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By Caroline Clemmons

"I found the story to be exciting and captivating. There were enough twists and turns that you never knew what was going to happen next. I could not put the book down until I found out the ending. I highly recommend this book. Can't wait until Book Two comes out."


"Caroline Clemmons always writes a wonderful story. "


"I loved this book and couldn't put it down."


If you like historical romances, you'll love this series. I'm on the final book now and already dreading it coming to an end. You'll meet a great group of women looking for husbands as you're introduced to the folks living in a small Texas town. Love is in the air as each finds the man of their dreams. 

"I found the story to be exciting and captivating. There were enough twists and turns that you never knew what was going to happen next. I could not put the book down until I found out the ending. I highly recommend this book."

"A fun light and clean read." 

"This was a sweet story full of romance and excitement."

"The author captures your imagination and runs with it happily to the end. The plot was superb and carried you to the end."

"This was a truly interesting and fun story of which I had a hard time to put down. Caroline Clemmons is at the top of my list as an author."'

The series is available in e-book and print. It is also enrolled in KU. If you haven't read this series, I hope you'll give it a read now!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Love Song Standards Series by Cynthia Roberts



Melt your heart with these heartwarming love stories ON SALE for a limited time!

Unchained Melody

Love Song Standards Book 1

by Cynthia Roberts

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A heartwarming second chance love story.

Pamela Landers has it all, a senior partnership with a top law firm, an expensive car, and a luxurious condo. What she desires most is a loving husband, children, and a life filled with precious memories that will comfort her through her golden years. So far, that has all evaded her.

Funny how fate has a way of steering you down that path where dreams really can come true. When Pamela encounters Gavin Templeton during a much-needed getaway, she's faced with a life-altering challenge that could change her life forever. The question is, does she take a leap of faith or turn and walk away?

**On Sale Now for only $2.99 until the 29th!!**

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Strangers in the Night

Love Song Standards Book 2

A second chance love story.

What happens when two strangers meet in a crowded bar on a Caribbean vacation and one is disinterested, while the other is totally intrigued? Fate happens. Only one role will play out in the end. It will lead to either a happy ending, or simply a chance meeting tucked away in a memory book.

John Rinaldi, doesn't want to be just a memory. He's determined to win the heart of the beautiful and elusive, Samantha Michaels.

She not only captured his interest, but she proves to be a woman he's determined to have in his life forever. She just doesn't know it yet.

**On Sale Now for only $2.99 until the 29th!!**

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For Once In My Life

Love Song Standards Book 3

A small town military romance.

Christina Morandt spent most of her young adult life perfecting her talent and then performing worldwide as the prima ballerina for the Savannah Ballet Theatre. When she decides to retire at the peak of her career, she returns to Savannah to open her own dance studio and settle into a life of comfort and solitude. Captain Garret Rickford is a seasoned Apache helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army, who is awarded a head instructor position at the Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia after serving four tours carrying out assault and rescue missions over Iraq and Afghanistan.

He returns home, while secretly battling the haunting traumas of war and the death of his dearest friend and fellow comrade. She was raised on a horse ranch in Wyoming. He was raised in the Highlands of Scotland. They were opposites in so many ways, each never expecting to cross paths with the other. But, they did, and when the spark of attraction ignited, there was no extinguishing the passion once it flamed out of control.

**On Sale Now for only $2.99 until the 29th!!**

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Can’t Help Falling in Love

Love Song Standards Book 4

A small town suspenseful romance.

Love has a way of coming back full circle even, if it takes a decade to do so.
Steven Logan returns to the hometown of his youth as a successful Aerospace Engineer with NASA.
Jennifer Moore, his high school sweetheart, finds herself the first-grade teacher to his adorable son Joshua.

From the moment they're reunited, they find it hard to deny the attraction that still exists between them.

Steven's past though proves daunting, threatening any chance for a reunion, when his x-wife returns under guise to turn their worlds upside down.
Karen Logan gave up her marriage wilingly to chase the bright lights that fame was offering. That is, until she fails and decides it's easier to try and cash in on Steven's success at the expense of their son. When Karen attempts to kidnap, Joshua, Jennifer too is forced to comply as a tagalong, and she does everything in her power to keep Joshua safe, while trying to outsmart the psychopath holding them both hostage.

Can't Help Falling In Love is a compelling and heart-wrenching story that shows how strong the bonds of love can prove when pitted against greed and the lust for power.

**On Sale Now for only $2.99 until the 29th!!**

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At Last

Love Song Standards Book 5

A firefighter romance.

Chance meetings happen when you least expect. Georgie Michaelson always picks the wrong guy. Well, that is, until a chance meeting throws the right one her way.

Kyle Matthews has it all: striking good looks, a body that sets women's hearts a flutter, and a honorable job. Their attraction is undeniable. But, because Kyle is a fireman, Georgie is fearful of his dangerous job and afraid to commit and listen to her heart.

Will she allow her fears to pull them apart and ruin their chance for happiness at last? Or,will love triumph after all?

**On Sale Now for only $2.99 until the 29th!!**

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Chances Are

Love Song Standards Book 6

An unsuspecting small town romance.

What happens, when two people from different cultures meet, and an attraction ignites?

Micha Mulaney is a proud, traditional, and independent woman. She not only manages the entire West Wing at Cresthaven Senior Home, but owns and co-operates Pine Ridge Stables & Breeders, along with her full-blooded Oglala Sioux mother on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Ayden Keller, hails from a prominent South Dakota family, heads the family business as its CEO, and the grandson of a recuperating resident now housed on Micha's wing.

Matriarch, Maggie Keller, is a matchmaker at heart. She adores Micha and destined to point the two young, unsuspecting adults in the right direction. Were their chances for that forever kind of love happening between them awfully good? Chances are that love finds a way every time.

**On Sale Now for only $2.99 until the 29th!!**

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I was an avid reader of romance fiction before I could follow my dream of becoming a published author later on in life.  My last three jobs, which forced me into early retirement were due to a failed economy and leaders making terrible financial choices that victimized many. It took nearly twenty hard-knock years before beginning that journey. If not for those life-changing and painful detours, however, I never would have known how to create the raw, human, emotion I want my readers to feel during their journey into my make-believe world of contemporary, historical, and suspense romance fiction.  

You'll find my characters relatable, flawed, sometimes wounded, and broken who eventually find what we all seek during our short time on this Earth ... a deep connection of being understood and accepted, and most of all, loved by a companion completely with their heart and soul. I write about  life, the hard knocks we all experience at one point in our lives, and the lessons we can learn from them.  But most importantly, I invite you to join me and be prepared to laugh, cry, and hopefully be inspired in some small way.

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Stone of Love by Margaret Izard



Against all odds, is true love strong enough to save a human soul? 

Stone of Love

Stones of Iona Book 1

by Margaret Izard

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

After leaving her abusive ex, American scholar Brielle DeVolt embarks on a career-changing opportunity, the renovation of Laird Colin MacDougall’s Chapel ruin. The attractive, broad-shouldered Laird leaves her weak-kneed, but can she trust herself to love again?

Dusted in construction dirt, the curvy beauty in his study captivates Colin. As Brielle steps to the window, her brunette tresses halo in the sunlight, and he sees her as his dream soul mate. When he learns his hereditary duty is safeguarding magic Fae stones, all he wants is to protect Brielle from the evil forces of the Fae.

Traveling to the past to assume his forefather’s identity and find a missing magic stone is challenging enough. When Brielle appears, an undeniable attraction to his ancestor ignites, causing her confused passion. Faced with fighting an evil Fae to save the realms, Colin must choose between saving the stone or saving his love.

**Releases March 4th!**

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At the study, the door was ajar. A low fire glowed around the room. Good, someone already lit the fire. Brielle slipped into the dim room, crossed to the fireplace, and set the candle on the mantel. A flash of lightning illuminated the room, drawing her gaze to the shelves beside the fireplace. She perused the shelving, trying to find the perfect book. She realized the one she wanted was three shelves up, and she couldn’t reach that high. Climbing to her knees on the lower cabinet, she stood and reached to the shelving above. Her fingertips barely touched the book she wanted. She stretched a bit more, and just as she was about to reach the spine marked Love Poems and Sonnets, a crack of thunder startled her, and she fell backward off the bookcase. 

Her cry was cut short when she hit something solid. A warm, muscular chest shifted along her back, and strong arms cradled her. Mortified, she kept her eyes shut. How much worse could it get? Then the chest shook with a chuckle. 

The voice that belonged to it said, “Careful what ye seek, lassie. Ye might find something ye aren’t looking for.” In utter embarrassment, she kept her eyes shut. It was Colin. “Ye can open your eyes, Brielle.” 

She turned her head farther into his chest. That was a mistake. He was shirtless and smelled too damn good. 

What’s Next?

We are so excited to share that the second book in the series, Stone of Fear, Marie, and John’s love story, will be released on June 12, 2024.

A Christmas companion book,
Thistle in the Mistletoe, will be released during the holidays of 2024, and Stone of Lust, book 3 in the series, will be released in 2024.

Check out the Book Trailer for Stone of Fear:

Margaret Izard is an award-winning author of historical fantasy and paranormal romance novels. She spent her early years through college to adulthood dedicated to dance, theater, and performing. Over the years, she developed a love for great storytelling in different mediums. She does not waste a good story, be it movement, the spoken, or the written word. She discovered historical romance novels in middle school, which combined her passion for romance, drama, and fantasy. She writes exciting plot lines, steamy love scenes and always falls for a strong male with a soft heart. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and adult triplets and loves to hear from readers.

Watch out for the March 4th Facebook Release Party! 10am-5pm CST

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Friday, February 23, 2024



 By Caroline Clemmons

Yay! Time to preorder KEITH AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE! Yes, I finally finished book 5 of the Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides Series, which will be released on March 8th. Here’s the preorder link at Amazon:

Once it's released, it will be in e-book and in print. As usual, it will be enrolled in KU. And, here is the cover, designed by Charlene Raddon at Silver Sage Covers.

Let me share the blurb with you:

Elliana Barrington has to escape from Evansville before a deranged cousin learns the terms of their grandmother’s will. So, Elliana is sent to marry a man in Texas, who hopefully can protect her. She knows her greedy cousin expected to inherit everything. Although he received a generous inheritance, the desperate cousin has debts he can’t pay, debts owed to dangerous men. He plans to force Elliana’s to sign over her money to him. She is kind and generous and willing to share her legacy. But her grandmother’s unbreakable will is specific—if Elliana attempts to give her cousin any funds, everything they each inherited will be forfeited to charity.


After escaping a difficult situation, Keith Martin created a new life as the banker of Harrigan Springs, Texas. He’s won the respect of the community and has made many good friends. After buying a house, he sends for a mail order bride. What a surprised to receive a letter from a young woman’s attorney, complete with a contract. Although not sure he’s doing the right thing, Keith agrees to marry the woman and fulfill the contract’s conditions. He expects a shy, overprotected bride—but he’s in for a surprise!

 Fate has troubles in store for Elliana and Keith, threats that involve everyone in their household. They strive to protect themselves and the three orphans they’ve adopted. But, how can they reason with her crazed cousin? Can this couple overcome their complex circumstances to build a happy lifetime together?


I couldn’t find exactly the model for Elliana Barrington, but this is very close.


Elliana Barrington

Here’s an excerpt

She sat erect and sent him an unyielding glare. “What an unkind thing to say. What have I said or done to give you that impression?”

Uh-oh, he had better tiptoe around that subject. “Nothing at all. I just meant that most people, even kind and generous ones, want to control their funds.”

“Well, you’ll find that I am not ‘most people.’ I am just what I say and what you see.”

He held his hands out at his sides then dropped them back to the arms of his chair. “I apologize for offending you. I assure you it was not my intention.”

Her lovely brow remained furrowed and her vivid blue eyes narrowed. “I should hope not. Were you not told I’m quiet, kind, and generous?”

“As a matter of fact, you were described as so perfect that the description would only fit a saint. I see now that you possess many of those qualities. I suppose I’ll see more of them as we become better acquainted.”

“Now you’re making fun of me, but it’s all right. I’m not a bad sport unless you try to bully me.”

“I wasn’t making fun, and I don’t like bullies, either. An uncle and a couple of my cousins are terrible bullies and mean as anyone can be. The only reason they’re not in jail is that they’ve paid off some of the police and haven’t been caught by others. My father is almost as bad and does as my uncle tells him. I’m relieved I’ll never see them again.”

“Don’t you intend to visit your parents?”

“Never!” He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “Elliana, in my family, I’m the white sheep. The rest are not people you’d ever want to meet. Imagine an entire family of people like Trey. They don’t even know where I am. It’s important to keep it that way.”

“Oh, that is severe… and sad.” She stared at her hands a minute then looked up at him. “I guess we’ll have to start our own family and include friends here.”

“That’s my plan. We can’t choose our family members related by blood, but we can choose good friends to become our family.”

She let out a sigh. “I’m glad we can agree.”

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The War Photographers by S.L. Beaumont



A gripping historical novel with a dual timeline linking World War II and the Cold War and one woman’s search for the traitor who betrayed her family. Perfect for fans of The Rose Code.

The War Photographers

by SL Beaumont

Genre: Historical Fiction

She will risk everything to expose the truth

1943 – Bletchley Park, England

Mae Webster, immersed in the clandestine world of codebreaking at Bletchley Park, is recruited to help unveil a spy who’s on the brink of exposing Britain's most guarded secret: the cracking of the Enigma code. As war rages around her, Mae's life takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love with the enigmatic New Zealand war photographer Jack Knight. Their relationship develops at pace, but tragedy strikes when one of Jack's photographs risks unmasking an elusive double agent.

1989 – Berlin, Germany

Rachel Talbot, a globetrotting photojournalist, ventures into the heart of a fractured Berlin in search of the Stasi officer whom her beloved grandmother Mae blames for betraying their family. Rachel finds herself entangled in the East German uprising and is irresistibly drawn to a charismatic activist. As the Cold War threatens to boil over, Rachel races to expose a traitor before it’s too late.

Perfect for fans of The Rose Code.

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Smashwords * Books2Read * Bookbub * Goodreads

SL Beaumont is an award-winning mystery and crime writer with a passion for travel and history.

She lives in beautiful New Zealand, which is only problematic when the travel bug bites (which it does fairly often)! Her love of travel has seen her take many long-haul flights to various parts of the world. Her enjoyment of history helps determine the destination, and the places she visits are a constant source of inspiration for her.

Prior to becoming an author, SL Beaumont worked in banking in London and New York and is now a partner of a chartered accounting firm in Auckland.

Shadow of Doubt won the 2020 Indie Reader Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Award and was long-listed for the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Novel. Death Count was a semi-finalist for the Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Prize.

Website * Facebook * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Quake by Maya Alden



 The secrets of the bayou dance to the rhythm of jazz!  


Jazz Sessions Book 1

by Maya Alden

Genre: Romantic Suspense  

The secrets of the bayou dance to the rhythm of jazz!

She was the princess of Bayou Belle, sleeping with me, a bayou rat born on the wrong sides of the sheets.

Gaia Doucet was my first love, the one who had me body and soul…until she accused me of something terrible; and I was sent into cruel exile by her mother. But now, ten years later, I'm back. Her grandfather has left me controlling interest of the Doucet empire and I'm ready to enjoy my revenge. I'll start with her mother and end with her.

While I made a fortune in New York, she's slinging drinks at Jazz Sessions, her brothers' bar in the pulsing heart of the French Quarter. I have achieved all my dreams and she's a failure.

I'm ready to crush her into the ground even though I want her with the same desperation as I did a decade ago.

But when someone hires a hitman to kill her, it sets off a tumultuous QUAKE that shakes the very foundations of our lives. Hate her, I may, but I won't be able to live in a world where she's not there.

In the steamy, seductive streets of New Orleans, where secrets and scandals are as common as the sultry jazz rhythms, Quake is the first book in the Jazz Sessions series. Please note, each novel in this series is a standalone romance, complete with its own satisfying happily ever after. Yet, the shadow of a sinister family mystery stretches across the arc of the first three books.

Perfect for fans of LJ Shen and Shain Rose.

Note: This book contains mature themes, including violence, strong language, & sexual content, for full content warnings, please see Content Warnings page on Maya's website

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

Maya has a passion for weaving tales of love and desire.

With a background in literature and a heart filled with hope, Maya pours her emotions onto the pages of her novels, capturing the essence of true love and the power it holds to transform lives. Combining unforgettable characters, sizzling chemistry, and heartfelt emotions, Maya's stories will whisk you into a world of passion and enchantment.

Maya invites you to join her on a journey of love, laughter, and happily-ever-afters that will leave you with a sigh and a smile.

Website * Facebook * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Friday, February 16, 2024


By Caroline Clemmons


My historical western, BRAZOS BRIDEi, is both a mystery and a romance. I love mysteries, you see, and just can’t help myself when it comes to murder, kidnapping, poison, and other nasty incidents. I am a sweet and gentle soul in person (yeah, right), but I am mean to my characters when I write. After all, survival in the Old West was difficult Authors have to present obstacles for the hero and heroine to overcome. Otherwise, a book would be about a page long and boring.


Hope Montoya, the heroine, knows she’s being poisoned but has no idea who wants her dead. Weakened, she knows she can’t fight alone, and she enlists Micah Stone to assist her. How? Through a marriage of convenience, which gives her control of her estate that’s held in trust by her guardian. That doesn’t stop the killer, who relentlessly persists in trying to eliminate both Hope and adds Micah as a target. I love a determined villain, don’t you? I mean, of course, that I love to hate the villain.


Besides being close to Hope, for marrying her Micah receives land on the Brazos River and cash, and both are needed badly. The time is August 1870 and there’s a severe drought that has dried up springs, creeks, and waterholes on Micah’s land. Without access to the river, his cattle are dying of thirst. His two brothers are on hand to help him haul water from Zach’s place to the west. Even with their best efforts, they’re losing the battle.

Here’s an exscerpt of Hope and Micah’s wedding night from near the first of the book.

She looked at her hands. Perhaps she was unreasonable. Or maybe insane for sympathizing with a man who'd had to work harder because of her family.

"I know it is an odd situation. If—if you wear your shirt and britches, I guess it would be all right if you slept on top of the cover here." She patted the bed beside her.

He froze. Not a muscle moved, and he only stared at her. Had she misunderstood? Did he think her offer too forward?

She babbled, "That is, if you want to. You said I should trust you. Well, maybe you would be more comfortable where you are." Why didn't he say something? Would he prefer sleeping in a chair to sharing the bed?

From the street below, she heard raucous laughter and someone called to a man named Ben. Music from a piano, she supposed in the saloon, drifted in through the open windows. A gust of breeze moved the curtains and slid across her skin. In this room, though, there was no sound.

Slowly, he rose and extinguished the lamp as he moved across the room. She slid one of the pillows beside hers then scooted down. What had possessed her to offer him half her bed? Would he think she invited more?

Too late to take it back now, for the mattress dipped as he stretched out. Quaking inside at the thought of him so near, she turned her back to him. She heard his weary sigh, as if he relaxed for the first time in a long while.

"Good night," she offered, and hoped he understood the finality of the phrase.

"Yep. Good night, Mrs. Stone." The mattress shook as he turned his back to her. She felt the soles of his feet press against her ankles. He must be several inches too long for the bed and she guessed he had to bend his legs to fit. She didn't dare turn to see firsthand.

She lay perfectly still, afraid to take a deep breath. Soon his breathing changed and she knew he slept. Outside the open window the town quieted and the distant tinkling of the piano was the only sound. Light from the full moon illuminated the room and slanted across the bed. A soft breeze drifted across her, lulling her in its caress.

With a sigh, she fought to relax, but abdominal pain kept her awake no matter how her body cried for rest. Perhaps if she planned, she’d forget the pain and chills that racked her frame.

Plan, yes. She needed a plan for food preparation when she returned to her home. No, Micah said he had a plan. Oh, dear, once more he took charge when it was her life, her home.

Maybe Aunt Sofia and Uncle Jorge would have left by then and things would be fine. Already she felt more secure. She sensed her eyelids drifting closed and the sleep’s blessed relief approaching.

A gunshot ripped apart the night.

The blast startled her and she screamed as something thudded near her head, showering her hair and face with splinters. Panic immobilized her. What had happened?

Micah dragged her onto the floor as a bullet ripped into the mattress.

Bed with ropes instead of bed springs

 Did that excerpt entice you to buy the book?

I hope so because everyone in my family needs an operation. Okay, no one actually needs surgery, but I will appreciate your buying the book. Then, IF YOU LIKED IT, would you be so kind as to leave a review on Amazon? Most readers don’t realize what a gift a good review is to a writer.

Here’s the buy link for BRAZOS BRIDE:


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