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By Caroline Clemmons

Writing a book involves dozens of details. You and my fan group, Caroline’s Cuties, helped name the horses and dog. Thank you! That was fun. Those were only a tiny part of writing a book.

For instance, they have to have a house. Usually, I select a Victorian frame home. Sometimes I use brick to build the house. In the town in which we used to live, there’s a beautiful Victorian home of red brick. The home has an elevator, which must have been expensive and unusual at the time the home was built. I’ve been in the front room of that home, but didn’t get to try the elevator. On one visit, the hostess opened the elevator door for my friend and I so we could see inside.

For Keith Martin’s home, I wanted something different, but correct for the period. My youngest daughter and I love to go on home tours and also simply drive through certain neighborhoods that contain lovely homes. We don't covet those homes, we simply enjoy seeing the variety of details. After recalling those we’ve toured or seen, I decided on Italianate-style architecture for Keith’s home. Of course, Keith would never have conceived of building such an elaborate house. He was fortunate that his friend Levi Iverson (book 4) steered him toward buying the home.

Here’s a photo that 
is the closest I found. 
This one has been divided 
into apartments.

If you (as I wasn't) aren’t familiar with the definition of Italianate, here is what Wikipedia says:

Italianate architecture is a popular 19th century style of building that was inspired by 16th century Italian Renaissance architecture combined with Picturesque influences from farmhouses of the Tuscan countryside.

This Victorian-era style that began in Britain and spread around the world favored the use of elements from a romanticized past to create buildings that offered an alternative to the prevailing formality of classical architecture.

That’s not as helpful as it could be, is it? So, I kept looking. Here are some elements included:

Tall house from two to four stories

May have a Belvedere cupola or tower on top

Decorative window trim, tall windows

Bay windows

Porches with decorative woodwork

Cast iron or pressed metal decorative elements on balconies and porches

Entrances with decorative details such as columns and brackets

Elliana and Keith's Foyer
She expected to live in a log cabin
or small home until she arrived.


You can read about it in their story as it appears in KEITH AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, book 5, Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides. If you haven’t read it, get your copy at:

There are four earlier books in the series: GENTRY (the rancher. Book 1), JESSE (the sheriff, book 2), QUINN (the reluctant rancher, book 3), and LEVI, book 4). All are available on Amazon in e-book and print, and all are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Here’s the series link—if you scroll through the ads.


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The Always and Forever Trilogy by Nora Bloom



 Get swept away by Nora Bloom’s romantic Always and Forever trilogy! 

A Sister’s Secret

The Forever and Always Series Book 3

by Nora Bloom

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Newly married, Oliver and Lisa are having the time of their lives in their small Alaskan town. The kids are thriving, and so is the family business. The café and woodshop are everything Oliver and Lisa dreamt of, and they almost believe they have it all.

Until their world is shattered by the news of Oliver’s sister’s death.

Death by suicide, the police say.

The local sheriff arrives at the café and tells them the news, and Oliver must face his past, something that threatens to drag him down into an unseen darkness. Oliver starts to drink, and it threatens to tear their family apart.

Determined to heal Oliver’s wound and keep her family together, Lisa investigates his sister’s disappearance ten years ago. The more she digs, the more dangerous it gets until she realizes she has put her own family in great danger. She uncovers an unsettling secret that has been buried for years underneath the small town’s thick ice.

A Sister’s Secret is the third and last installment in the Forever and Always trilogy by romance author Nora Bloom.

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The One That Got Away

The Forever and Always Series Book 2

Oliver and Lisa are living the dream. They are enjoying life with each other in their small Alaskan town. They started a café and woodshop together, and everything seemed complete with the birth of their little daughter, Julia.

Until someone from Oliver’s past shows up, holding the hand of a young boy. Ava was Oliver’s first great love, who disappeared overnight without a word. Now, she is back and wants to create a family with him and their son. Oliver had prayed for this moment to come, for her to return, but he thought he had moved on.

What will he do next?

What about his new family? Will he have to let them go to be a father to the son he didn’t know he had?

Is he still in love with Ava, and can he really trust her?

The One That Got Away is the second book in the Forever and Always trilogy created by romance author Nora Bloom.

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The Lies We Live By

The Forever and Always Series Book 1

 Oliver Thomasson has it all together.
He grew up in the same small Alaskan fishing town by the ocean where he still lives, and he has become a fisherman just like his father and grandfather before him. He has no plans to fall in love, but plans—as we all know—have a tendency to change.

Lisa Montgomery is new in town.
She has never lived in Alaska before but quickly settles into this small and welcoming town. She has no plans to fall in love either. In fact, it’s the last thing on her mind as she starts her new job at the local tavern.

Until she meets Oliver, and everything changes. Lisa tries to fight it since this is definitely not a complication she needs in her life.
Despite her reluctance, Oliver doesn’t give up, and soon, she finds herself falling for this stoic fisherman with a heart of gold.

But Lisa doesn’t talk about her past, and soon, it catches up to her, bringing a fierce storm to the quaint town and especially into Oliver’s life.

The question is if they can weather it together, or will they fall apart?

Is their newfound love enough to face the demons of Lisa's past?

The Lies We Live By is the first book in the Forever and Always trilogy by romance author Nora Bloom.

Amazon * B&N * Bookbub * Goodreads

Nora Bloom is a distinguished author, recognized for her best-selling romance novels. Her works seamlessly blend elements of suspense and mystery, creating a unique literary experience. Outside of her professional endeavors, she dedicates her time to her family, which includes her children, two cats, and a Goldendoodle.

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Kit-Kat by AK Nevermore



 Curiosity might get this cat killed.


Maw of Mayhem MC Book 3

by AK Nevermore

Genre: Paranormal MC Romance

Grimdarke James’ problems have gone from bad to worse. Ousted from his MC and on the run, all he wants is to keep Kit safe while he sets things right. But calling in a favor drops more than trouble into his lap.

As he tries to salvage what’s left of the Maw of Mayhem, forces close in on them and tensions rise. New allies are found and old loyalties are put to the test. So is Grim’s relationship with Kit when someone from his past tries to come between them.

Kit doesn’t share and the threat to her position as Grim’s mate raises her hackles. With her heat triggered, she’s running on instinct and battle lines are drawn. Can Grim win back his MC, and prove he’s the man for her, or will he lose it all?

Copyright Notification: All Changeling Press LLC publications and cover art are copyright and may not be used in any AI generated work. No AI content is included or allowed in any Changeling Press LLC publication or artwork.

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Maw of Mayhem MC Book 2

So much for sanctuary.

Kit Parson doesn’t feel any safer than she was before she first stepped into the Maw of Mayhem, and things are going from bad to worse. Something big is definitely going down in the paranormal community… and inside Kit. Now that her inner beast has awoken, all it wants is out. The only thing Kit wants is Grim, but he’s got issues of his own.

Fingered for a crime he didn’t commit and injured by the witch’s spell, his cat Darke has control of their form. He doesn’t play well with others, and tensions with the crew are at an all-time high.

With the witches’ elite assassins on their trail, can Darke and the crew put aside their differences to keep Kit safe and get back to the MC? And as the clock ticks toward the vote with Grim’s reputation in shambles, will there be an MC to go back to?

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Smashwords * Books2Read * Bookbub * Goodreads


Maw of Mayhem MC Book 1

Out of options and on the run after her psychotic father’s released from prison, Kit Parson heads to the only place she might be safe from him, the Maw of Mayhem MC. The unexpected move buys her time, but also puts her at risk. Surrounded by shifters, her inner cat begs to be released, and after witnessing a brutal attack on her mother as a child, she refuses to let the monster out. Totally doable, provided no bodily fluids are ever exchanged.

That takes the MC’s hot-as-hell VP, Grimdarke James, officially off the table. Mourning the recent murder of the club’s alpha and struggling to control his inner cat, the tattooed Viking god is on thin ice. If he goes feral again, he’ll be put down. Which makes his cat’s insistence that Kit belongs to him problematic, upsetting the delicate balance of the MC’s internal politics, and the woman blackmailing Grim.

But when Kit’s father catches up with her, Grim has no choice but to trust his cat, and Kit can’t deny their chemistry. Can they hold on to each other when everything is trying to tear them apart? After a gruesome triple murder propels them deeper into the paranormal world, they find themselves with unlikely allies, even as their enemies threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.

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Get the Prequel story, The Maw of Mayhem FREE!

Get Bites of Mayhem FREE and check out outtakes, flashbacks and more reader extras!

AK Nevermore enjoys operating heavy machinery, freebases coffee, and gives up sarcasm for Lent every year. A Jane-of-all-trades, she’s a certified chef, restores antiques, and dabbles in beekeeping when she’s not reading voraciously or running down the dream in her beat-up camo Chucks.

Unable to ignore the voices in her head, and unwilling to become medicated, she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy full time.

She pays the bills editing, wielding a wicked hot pink pen and writing a column on SFF. She also belongs to the Authors Guild, is a chapter treasurer for the RWA, teaches creative writing, and on the rare occasion, sleeps.

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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 By Caroline Clemmons

Every newlywed couple has a period of discovery where they learn more about each other. When Hero and I married, we'd known one another since we were teens growing up on the same side of Lubbock, Texas, and attending the same church. There were still many discoveries as we settled into our happily-ever-after. 

Imagine how difficult it must have been for a mail order bride and her groom to adjust to married life. If you're interested in reading about some actual mail order brides, read Chris Ennss' book, Hearts West. Hopefully, you'll be interested in reading about Keith and Elliana Martin in Harrigan Springs, Texas. That's book 5 in the Texas Hill Country Brides, KEITH AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE. It's a bit different in that--while Keith contacted the matchmaker--the bride's family attorney arranged for her to marry Keith.

In case you haven't yet read the book, here's the Amazon link

Here's an excerpt to tempt you:

She sat erect and sent him an unyielding glare. “What an unkind thing to say. What have I said or done to give you that impression?”

Uh-oh, he had better tiptoe around that subject. “Nothing at all. I just meant that most people, even kind and generous ones, want to control their funds.”

“Well, you’ll find that I am not ‘most people.’ I am just what I say and what you see.”

Elliana Martin

He held his hands out at his sides then dropped them back to the arms of his chair. “I apologize for offending you. I assure you it was not my intention.”

Her lovely brow remained furrowed and her vivid blue eyes narrowed. “I should hope not. Were you not told I’m quiet, kind, and generous?”

“As a matter of fact, you were described as so perfect that the description would only fit a saint. I see now that you possess many of those qualities. I suppose I’ll see more of them as we become better acquainted.”

“Now you’re making fun of me, but it’s all right. I’m not a bad sport unless you try to bully me.”

“I wasn’t making fun, and I don’t like bullies, either. An uncle and a couple of my cousins are terrible bullies and mean as anyone can be. The only reason they’re not in jail is that they’ve paid off some of the police and haven’t been caught by others. My father is almost as bad and does as my uncle tells him. I’m relieved I’ll never see them again.”

“Don’t you intend to visit your parents?”

“Never!” He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “Elliana, in my family, I’m the white sheep. The rest are not people you’d ever want to meet. Imagine an entire family of people like Trey. They don’t even know where I am. It’s important to keep it that way.”

“Oh, that is severe… and sad.” She stared at her hands a minute then looked up at him. “I guess we’ll have to start our own family and include friends here.”

“That’s my plan. We can’t choose our family members related by blood, but we can choose good friends to become our family.”

She let out a sigh. “I’m glad we can agree.”

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Shadow Cast by A.L. Hawke



 You can't cast shadows in darkness.  

Shadow Cast

The Hawthorne University Witch Series Book 6

by A.L. Hawke

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

You can't cast shadows in darkness.

It's the start of my second year of graduate school at Hawthorne University. (I wasn't canned, okay?) Bryce and our dean organize an orientation meeting to recruit witches. Yep, it's time to teach Alondra's "honors" program.

Everything goes fine until that slithery snake-witch, Adder, barges into my home. She claims I'm cursing her master, Enora, haunting the dreams of her Abaddon coven. I'm not. Honest. But sometimes Alondra pops up inside me, acting outside of my control.

We hold a séance to ask the ghost possessing me to go away. I don’t see ghosts or spirits. I see evil. But you know, it’s funny, no one else seems to.

My sole mastery of necromancy might just be enough to protect Bryce and my unborn baby—or save my greatest adversary.

Cadence Hawthorne returns in this sixth book in the Hawthorne University Witch series.

Content Warning: Shadow Cast contains profanity, sex, adult situations and, of course, witchcraft.

**On sale for Only 2.99!**

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The Hawthorne University Witch Series Book 5

When evil lands on my doorstep.

While Bryce and I are finally enjoying some quiet time together, a dark, shadowy figure crashes into our door. And it isn’t a small black bird this time. A devil is hurt, asking for my help.

Well, I just have too many problems of my own now. People don’t want to talk to me. And Bryce isn’t touching me. So what’s a witch to do? Haul up my legs, sit on a pentagram in a circle of candles, and murmur to myself.

My best friend Maddie thinks I’m under a curse. But, honestly, I feel like I have to do whatever it takes to save this town, even if it means teaming up with my archenemy witch Enora.

Evil empowers me. But this dark spellcasting also intends to drive a stake right through my heart and the heart of Hawthorne University. See, not only am I feeling alone, I’m getting expelled.

Cadence Hawthorne returns in this fifth book in the Hawthorne University Witch series.

Content Warning: Ravens contains profanity, sex, adult situations and, of course, witchcraft.

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Smashwords * Books2Read * Bookbub * Goodreads

Witch Mirror

The Hawthorne University Witch Series Book 4

Reflections of a wicked witch.

Bryce and I are trying to revive Alondra’s old metaphysical history class. We’re in college again, this time teaching. But It’s stressful under our former teacher’s shadow. Not only that, there’s a new demon-witch messing with my love life. So I’m going through that again. Well, at least this time I have Alondra’s magic to protect me.

Actually, not only do I have her magic, her spirit is inside me, possessing me. But don’t worry, Alondra’s ghost is a positive force here to help Hawthorne. I mean…are you good, Alondra?

A witch council is gathering at my house to reflect on ways to save us. They’re convinced Alondra is evil, but Alondra and I are unsure they know what they’re doing. Well, if I can’t hold things together—inside and outside of myself—I fear my plans of finishing graduate school at Hawthorne U. and starting a family are going to shatter.

Cadence Hawthorne returns in this fourth book in the Hawthorne University Witch series. Some spoilers cannot be avoided, but Witch Mirror is a stand-alone novel that can be enjoyed without reading the preceding books.

Content Warning: Witch Mirror contains profanity, sex, adult situations and, of course, witchcraft.

**ebook On sale for Only .99cents!**

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Find out more HERE!

A.L. Hawke is the author of the bestselling Hawthorne University Witch series. The author lives in Southern California torching the midnight candle over lovers against a backdrop of machines, nymphs, magic, spice and mayhem. A.L. Hawke writes fantasy and romance spanning four thousand years, from pre-civilization to contemporary and beyond.

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 By Caroline Clemmons

In the book I’m currently writing, SIDNEW AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, Book 6, Texas Hill Country Mail Order Brides Series, a stray dog is one of the characters. One of my daughters wanted him to be a Lacy Blue, the only dog breed developed in Texas and now the Texas State Dog. We are dedicated Texans. However, after deliberation, I decided he needed to be scruffier than the Lacy Blue, the breed developed by the three Lacy brothers in 1860. That beautiful breed needs lots of exercise, which Sidney and Genevieve are not in a position to provide. So, he’s going to be a mixed breed.


When he shows up the first time, he looks as if he’s been rolling in a mud puddle. He’s too thin, but very affectionate. If he stands on his hind legs, his paws can rest on the heroine’s shoulders. So far, I’ve referred to him as “the dog,” but he needs a name.

I’ll award a $10. Amazon gift card to the person who suggests the winning name. To enter here, just leave a comment.

You can also enter by leaving a comment at Caroline’s Cuties, my Facebook Reader Group at If you’re not already a member, why not join?

The winner will be announced on Facebook on May 21st.

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The Ghost of Seagull Cottage by Anne Allen



A haunting tale of love, loss and finding one's place in the world inspired by The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

The Ghost of Seagull Cottage

The Guernsey Novels Book 9

by Anne Allen

Genre: Supernatural Romance

A haunting tale of love, loss and finding one’s place in the world

Widowed artist Annabel returns to Guernsey seeking a fresh start for herself and her young daughter away from her late husband’s controlling family. Seagull Cottage appears perfect, by the sea and with a low rent. The snag is it comes with a resident ghost, Daniel, a sea captain who died 70 years ago in 1946. He built the cottage and objects to anyone not family living there. He and Annabel have to come to terms with sharing what he still considers to be his home.

After a difficult start they begin to share their pasts and an unlikely friendship blooms, becoming deeper as they spend more time together. Annabel realises she’s falling for him but would she truly prefer a ghost to a real live man?

Blending elements of romance, mystery and the supernatural into a compelling tale about the power of human connection which presents a modern twist on R.A. Dick's novel The Ghost and Mrs Muir and the classic movie of the same name.

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Bookbub * Goodreads

**Don’t miss the rest of The Guernsey Series!**

Find them on 


Anne Allen lives in Devon in the UK but originates from Rugby, the home of Rugby football. Finding early on in life that she loved the sea she has spent most of her adult years moving from one coast to another, the furthest being the Spanish coast of Costa Blanca. Her happiest time was spent in Guernsey where she lived for nearly 14 years and her books are all set on this beautiful island. By profession Anne was a psychotherapist but has now retired and fills her time with writing and painting. To date she has published eight standalone stories in The Guernsey Novels series, focusing on love, mystery, drama and relationships, and with a touch of historical influence. Some titles are dual-time or time-slip. The ninth in the series, The Ghost of Seagull Cottage, is due to be published in May 2024 and was inspired by the classic movie, “The Ghost and Mrs Muir”, itself based on the book by R A Dick.

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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