post the information supplied by Masquerade Tours.

Publication Date: June 17, 2014
Series: MacLarens of Fire Mountain #6
Genre: Western Romance

Pierce is a rough man, but happy in his new life as a Special Agent. Tasked with defending the rights of the federal government, Pierce is a cunning gunslinger always ready to tackle the next job. That is, until he finds out that his new job involves Mollie Jamison. 

Mollie can be a lot to handle. Headstrong and independent, Mollie has chosen a life of danger and intrigue guaranteed to prove her liquor-loving father wrong. She will make something of herself, and no one, not even arrogant Pierce MacLaren, will stand in her way.

A secret mission brings them together, but will their attraction to each other prove deadly in their hunt for justice? The payoff for success is high, much higher than any assignment either has taken before. But will the damage to their hearts and souls be too much to bear? Can Pierce and Mollie find a way to overcome their misgivings and work together as one?

Read WILDER THAN THE REST, another heartening story of duty, honor, passion, and love in book six of the MacLarens of Fire Mountain.

Amazon  |  Barnes&Noble  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords

Other books in the series

Check out the series on Goodreads!

Meet Shirleen Davies

Shirleen Davies writes romance—historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance.  She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona.

Shirleen began her new series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain, with TOUGHER THAN THE REST, the story of the oldest brother, Niall MacLaren. Other books in the series include, FASTER THAN THE REST, HARDER THAN THE REST, STRONGER THAN THE REST, AND DEADLIER THAN THE RESTe Rest. Book six, WILDER THAN THE REST, is due for release on June 17, 2014. Her contemporary romance series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary, opened with book one, SECOND SUMMER. Book two, HARD LANDING, released in April 2014, and book three, ONE MORE DAY, is scheduled to release in midsummer, 2014.

Shirleen loves to hear from her readers.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Is this a great new cover or what? Paty Jager's daughter created this new cover to celebrate the re-launch of the multi-genre romance boxed set 9 WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE for 99 cents. Yep, that's right--all nine full length novels for only 99 cents. Nine full length romances for 11 cents each. What a deal!

Here's what the box set includes:

SOMEWHERE MY LOVE by Beth Trissel Two hundred years ago Captain Cole Wentworth was murdered in his chamber where his portrait still hangs. Presently the estate is a family owned museum run by Will Wentworth. As spirit-sensitive tour guide Julia Morrow begins to remember the events of Cole's death, she must convince Will that history is repeating, and he has the starring role in the tragedy. The blade is about to fall.

SLEIGHT OF HEART by Jacquie Rogers Starched-up Lexie Campbell, more comfortable with neat and tidy numbers than messy emotions, must find the man who ruined her little sister and make him marry her. When his lookalike brother Burke appears, she greets him with a gun and forces him to help her. Smooth-dealing Burke O’Shaughnessy, riverboat gambler and prestidigitator, must find his brother Patrick to claim the family fortune. But when Lexie shows an astounding talent for counting cards and calculating odds, he figures she might be useful after all. Can he resist the queen of hearts?

TWO SIDES OF A HEARTBEAT - by DeLaine Roberts, the re-edited version After a beautiful proposal, Dr. Grayson Brooks pleads with his fiance', Alexandra Morrison, not to get on the plane. Once the plane is in the air, events turn their lives upside down. Secrets and the past once again haunt both families. Alexandra is so close to having it all: a baby, a gorgeous husband, and a family united. But is she strong enough to fight for what she wants?

SWEET RETURN by Anna Jeffery When Dalton Parker is summoned home to handle a family crisis, the last thing he expects is a prime pasture of his family’s ranch taken over by stinking chickens. The explanation is Joanna Walsh, his mother’s best friend. He can’t keep from admiring Joanna’s caring nature and common sense, not to mention her great body. The dumbest thing he could do is try to lure her into his bed, but he’s never been smart when it comes to women.

SECRETS OF A MAYAN MOON by Paty Jager Doctor of Anthropology, Isabella Mumphrey, is about to lose her university job. Her mentor’s request for her assistance on a Guatemalan dig is the opportunity she’s been seeking. DEA agent Tino Kosta, is deep undercover as a tracker and jungle guide. Isabella’s appearance heats his Latin blood, taking him on a dangerous detour that could leave them both casualties of the jungle.

LOSING CASSIE by Kathy Ivan  Welcome to Destiny's Desire Lodge, where The Fates manipulate and the Fate-Keeper battles to unite predestined souls. The arrival of a mysterious letter draws Jake Stone to Destiny's Desire. Cassie Daniels has been running for seven long years. To find happiness she must face past evil. When Fate and Destiny collide . . . can Love survive?

OUT OF THE SHADOWS by Geri Foster Falcon Securities Agent Brody Hawke sees the world from a tilted angle. A.J., who saved Brody’s life, is captured and diplomats are getting nowhere in his rescue. Brody takes over even though he knows his impetuous actions will ruin his career. CIA agent Kate Stone’s life is torn apart when Brody kidnaps her. When she and Brody reach A.J., they learn the situation is more serious and far-reaching than they’d imagined. Brody, Kate and Falcon Securities must rescue A.J. and stop the assassination of the President of the USA. Will Brody and Kate discover love along the way?

CODE OF HONOR by Carra Copelin  Graeme McAlister returned home to discover why his foster brother supposedly overdosed on morphine and crashed a company jet. When Graeme McAlister comes back to McTiernan, TX and stirs up widow Maggie Benning’s old memories and feelings, can she overcome past pain to accept the a new love in her life?

THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE by Caroline Clemmons Cenora Rose O’Neill knows her father arranged the marriage trap for Dallas McClintock but she’d do anything to protect her family. Wounded rescuing Cenora from kidnappers, rancher Dallas learns his wife has a silly superstition for everything. But passion-filled nights with her make up for her annoying habits and family.

I loved, loved, loved each of the books in this boxed set. Not modest of me, because that includes my own story, but facts are facts.

I enjoyed the ton of time spent researching this book, including a couple of trips, and loved writing THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE. Can't help smiling when I think of the main characters, including Cenora's father. I even smile thinking of a negative review which said the reader enjoyed the book but didn't understand why I included all the Irish stuff. Really? Refer to the title, please.

Would you like to see a book about Finn O'Neill? He's the older brother of the heroine in THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE, which is included in this box set. I've been thinking of writing Finn's story, so I'd love to have your opinion.

If you haven't already snapped up this bargain, please let me help you now. Here is the buy link at Amazon: 

I'm off to reread this boxed set. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 13, 2014


Thanks to Sofia St. Angeles, reviewer for InDTale Magazine, for her 4 ½ star Crowned Review of the anthology of short stories RAWHIDE ‘N ROSES.  This review especially pleased me since I have a story in this collection. Each story is only 2,000 words, but there are fifteen authors who contributed so readers still get a nice assortment of entertainment for only $2.99.

Besides me, those who participated are Celia Yeary, Simone Beaudelaire, Alison Bruce, Charlene Raddon, Rain Trueax, Chad Strong, Margaret Tanner, Susan Horsnell, Carol A. Spradling, Paty Jager, Lyn Horner, Peggy L. Henderson, Jacquie Rogers, and Cheri Kay Clifton. The cover was created by Charlene Raddon.

Here’s what Ms St. Angeles had to say in her review:

“In what other western romance will you find angels, petticoat patrols, time-travel, and roller skating? None. That’s just one of the many reasons “Rawhide ‘N Roses” is such a treasure. Stories about chasing love cross-country to Yellowstone; falling in love with beautiful Indian healers; experiencing the sparks of first love; and gun-totin’ fast-ridin’ wedding-dress-wearin’ brides, make for one rootin’ tootin’ rodeo of an anthology. It’s great to find so many sweet western novellas in one book. With this many authors you’d think there would be repetition or monotony. Not so in “Rawhide ‘N Roses.” Each author has stamped their story with their own unique brand. For the most part, this collection of short stories boasts tales that are rounded out just as beautifully as their full-length counterparts. A couple of them have endings that are more abrupt than others, but each story presents a unique time and place coupled with a heart-felt romance. Of particular note were “Stable Hands, Stable Hearts”, and “Gunslinger’s Angel”. But they were all fun and unique. In fact, this anthology has as many flavors as Baskin Rbbins but they all come together to make a yummalicious triple-scoop sundae. So what could be better than kickin’ up yer spurred heels on a lazy porch swing and diggin’ in? Giddyup y’all!”

Find the review on page 129 in the June/July issue of InD’Tale Magazine.  By the way, subscriptions to this great magazine are free.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of RAWHIDE ‘N ROSES yet and would like to, here are the buy links:

Amazon       Nook      Kobo  

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