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 By Caroline Clemmons

1870 Prices From The National Park Service  .

Wheat per bushel $1.02

Flour per barrel $3.00

Flour per pound $.04

Corn per bushel 40 cents .

Molasses, gallon 15 cents

Lard per pound 6 cents .

Butter per pound 15 cents

Sugar per pound 7 cents

Cheese per pound 5 cents

Rice per pound 5 cents

oranges $.50/dozen

dried figs $.20/pound

dried apples $.10/pound

dried apricots $.15/pound

dried peaches $.12/pound .

fresh peaches 3 for $.10

fresh apples 2 for $.05

coffee $.12/pound . .

Gentleman's toilet set, including toothbrush, 

nail brush, razor, razor strop,

lather brush, comb, hair brush $1.00  

undershirts -- $1.25 (white -- $1.00)   

2 colored drawers --$1.25 (white -- $1.00)  

New York Mills white shirts $2.50

6 pairs men's cotton socks $1.00

6 pairs Army wool socks $1.00

7 yards blue denim $1.00 .

3 yards plain cassimere [cashmere] $1.00

calicos 10 cents/yard

bleached cotton  15 cents/yard

brown shirting 13 cents/yard

gingham 15 cents/yard

ladies gold locket, plain enameled $1.50 - $2.00

1 pair ladies earrings & pin set, imported $4.50

1 pair ladies solid gold ear drops $3.00 domestic

1 plain gold ring (all sizes) $2.00

blankets $3.00 each

1 silver plated hunting case watch $6.00 . .

1 silk parasol $1.00 .

1 heavy shawl $3.00
Lady's parasol

average work horse $150

Horse, good saddle horse $200

Saddle $30

Cowboy Saddle $60

heifer $18.75

cow $26

bull $90

3 year old steer $62

2 year old steer $22.50

yearlings $12.50

calves $2.50

Yoke of two oxen $150

Pearl-handled matched set of Colt .45

Peacemakers with holsters $100

Classic Peacemaker $17.00 by mail order

cartridges $.50 cents/box

breech loading shot gun $60

Plows, cultivators, field equip. $325

Coal about $80/year

lantern $1.00

Kerosene $.15/gallon

Homestead filing fee $14

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Return of the Scandalous Lady by Barbara Monajem



Might a scandalous lady with a warm heart and a lively mind be just what a respectable gentleman needs?

Return of the Scandalous Lady

Perilous Secrets Book 4

by Barbara Monajem

Genre: Historical Regency Romance

Years ago, Frances Templestone left her husband and ran away to France with a lover. Now she’s back, widowed and more mature, but mostly unrepentant. A social pariah, she stays out of sight while her daughter Julia has her first London season.

Until Julia, who is as impetuous as her mother, sneaks out to a masquerade with an unsuitable man. Frances hastens to the rescue, and when she sees Julia about to get into a coach with a handsome stranger, she accuses him—very publicly—of being a rake who ruins innocent girls.

Soon she learns that Jasper, Lord Canterwell, is a respectable man. He wasn’t at the masquerade seeking an easy conquest. On the contrary—his daughter is missing, and he is searching for her everywhere. Aghast, Frances offers to help him. Rudely, he spurns her.

But Frances is determined and Jasper is desperate. Might a scandalous lady with a warm heart and a lively mind be just what a respectable gentleman needs?

Lord Canterwell, who fears his missing daughter was ruined and abandoned to her fate, has resorted in desperation to questioning a prostitute in Covent Garden. But Frances Templestone, who intends to help him whether he wants it or not, interrupts their conversation. 


The harlot shook her head and pressed her lips to Lord Canterwell’s cheek, saying softly, “Please, sir, take me to the hackney stand and drive off with me as if we’re going to tryst someplace. It doesn’t look right if I take money for nothing. They’ll reckon I told you something I shouldn’t, and Lord knows what they’ll do to me, but thinking of that poor girl, I couldn’t help myself.” 

“Very well,” he said, steering her past two carriages, one of them driving off and the other with the steps down. 

“Stop!” cried a familiar female voice. “I must speak to you, my lord!” 

“Frances, don’t!” Aunt Horatia pleaded from inside the carriage, but it was too late. Frances was already dashing away, determined to speak to Lord Canterwell before he left with that woman. 

She had no intention of interfering with his dealings with the prostitute—that was entirely his business—but perhaps a few short words would make him understand that she’d thought of a way to help him. 

He turned and glared at her. “You again! For what do you intend to scold me this time? I hardly think the broadsheets will take me to task for seeking amusement in Covent Garden, but I feel sure they’ll wonder at your unseemly behavior.” He glanced at the carriage and lowered his voice. “While your daughter watches! Are you quite mad?” 

Actually, Frances did feel slightly mad. She’d always been impetuous, but she seemed to have lost her habitual self-possession. “I just want to speak with you.” 

“I already told you that I shall keep my mouth shut,” he retorted. “Kindly leave me be.” 

“I’m trying to help, you stupid man!” Frances turned to the harlot clinging possessively to Lord Canterwell’s arm. “I beg your pardon for interrupting,” she said politely. “I shan’t deprive you of your customer. Give me a moment, and then you may have your way with him.” 

The harlot curtseyed and thanked her, but Lord Canterwell’s glare intensified. “In what possible way can you be of any use to me?” 

“I may be able to help you find who you’re looking for,” Frances hissed, “but this isn’t the place to discuss it, unless you want your private affairs broadcast to the world. If you would please visit me early tomorrow before the hour for morning calls, I shall explain.” 

Her daughter Julia’s sweet voice drifted from the carriage. “Yes, please do, sir. Come to breakfast. Ten o’clock. We all want to help, even Auntie here, despite being scandalized.” 

He nodded, giving a heavy sigh. “Very well.” 

Frances turned to the harlot. “I see you are admiring my gown,” she said. “This new sort of flounce will be all the rage soon.” 

It’s beautiful. I have never seen the like before,” the woman said ruefully. “Perhaps I shall try copying it.” 

“That will require both skill and patience.” Frances bent over, lifted the hem of her gown, and ripped the ruffle off. “Here, take this as a sample.” 

The astonished prostitute thanked her. Lord Canterwell seemed equally astonished, but not in a good way. 

Thank heaven for Julia, thought Frances as she climbed into the carriage, because he absolutely loathes me. 

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Perilous Secrets Book 3

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USA Today bestselling author and winner of the Daphne, Maggie, Holt Medallion, and Epic awards, Barbara Monajem is the author of more than thirty novels and novellas. She wrote her first story at eight years old about apple tree gnomes. After publishing a middle-grade fantasy, she settled on historical mysteries and romances with intrepid heroines and long-suffering heroes (or vice versa). Sometimes there’s a bit of fantasy mixed in, because she wants to avoid reality as much as possible. 

Barbara used to have two items on her bucket list: to make asparagus pudding and to succeed at knitting socks. She managed the first (don’t ask) but doubts she’ll ever accomplish the second. This is not a bid for immortality but merely the dismal truth. She lives near Atlanta with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays. Learn more at

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Crossing Quinn by Gail Koger



Crossing Quinn

Coletti Warlords Book 8

by Gail Koger

Genre: SciFi Romantic Comedy Adventure 

Quinn Jones is a formidable Coletti warlord. His mission is to capture Xenia and bring her back to Tanith to be mated with a warrior the Overlord has chosen. Problem is, Quinn finds himself falling for the beautiful Farin. Her unusual “psychic powers, combat training and berserker abilities” make her the perfect mate for him. How does he convince Xenia and the Overlord that she’s meant to be his? 

Xenia and her parents are relic hunters who just discovered the fabled home world of the Nabateans. She isn’t about to leave the greatest find of the century to hook up with some Coletti. Not happening. Ever. No matter how many threats the Overlord makes or that he’s sending his best hunter to apprehend her. Okay, she’ll admit she’s drawn to the handsome warlord and she loves the way Quinn’s heavily muscled body fills out his black battle suit, but the egotistical jerk is about to get his ass handed to him. 

When the galaxy is threatened with annihilation, Xenia and Quinn join forces to stop the murderous Tai-Kok. Fate has brought them together and nothing will stand in the way of their victory or their love. 

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Arresting the Warlord

Coletti Warlords Book 12

CeeCee Tsosie is a Navajo Nation police officer and shaman with the ability to control the weather. She’ll admit arresting Jake Jones, a Coletti Warlord, for speeding was not one of her better decisions. But hey, the law was the law and the drop-dead gorgeous warlord pushed every one of her buttons. She might have been a tad overzealous with her rainstorm and stun gun, but the Jackass had it coming.

 An alien serial killer is stalking the Navajo Nation. The Coletti Empire is hunting a galactic fugitive. Turns out they need each other’s help to stop the shapeshifting predator. Can she work with the Jackass?  Can Jake convince CeeCee she’s the one? Only time, and the spirits will tell.


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Howdy. My name is Gail Koger and once upon a time I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Too many years of wild requests, screwy questions, bizarre behavior and outrageous demands have left me with a permanent twitch and an uncontrollable craving for chocolate. I took up writing science fiction romance to keep from killing people. So far, it has worked.

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