Monday, May 31, 2021

BLIND DATE by Raquel Anne



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Blind Date
Perfectly Stated Series
by Raquel Anne
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Life for Rory Pehrson had taken many unexpected turns, but never in a million years could she have predicted that she’d be raising her sister’s baby at the age of thirty. To top it off she had to live with the man she held most responsible for every bad turn in her life that had happened in the last six months.

When Rory’s boss-slash-bestie decides to voluntell her that she’ll be joining a dating site with her, Rory concedes only out of pure exhaustion. What she doesn’t know is that this single act will take her on one more major life roller-coaster.

In the end, Rory must make an ultimate decision that could finally break her and leave the remnants of her spirit in tatters…or mend her, heart and soul.

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Introducing Raquel Anne, the romantic side of author Rachel A Olson.

Rachel A Olson resides in rural Northwestern Nebraska, along with her husband, three children, two cats, and a yellow lab. She is a bit of a workaholic with a full-time day job, working as a freelance graphic designer and formatter in her spare time, as well as squeezing in her writing. Rachel is also passionate about her faith and stays involved in her church as much as she can. She enjoys the quiet outdoors, loves to travel, and often craves spicy foods. She considers herself to be a helper by nature and wants nothing more than to see other artists succeed in the areas they are most passionate about.

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Stuart: Bachelors and Babies


Bachelors and Babies 


Caroline Clemmons 


Genre: Historical Western Romance 


About the Book 


He is building for the future . . . 

She is escaping the past . . . 

Trouble could destroy their family 


Stuart McGee needs the bounty from capturing the two men he’s trailing. That reward will allow him to buy the ranch of his dreams. When he encounters the men, he learns they’ve killed a young couple. The big surprise is there’s a baby in their cabin. What is Stuart supposed to do with a baby girl? 


Georgina Potter has to get away from home. Her family treats her as a screw-up. She is determined to prove them wrong. Starting over as a mail-order bride might not be the best way but it’s the only way she can get away from her family. When she arrives in Broken Wheel, Texas, she learns her groom has married someone else. What is she going to do with no money, no groom, and nowhere to stay? 


When Georgina and Stuart marry, neither is convinced it’s the right choice. Baby Adeline captures the affection of both. Can working together as parents ignite romance for Georgina and Stuart? When trouble comes, will their fledgling relationship disintegrate or become stronger? 


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Stuart strode into the sheriff’s office. “Howdy, Claud. I’m in a bind.” 

“A marshal wired me you’d found a baby and collected a couple of fat rewards. He was afraid you’d get knocked in the head before you arrived home. Guaranteed me you wouldn’t get shed of the baby.” 

Hmph, guess I under-rated him. I stopped at the bank first thing and paid off the mortgage on my ranch. Grand feeling to own it outright and have nice savings.” 

“Congratulations. That’s a nice ranch and I’m happy for you.”  

Claud, I need your help. Do you know of any decent single women who’d be willing to help me with a baby? Well, she’s eighteen months so I guess she’s a toddler.” He told him how he came to have her. 

“Only one I know of is in jail.” He forked a thumb in the direction of the cells. “That rascal Brick sent for her as a mail-order bride then married one of his saloon girls instead.”  

Claud broke out laughing. “She confronted Brick about backing out and Sadie launched at her. Durndest brawl I ever saw. She has no money and no place to stay so I’ve left her in here. Told her it’s fifty dollars or fifty days.” 

“When was this?” 

“Day before yesterday. She’s mad as can be at me because I won’t give her the luggage she brought.” 

“Why not? That’s bound to be it there in the corner.” 

Claud turned to face him and pointed to his eye. “This is why. I tried to break up the cat fight and she socked me.” 

Stuart leaned over and raised Claud’s chin. “Man, that’s some shiner. Not like you to hold a grudge, though.” 

The sheriff lowered his voice. “Well, frankly, I thought she might be the answer to your problem. Name’s Georgina Potter and she’s from Baltimore, Maryland. Apparently from a good family. Look at the quality of the luggage. Refused to wire her family for money and won’t say why.” 

Claud stood and grabbed his keys. “Come on and I’ll introduce you.” 

“Wait, what if I don’t like her?” 

Claud looked over his shoulder. “What, you have other candidates standing in line?” He grinned. “Of course, there’s always Miss Cartwright. She’s been sniffing around and asked about you.” 

“That’s plain mean, Claud. You know that woman drives me crazy. Imagine listening to her constant chatter and cackling laugh every day. Makes me shiver to think about it.” 

“Me, too.” Claud walked in front of him. “Miss Potter, this is a friend of mine, Stuart McGee. He’s a local rancher and part-time bounty hunter.” 

He held up a hand. “No, I’m through bounty hunting unless you need my help, Claud.” He stared at the sight in the cell. 

She crossed her arms over her shapely chest. “How do you do?” Except for her chest, she was slim. In better circumstances she was likely pretty. 

Her blond hairstyle was lopsided and mostly falling down one shoulder. Reminded him of a pack rat’s nest. Her dark gray jacket had one sleeve almost torn from the garment and there were no buttons remaining on the front. The collar of her white shirtwaist was partially detached. Scratches down one cheek were inflamed and one of her blue eyes was black and swollen almost closed. 

The black eye didn’t prevent her glaring from him to Claud. “Have I become the freak show? If you’re charging money, Sheriff, I insist it go toward paying my fine.” 

Stuart wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare insult her further. Looked to him like she’d had enough trouble to last a long time.