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The Knight's Rebellious Maiden by Ella Matthews



He’s her protector…

She’s his forbidden temptation! 

The Knight’s Rebellious Maiden

The Knights’ Missions Book 1

by Ella Matthews

Genre: Historical Medieval Romance

He’s her protector…

She’s his forbidden temptation!

Part of The Knights’ Missions. Sir Leopold’s first mission is supposed to be a chance to prove his valour. But, tasked with safely escorting Lady Arianwen to her husband-to-be, Leo finds he is little but a glorified bodyguard. Only the seemingly simple mission goes awry when Ari proves that she’s willing to do anything to get away from her impending nuptials. As attraction sparks between them, can Leo choose knightly duty over love and deliver Ari to her wedding?

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Intro to the extract: Sir Leopold is tasked with escorting a maiden to her wedding, little does he know that Lady Arianwen has plans of her own. In the below extract the pair have just begun their journey and are testing one another out. 


She laughed again and the sound was like the sun coming out after days of rain. ‘What would you talk about to your fellow knights?’ she asked. 

‘Um…’ He tilted his head to the side. ‘Anything. Everything. Nothing that would be of interest to you.’ 

‘Why don’t you let me decide that?’ 

He scratched his chin. He didn’t want to talk about the problems they’d faced recently, which was the topic that had dominated all their talk over the past month. He also didn’t want to discuss his plans for his future because it didn’t feel right, but that left his mind strangely blank. ‘Swords. We talk about swords.’ Did they? He couldn’t remember but it seemed like something a maiden might believe a knight talked about a lot. 

‘Really? What about swords?’ 

‘The quality.’ 

‘I see.’ 

He glanced across at her again. Her eyes were shining as she looked at the path ahead. ‘I fear you are laughing at me again.’ 

‘Never.’ But he didn’t miss the way her shoulders shook. 

‘I speak the truth.’ Now he was just talking nonsense but he was enjoying the way she was laughing, even if it was at him. He would keep going so long as she was entertained. 

‘Is the sword your weapon of choice?’ she asked. 

‘It is.’ 

‘What do you look for in a blade?’ 

‘The quality of the metal used, the craftsmanship and the balance.’ 

She nodded thoughtfully. ‘Does your current sword match these criteria?’ 

‘It does.’ 

‘May I see it?’ 

He leaned down and loosened it from its scabbard where it was tied to Bosco’s side. He pulled it free, the familiar weight an extension of his arm. 

‘May I hold it?’ Lady Arianwen was reaching out her hand as if she expected him to hand his blade over to her. 

He barked out a laugh. ‘What sort of knight would that make me if I handed my blade over to someone I barely know?’ 

‘You don’t trust me?’ 

Their gazes met and something hot and powerful simmered between them, something he had to ignore. ‘I only trust two people and I am afraid you are not one of them. Not yet anyway.’ 

She dropped her hand, a look passing across her face. ‘That seems fair enough.’ She turned back to face the direction they were traveling, and he had the feeling he had passed some sort of test, one he’d had no idea he had been set. 

He sheathed his sword and then leaned back in his saddle, allowing Lady Arianwen to pull ahead of him slightly. She really was a good rider, her slender frame swaying comfortably with her horse’s gait. She pushed her hair away from her shoulders, pulling it away from the nape of her neck before allowing it to fall slowly back down. He realized he was staring and forced himself to look away, only to find his eyes pulled back. The urge to spur Bosco forward until he was closer, to lift her heavy strands of hair away and let them fall through his fingers, was almost overwhelming. He gripped his reins tighter and this time succeeded in tearing his gaze away. 

Ella Matthews lives and works in beautiful South Wales. When not thinking about handsome heroes she can be found walking along the coast with her husband and their two children (probably still thinking about heroes but at least pretending to be interested in everyone else).

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 By Caroline Clemmons

Do you wonder about what was going on in the world at the time of a series you’re reading? Okay, I’m a history nut, so I do. Some of those events affect the book’s characters, even if it’s remotely.

For instance, so far the books of my current series, The Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides, is set in 1876. What a time that was! Part of the Reconstruction era after the Civil War, it was also a part of the Gilded Age and faced a national depression. Not the time that comes to my mind when I hear the words “national depression” a la Grapes of Wrath. However, my mother said that was the one in which her mother’s family supposedly suffered great financial losses.  

As you can imagine, I am especially interested in what was happening in the West. The answer is, a lot!

That was the year Wild Bill Hickock (James Butler Hickok) died in Deadwood. Dakota Territory in an altercation during a poker game. The cards he held were two pair of black aces and eights, now commonly known as the “dead man’s hand.” Modern historians agree Bill greatly “embellished” his accomplishments. Sad that he should die at about 39.

Wild Bill Hickock

Wyatt Earp started work as a deputy in Dodge City, Kansas, serving under Marshal Larry Deger.

In Northfield, Minnesota, Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang attempted to rob the town’s bank. Must have been badly planned, because they were surrounded by an angry mob and almost wiped out. You probably know that if your money was stolen from a bank back then, there was no way to replace it. The Federal Government did not begin guaranteeing deposits until after 1933.

Sitting Bull

The Indian Wars were in full force. Crazy Horse led 1500 Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of Rosebud on Rosebud Creek in Montana Territory to beat back General George Crooks’s forces of the Army, with Crow and Shoshone allies helping the Army. This was in early June, but in late June, General George Custer suffered over 300 casualties (including himself) when he met the same forces led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

In November, the Army retaliated. General Ranald McKenzie led Army troops to sack the camp of Chief Dull Knife, at the headwaters of the Powder River. The soldiers attacked the sleeping Cheyenne’s winter camp. Soldiers destroyed Cheyenne’s winter clothing and food supply. Some sources say the soldiers slit the throats of their ponies. Others say they drove 200 horses over the edge of the cliff. I can understand how he came by the name of Black Hand.

General Ranald McKenzie

I have to admit I hate what Ranald McKenzie did, but I try to remember that (1) he was given the job of ending the Indian Wars, and (2) we cannot assign modern principles and points-of-view to the past! I’m still not fond of the idea that my hometown of Lubbock, Texas named their lovely city park after the man. 

Transcontinental Express

Railroad travel was finally becoming coast to coast. In June, while Indians were gathering to defeat the Army, the Transcontinental Express arrived in San Francisco, California, only 83 hours and 39 minutes after leaving New York City. Currently, the 2563 miles takes about 77 to 81 hours. I love train travel, but have never ridden the express train. From Lubbock, we went to join the San Francisco Chief at Clovis, New Mexico. There, we would always be told it would be 30 minutes before our car joined the Chief, but it was always 5 hours. I haven’t ridden in decades, so I’m sure travel has improved. I hope so. Somewhere, our railcar was changed to send us toward Los Angeles, with us debarking at Long Beach, California, where my oldest brother and sister-in-law lived. I miss train travel, even with the delays.

Santa Fe Chief

So much happened in 1876 alone, to say nothing of the decade, that covering it all in one blog would go on ad nauseum. I hope you’ve enjoyed the reminder of our past. Don’t forget to read The Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides: GENTRY, JESSE, QUINN, LEVI, and KEITH.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and keep reading!

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Land of the Free Trilogy by Mimi Barbour



 To escape the dysfunction of city life, Demi Fedora leaves behind everything she knows to move to her deceased grandfather’s derelict cabin in the wilds of Alaska. There she encounters true adversity that puts her life in danger more than once.  

Irresistible Freedom

Land of the Free Book 1

by Mimi Barbour

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Adventure

 Escape… a new beginning.

That’s what Demi Fedora yearns for. And so, she leaves everything and everyone she knows to move to her deceased grandfather’s derelict cabin in the wilds of Alaska, the one he left her in his will.

Meeting Whittaker Hart isn’t in her plans. Though the ruggedly handsome gold prospector does everything to win her over, she keeps her distance until her need to survive a life totally foreign to her nature overcomes her desire to do everything herself.

After rescuing a young drunk and taking on the tough life of a greenhorn, she realizes one thing. Between fixing up the place to make it livable for the coming winter and learning how to exist in a land filled with vicious storms and treacherous wildfires, she can’t cope alone.

No matter how much she yearns for independence, she needs help…. a lot of help.

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Unforgettable Freedom

Land of the Free Book 2

 Demi has been consistently warned that the northern winter would be perilous, yes. Yet nothing in her wildest imagination could prepare her for the reality. In book two, she will go through incredible and frightening adventures where the little bastard (as she calls her wild wolf pup) will be instrumental in not only driving her crazy but saving her life… more than once.

Her ongoing belief that Whit will survive being lost in the fire he and Glen went to fight becomes a huge conflict. She refuses to accept any other ending… but should she?

And Glen, the young native friend she saved in book #1, will be a challenge that can’t be ignored. Life isn’t easy by any means. Thankfully, the awe-inspiring land, many call God’s country, has a way of soothing those in need.

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Ultimate Freedom

Land of the Free Book 3

 Conquering conflicts and battles, Demi and her Alaskan family face more unexpected adventures. Battling for her life is just the beginning. Before she has a chance to catch her breath, she’s deep in a fight for her best friend’s future.

Nothing comes easy in this wild country. Even with the support of the handsome gold prospector, her new brother, and her wolf, life in the North continues to challenge her every step of the way.
If she fights with everything in her, will she finally find the peaceful existence she craves?

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NYT & USA Today, best-selling, award-winning author, MIMI BARBOUR, has nine romance series to her credit. She also has a new Trilogy, many single titles and a huge number of box sets – her own and multi-author collections.

Mimi lives on the East coast of Vancouver Island with her small dog, Charli, and writes her various romances with tongue in cheek and a mad glint in her eye. She’s been known to say: “If I can steal a booklover’s attention away from their everyday grind, absorb them into a fantasy love story, and make them care about the ending, then I’ve done my job.”

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Make You Mine, Book 1 in the Walkers of River’s Edge series by Nan Reinhardt

Make You Mine, Book 1 in the Walkers of River’s Edge series 


Nan Reinhardt 

Book Blurb:

When his family’s company is on the line, business and pleasure definitely don’t mix, but maybe they should… 

Madeline Ross left the city and a career glass ceiling behind, hoping to build a new life as the crew supervisor for Walker Construction in River’s Edge. She’s qualified and experienced, but new CEO Jackson Walker hires someone else. Even as she searches for a different job and builds a life in River’s Edge, the sexy memory of Jack teases. 

After a rough year, Jackson Walker’s family business is still struggling. He needs a new construction crew supervisor, and Maddie Ross is perfect, except for the first time in his life, player Jack is suddenly smitten with the curvaceous redhead. He wants her in his bed more than on his payroll. 

When his second-rate new hire is a disastrous mistake, Jack humbles himself on Maddie’s doorstep with an offer she can’t refuse. Maddie could be the key to saving his company as long as he hides his heart. But does he have to? 



As she struggled up the stairs with a stack of boxes, Maddie scolded herself. Idiot. You should’ve made another trip. She should’ve, but this was the last of the boxes, and she was tired and damp from the rain that was making the wooden steps up to the apartment above Mac Mackenzie’s garage rather slick. She should’ve known it would start raining while she was toting the last load upstairs.  

The box on top leaned precariously and just as she moved her hand to catch it, her foot slipped on the wet step. I’m going down, was her first thought, but then footsteps thumped up the stairs behind her. A hand righted the box at the same time a strong arm wrapped around her waist and caught her.  

“Careful now.” That deep voice was familiar, but Maddie was in no position to even turn her head at that point. 

“T-thanks,” she managed and got her balance back.  

The firm hold remained as a blond head peered over the boxes. “Let me take some of those for you.”  

Jackson Walker?  

One step below her, Jack lifted the top two boxes, leaving her only one, and when she moved her face toward his voice, his lips were mere inches from hers. His blue eyes smoldered dark navy and, for a moment, time stood still.  

Maddie closed her eyes. Time does not stand still. Open your eyes, stupid, and get moving. She opened her eyes, but he was there so close, she felt his minty breath mingling with hers. When she opened them, he was gazing at her as if he wanted to . . . but he held back for a second, waiting, giving her time, it seemed, to say no. When she didn’t . . and then he did.  

Clutching the boxes in one arm as if they held nothing more than feathers and moving his hand from her waist to grasp the banister behind her, Jack leaned in and very lightly touched his warm, full lips to hers. Her eyes closed again, automatically, and when he tipped his head and deepened the kiss, every nerve ending in her body went on point. The kiss was a crazy contradiction of gentle and passionate, sweet and sensual.  

Bless whoever taught this man to kiss because she could’ve stood there in the rain forever in a lip-lock with Jackson Walker. 

But finally, he lifted his lips and a wry smile curved his mouth upward. “So . . . that’s not why I’m here.” 

She blinked and her voice came out croaky. “Why are you here?” 

“Because I need you.” He shook his head as if to clear it. He hadn’t moved his arm yet, and it pressed against her back, sending tingles up her spine. “We . . . we need you.” 

“We who?” Maddie knew the answer, but she asked anyway because she wanted to hear him say the words. 

“Walker Construction.”  

“Why? I thought you already hired someone.” She wanted him to beg. Maybe that was shallow of her, but he’d turned her away before and now here he was, telling her he needed her. He should grovel, just a little bit. Besides, he’d kissed her, something she felt had nothing whatsoever to do with Walker Construction. The man was an enigma.  

Jack tossed his head and rain dripped off his wet hair onto her boxes. “Can we continue this conversation in a drier place, please?” 

She stared at him, debating the wisdom of letting him into her apartment. Into her life, for that matter. However, she needed a job, and it seemed he was about to offer her one. But there was that kiss, that incredible, unexpected kiss . . . Her belly flipped at the thought. What was she supposed to do about that?  

With a short jerk of her chin toward the door above them, she started up the stairs. “Come on, then.” 

Author Bio: 

Nan Reinhardt is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet, small-town romantic fiction for Tule Publishing. Her day job is working as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader, however, writing is Nan’s first and most enduring passion. She can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t writing—she wrote her first romance novel at the age of ten and is still writing, but now from the viewpoint of a wiser, slightly rumpled, woman in her prime. Nan lives in the Midwest with her husband of 50 years, where they split their time between a house in the city and a cottage on a lake. Talk to Nan at: 


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When Swans Dance by Katie Eagan Schenck



A new business. The wedding of the year. But when a health scare jeopardizes their plans, can Steven and Rose learn to dance or will this be their swan song? 

When Swans Dance

The Love Birds Book 2

by Katie Eagan Schenck

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance

A new business. The wedding of the year. But when a health scare jeopardizes their plans, can Steven and Rose learn to dance or will this be their swan song?

Fresh off the closing of his late mother's estate, Steven is ready to start the next chapter of his life—marrying Rose. Though he struggles to find that ever elusive work/life balance, he's optimistic about the future of his new law practice.

One double shift too many makes Rose an unhappy nurse, but all that overtime will not only help fund her upcoming nuptials, it might earn her the coveted head nurse position as well.

But when Steven suffers a health emergency, suddenly all of their plans—and finances—are thrown into a tailspin. Postponing the wedding makes the most sense, but Steven won't hear of it. Rose fears if he doesn't slow down, he'll make her a widow before she ever becomes a wife. As questions arise over whether they'll ever take that walk down the aisle, can a pair of swans help them find their way back to each other?

When Swans Dance continues the emotional saga of The Love Birds women’s romantic fiction series. If you like spunky heroines, tenacious heroes, and stories of rekindled love then you’ll adore Katie Eagan Schenck’s bittersweet tale.

Buy When Swans Dance to learn the steps today!

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When Cardinals Appear

The Love Birds Book 1

She has a promise to keep. But when her plans are thrown into a tailspin, will a persistent red bird show her how to let her dreams take flight?

Lanie McAllister is ready to move on. Wrestling with her mom’s death, the young woman just wants to settle the estate and soar off for good to her boyfriend in California—far away from painful memories. But she suspects the lucky cardinal she keeps seeing is trying to send a message when a flat tire puts her back in the path of the man who broke her heart.

With fate constantly throwing the man her mother always hated in her way, Lanie can’t seem to shake the wounds of the past. And when her current love makes a serious misstep and she discovers her ex harbors a secret, she starts to rethink what will make her truly happy.

Questioning her vow to her mother to never look back, is the cardinal a clue Lanie’s true happiness is hiding in plain sight?

When Cardinals Appear is the emotional first book in The Love Birds women’s romantic fiction series. If you like heroines who grow, overcoming loss, and second chances, then you’ll adore Katie Eagan Schenck’s bittersweet tale.

Buy When Cardinals Appear to read the signs today!

**Only .99cents!**

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Katie Eagan Schenck writes sweet romance and women’s fiction that warms the heart and gives all the feels. She has an MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte and her debut novel, A Home for Christmas, was released in October of 2022. When she's not writing she's either drafting regulations for the federal government, baking delicious treats, or binging Hallmark movies. She lives in Maryland with her husband, daughter, and their three cats.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Painting Celia by Maya Bairey



Celia’s yearning for art and León’s passion for painting ignite, but their journey teaches lessons far beyond the canvas. 

Painting Celia

Incubadora Book 1

by Maya Bairey

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Steamy Romance 

"You can live in my pool house, if you'll teach me to paint."

A stunning contemporary romance novel that will leave you breathless, Painting Celia resonates with its relatable story about growth and love.

Living alone in her bare mansion in LA’s Hollywood Hills, gentle Celia takes up art therapy, hoping it will soothe the deep scars of her past. Each failed artwork deepens her fear of losing to depression, like her father.

León, an intense painter struggling with a creative block, empties his savings to move to LA in search of new visions. He needs a cheap studio and some raw, authentic inspiration—his dreams and future as an artist depend on it.

Brought together by their colorful mutual friends, Celia offers León a deal: he can live in her pool house for free if he teaches her to paint. As he becomes her infatuated teacher and she his reluctant muse, both are laid bare by their pursuit of honest art. Could the desperate creativity that drew them together also rip them apart?

**Releases May 11th – Preorder Now for Only .99cents!**

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

Maya Bairey lives on the banks of the Columbia river in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and their old cat, Dory. Turning from corporate writing to storytelling, Maya was surprised to find she had a bunch of passionate stories inside her, where stuck people learn to live out loud.

Her debut novel, Painting Celia, explores the intersection of honest art and intense love, where creativity and passion can heal and change us. Maya invites readers to have a fun escape, but also to look inward, discovering their own creative and emotional depths.

For a deeper dive into the Celia’s world, visit

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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Her Duke At Midnight by Wendy LaCapra



A governess and her secret take an invincible duke by storm…

Her Duke at Midnight

Mythic Dukes Book 3

by Wendy LaCapra

Genre: Historical Paranormal Regency Romance

A governess and her secret take an invincible duke by storm...

The Duke of Hurtheven will stop at nothing to protect those he loves. So, when a mysterious new governess captures his godchild’s affection, he vows to uncover her secrets. Instead, she sets him aflame.

Miss Hera Bythesea accepted a governess position to secure the character reference she needs to reclaim her secret child. But she did not count on Hurtheven—curious, relentless, and temptation in human form.

In Hera's world, Hurtheven faces a challenge his power and wealth cannot solve. But for the love of unwed mother and child, he’ll undertake any Herculean Labor.

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His Duchess at Eventide

Mythic Dukes Book 2

Lovers reunited & a dukedom reclaimed—the Regency meets the Odyssey

Lord Cheverley, son of the Duke of Ithwick, returns to England devastated physically and emotionally by seven years of war, a shipwreck, and six years in the captivity of a brutal pirate. The courts have declared him dead, and his wife is entertaining suitors. Should he demand his rightful place, disrupting his family’s lives, or should he return to sea, seeking vengeance against the pirate? He sets out to find the answer in disguise.

Penelope once believed in love, but then the man who swept her off her feet deserted her, leaving her and her unborn child utterly alone. She will do anything to protect her son, including enlisting the aid of a mysterious sea captain to uncover the true intentions of her devious suitors. But the captain soon awakens something in Penelope, and she begins to suspect he is no stranger. But, as they peel back the layers of a deadly plot, can this broken family heal their wounds in time to save what really matters?

What Readers Are Saying:

Romance and adventure that will keep you up at night!

-Eva Devon

...stunning in its emotional intensity and, for me, her best writing yet. The journey of these characters shattered my heart, filled me with hope, and kept me reading late into the night, finally releasing me with the reassurance that some bonds, though stretched beyond imagination, cannot be broken, that evil foes can be vanquished, that love wins.

-PJ on the Romance Dish

His Duchess at Eventide is a tale that is all things fabulous, mythical and epic. …I know Chev, Penelope and their romance will have a firm place on my ebook keeper shelf and in my memory.

-Gayle on Lady Celeste Reads Romance

Stunning, Emotional, Heartbreaking and full of hope , this has to be one of my all time favourite books.

-Maggie, Amazon Reviewer

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Her Duke at Daybreak

Mythic Dukes Book 1

2018 Romance Writers of America® RITA® Contest Finalist

A devilish duke & a proper widow agree to three nights, but will explosive passion cost more than they have bargained?

Infamous for his pedigree of madness and murder, the reclusive Duke of Ashbey believes he cannot feel until a mysterious woman unlocks a world of sensation in a single, shattering moment of connection. Ash casts a desperate bid for more.

Recent widow Alicia Stone has long been reviled as the chief impediment to a love affair that captured the nation’s imagination. Publicly, she settled for respectability’s cold comfort, but, secretly, she longs to experience what she never found with her famous husband—uninhibited passion. When Ashbey proposes a discreet three-night assignation, Alicia shocks herself by accepting. But will their explosive union cost them both far more than they bargained?

What Readers Are Saying:

"Great characters. Great sex. Great story." -Author Abigail Sharp

"Ms LaCapra has loaded this book with drama, a bit of angst (but notanoverdose), a sprinkle of humor and sizzle. I was glued to this bookfrom start to finish, it's just that good." -Deb Diem, Goodreads

"Her Duke at Daybreak is a steamy romance but it is so much more. It is the joining of two lost souls." -Kelly Tyree, Goodreads

"This is my first experience of Wendy's books , it won't be the last. Her characters are wonderful and her writing is riveting." -Maggie Whitworth, Goodreads

"This was a Happily Ever After that almost didn't happen so that makes it all the more enjoyable when it finally comes." -Diane, Goodreads

** Get it FREE for a limited time!! **

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Bookbub * Goodreads

Historical Romance author Wendy LaCapra writes award-winning books reviewers describe as ‘heart-pounding, entrancing’, ‘lusciously romantic and sparkling with wit.’ As a teen, Wendy discovered spine-tingling gothics in her local public library, inspiring her to craft her own seductive tales full of secrets and scandal. She lives with her husband in a quirky, historic building in NYC and loves a girls’ night in. For new release, sale alerts and other news, sign up at


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