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Lost Time
Jason Davey Mysteries Book 2
Winona Kent
Genre: Mystery, Amateur Detective

In 1974, top UK band Figgis Green was riding high in the charts with their blend of traditional Celtic ballads mixed with catchy, folky pop. One of their biggest fans was sixteen-year old Pippa Gladstone, who mysteriously vanished while she was on holiday with her parents in Spain in March that same year.
Now it's 2018, and founding member Mandy Green has reunited the Figs for their last-ever Lost Time Tour. Her partner, Tony Figgis, passed away in 1995, so his place has been taken by their son, professional jazz guitarist (and amateur sleuth) Jason Davey.
As the band meets in a small village on the south coast of England for pre-tour rehearsals, Jason's approached by Duncan Stopher, a diehard Figs fan, who brings him a photo of the band performing at the Wiltshire Folk Festival. Standing in the foreground is Pippa Gladstone. The only problem is the Wiltshire Folk Festival was held in August 1974, five months after Pippa disappeared. Duncan offers Jason a substantial sum of money to try and find out what really happened to the young woman, whose mother had her declared officially dead in 1981.
When Duncan is murdered, it becomes increasingly clear to Jason that his investigation into Pippa's disappearance is not welcome, especially after he follows a series of clues which lead him straight back to the girl's immediate family.
But nothing can prepare Jason for the truth about Pippa, which he discovers just as Figgis Green is about to take to the stage on opening night—with or without him.

Notes On a Missing G-String
Jason Davey Mysteries Book 1

"A highly entertaining caper set in a sleazy London underworld...Jason is a well-crafted reluctant hero, and Kent’s writing is slick and engaging throughout." - Kirkus Reviews

The first time we met Jason Davey, he was entertaining passengers aboard the Alaska cruise ship Star Sapphire, Eight ‘til Late in the TopDeck Lounge.
Then he came ashore, got a gig playing lead guitar at London’s Blue Devil jazz club, and gained a certain amount of notoriety tracking down missing musician Ben Quigley in the Canadian north.
Now Jason’s back again, this time investigating the theft of £10,000 from a dancer’s locker at a Soho gentlemen’s club.
Jason initially considers the case unsolvable. But the victim, Holly Medford, owes a lot of money to London crime boss Arthur Braskey and, fearing for her life, has gone into hiding at a posh London hotel.
Jason’s investigation takes him from Cha-Cha’s and Satin & Silk (two Soho lapdancing clubs) to Moonlight Desires (an agency featuring high class escorts) and finally to a charity firewalking event, where he comes face to face with Braskey and discovers not everything Holly’s been telling him is the complete truth.
As he becomes increasingly drawn into the seamy underside of Soho, Jason tries to save Gracie, his band-mate’s 14-year-old runaway daughter, from Holly’s brother Radu, a ruthless pimp, while at the same time protecting Holly herself from a vengeful Braskey—nearly losing his life, and Gracie’s—in the process.
Notes on a Missing G-String is the first novel in a new mystery series featuring jazz musican-turned-sleuth Jason Davey.

Disturbing the Peace
Jason Davey Mysteries Prequel

Jason Davey's last job was aboard the Star Sapphire cruising from Vancouver to Alaska. Hired as one of the ship's entertainers, he played guitar in the TopDeck Lounge. You can read about those adventures in the novel Cold Play here.
Now Jason's back on shore, and he has a regular gig at a jazz club in London.
Jason's son, Dominic, is studying film at university. When Dom asks his dad to help track down a missing musician for a documentary he's making, Jason leaps at the chance.
Ben Quigley played rhythm guitar in Jason's parents' folk group Figgis Green in the late 1960s. And he dropped off the face of the earth four years ago.
Jason's search ultimately takes him to Peace River, Alberta - 300 miles from Edmonton in the Canadian north. And what he discovers there is both intriguing - and disturbing.
Disturbing the Peace is a novella which introduces readers to professional musician and amateur sleuth Jason Davey. Jason will soon feature in a new series of full-length mystery novels, beginning with Notes on a Missing G-String.

Winona Kent is an award-winning author who was born in London, England and grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she completed her BA in English at the University of Regina. After moving to Vancouver, she graduated from UBC with an MFA in Creative Writing. More recently, she received her diploma in Writing for Screen and TV from Vancouver Film School.
After a career that's included freelancing for magazines and newspapers, long and short fiction, screenplays and tv scripts, Winona has now returned to her first love, novels. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Writing is Winona's passion.

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Delayed in Zurich
The Vagabond Series Book 1
Margot Swan
Genre: New Adult Romantic Comedy 

Evie Mason is a planner.

Get her degree—check. Go on the perfect holiday—check. Start her dream job—ready and waiting when she gets back—check!

Fox Evans is an adventurer.

No roots. No responsibilities. No plans. Except one—he promised his baby sister, he’d be at her wedding—a promise he intends to keep.

Life plans and weddings are put at risk when a blizzard delays them both in Zurich.

Neither was looking for love but the heady combination of chocolates and alcohol makes sparks fly. When the snow thaws, and it’s time to say goodbye, perfect-plans and promises can’t be ignored.

Will Evie and Fox find their way back to each other, or will it only ever remain a brief stopover romance?


They strolled through the streets holding hands, and Evie gloried in the feeling of his fingers intertwined with her own. She adored feeling the heat where their shoulders met and sharing the experience of the sparkling lights along the Champs-Élysées as they cast an enchanting glow to the midnight hour. Cars were still rushing past and cafes and bistros were open, laughter and music spilling out of the doors.

She didn’t know what he had planned, but it didn’t matter, all she cared about was being with Fox, and experiencing Paris with him.

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Margot Swan, can you, for those who don’t know you, tell us something about yourself and how you became an author?
For those who don’t know me, I’m a spoiled wife and momma to four kitties and one fluffy dog. I live in South Africa, love travelling, and I’m a brand-new indie author! I’ve always been a reader and grew up with a love of fairy tales and a Happily Ever After. My journey to becoming an author started when I became an editor, and with the encouragement of my amazing author friends, here am I—a published indie author. Yay!!! 

What are you passionate about these days? 
Writing and Traveling! My husband and I try to go overseas every few years. My all-time favorite destinations have been Tokyo, Firenze, and Paris (including Disneyland Paris). We’re already planning our second trip to Japan. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a book about all the different places I’ve traveled to.
What do you do to unwind and relax? 
I am a coffee addict, but when I need to relax I prefer to drink Red Bush tea, it’s an indigenous South African tea—so good. And I love watching movies and TV shows to unwind, especially shows like Great British Bake Off, Forged in Fire, Sugar Rush. \\

What is something unique/quirky about you? 
I love Disney and I also love Dracula. I’m complicated like that. I guess that’s why I gravitate toward Hades and Persephone’s love story. My favorite type of hero is the dark, brooding, sexy asshole who falls in love with his polar opposite. 

As a writer, what would you choose as your spirit animal? 
I’m naturally drawn toward bears (I have a very cool Build-a-Bear collection—Spock being the jewel of my collection). Why? Well, bears hibernate—I like to nap. Bears love honey—I love all things sweet and chocolate. I also find a man bear very attractive—they snuggle and cuddle better. If I had to choose one type of bear to be, I would be the Red Panda and my hubs would be a Grizzly bear. 

What are your top 10 favorite books and authors? 
I have so many, so I’ll name my top 10 series. In no particular order: 1. Larissa Ione: Demonica Underworld & Lords of Deliverance Series 2. Christine Feehan: The Drake Sisters Series 3. Kristen Ashley: The ‘Burg Series — and everything she writes 4. Elizabeth Naughton: Eternal Guardians Series 5. Theresa Birmingham: Eagle MC Series 6. J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter Series 7. L.V. Lane: The Controllers Series 8. L. Ann: Forgotten Legacy Series 9. Laura Kaye: Hearts of the Anemoi Series 10. J.R. Ward: Black Dagger Brotherhood Series 

Do you see writing as a career? 
Absolutely. It is hard work and you have to be dedicated. Having an idea for a book is easy, but writing it down, creating a mood, and bringing characters to life—super hard. Do you read yourself and if so, what is your favorite genre? I am an avid reader, before I started editing and now writing, I read an average of 300-400 books a year. My favorite genre is romance, in all its nuances. I read contemporary, sci-fi, omegaverse, dark, paranormal, new adult—everything! As long as there is a love story, I’m happy to read it. 

What is your writing Kryptonite? 
Social Media. I’d stop writing to quickly check something on Google or Facebook, and before I know it, an hour has passed and I’ve been looking at pictures of male models for an hour—hey, that’s research too! 

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? 
I try to write a book I’d want to read. Being original is being an author. You take a trope or a storyline and make it your own. 

What inspired you to write this book? 
Being in lockdown, I was yearning to travel, to experience and explore new places. My friend, Holly Gunn, and I got to talking and she felt the exact same way. We thought we couldn’t be the only two people who felt like this, and that’s how the idea started. Now we’re thirteen amazing authors working together to write steamy travel romances. When I started writing this book it allowed me to revisit some of my favorite places in Paris. 

What can we expect from you in the future? 
I’m writing a novelette about Lauren and Greg. Lauren is Evie’s best friend and Greg is her big brother. It’s going to be a short and sexy friends-to-lovers romance. It’s gonna be a freebie when readers subscribe to my newsletter on my website. Then I’m planning on writing Fox’s brother, Finn’s love story. This is going to be a full-length novel, and we’ll catch up with Evie and Fox again in this book. I’m also going to be writing a short story for a shifter romance boxset—Bring on some tiger shifter love! 

Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write? 
I usually start with the two main characters, and then the other characters follow. Some characters just slip into the story unexpectedly. Before you know it, they’re telling you about their story, and then I need to write it. 

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book? 
I try to write what I know and write in settings that I’ve experienced. For Delayed in Zurich, my husband and I were stuck in Zurich airport for more than twelve hours, and I’ve holidayed in Paris a few years ago—major bucket-list item checked off. I’ll need to do more research as I continue writing. I’m planning on writing a Paranormal Romance series in 2021. It’s about three demon friends and how their work—harvesting souls for Hell—leads them to finding their soul mates. For that series, there will be more planning to be done, since the backstory isn’t set in reality and I need to keep all the facts straight. 

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why? 
Not with noise, but with music. I create a playlist for each book and listen to that on repeat, it helps when you need to set a specific mood. For Delayed in Zurich, Evie’s song was ‘My Mistake’ by Cam and Fox’s song was ‘Chasin’ You’ by Morgan Wallen. And, yes, I love Country Music! 

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters? 
I do, I’m planning book two, Thawing his Heart, that will be about Fox’s big brother. But I already have a scene planned for Fox and Evie. Evie has a long bucket list of things she wants to do and places she wants to travel to, and in this scene, Fox will give check off one of the items on her list. 

Where did you come up with the names in the story? 
Evie Mason: I have no clue. I wanted a cute name for my cute leading lady and Evie stuck. Fox Evans: I love X-files and wanted a hot hero with the name Fox in one of my books—his name is also the reason his mom is a hippie. 

What did you enjoy most about writing this book? 
I liked seeing where the characters took me and the story. I have major plot points planned out for each chapter in the book, but what Fox said or how Evie reacted, that was all them. 

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick? 
Evie is fun, quirky, and sweet. She’s the best friend everyone wants, unpretentious and loyal. She’s spontaneous, but she’s also a planner. She’s just finished college and is on her way to starting her first job—on the cusp of a new beginning. Before she takes that leap into adulthood, she’s taking a solo trip to Paris. Hoping for a fling with a sexy French man and making memories to treasure when she’s back home. She wasn’t expecting a broken heart before she even reached her destination. Fox is impulsive, restless, and a rover. He doesn’t make plans. He wanders, and sees, and experiences everything life has to offer. He’s been traveling for the last ten years, roaming from city to city and country to country. He doesn’t want any commitments or responsibilities, so when he meets Evie at the airport, he’s surprised by the sudden and intense feelings he develops, and needs to make an important decision: follow his heart and Evie or, for once in his life, keep his promises. 

What is your favorite part of this book and why? 
I can’t tell you — Spoilers! But I can say it takes place in Paris. Did You Know? Delayed in Zurich had over twelve drafts before I felt like I could hit publish. It’s super scary hitting that submit button and hoping people like and enjoy the story you wrote—it’s like sending your kids to school and hoping they make friends.


Margot Swan has always been able to lose herself between the pages of a book--to become a part of the story.

It has been one of her dreams to become an author, to weave her own stories and create spectacular worlds. Stories carried her through tough times, and books were her best friends when friends were scarce.

Margot Swan lives for a Happily Ever After. She's been called a sappy romantic, and she wears that badge with pride. Love stories are life, and the books she reads and writes need to be blissful.

Now, after years of encouragement, she's a writer of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance.

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Garden of Hope
Garden of Love Book 1
Daphne Bloom
Genre: Clean Regency Romance 

Can two lost causes find love in the arms of one another?

Lily, the peculiar youngest daughter of an earl, would rather spend her life as a spinster, tending to her garden–alone. But when her father falls critically ill, she suddenly faces the possibility of becoming a penniless relation living on the charity of her sisters unless she can find a husband–now. But facing her fifth Season and feeling unable to meet the requirements of a proper wife, Lily despairs of finding a kind and patient man she can trust enough to marry.

Henry, the war-wounded second son of an earl, needs to have a son to secure his family's future. But worried about his condition worsening and leaving him crippled, he fears turning any future wife into a mere companion and nursemaid.

Both are unable to resist the pressure from their families to attend the Season and at least try to find a spouse. Can these two lost causes see past their own limitations and let love in?

Garden of Hope is a sweet, clean Regency romance and book 1 in the Garden of Love series! It is a STANDALONE romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Daphne Bloom is an author of romances and cozy mysteries. She lives in a quaint Southern town with her family that lets her imagination run free. When she's not watching the latest historical drama on TV, she's usually curled up with her dog and a good book.

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House of Devon, Book 3

Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Release Date: September 23, 2020


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Only $.99

September 23-27


Below stairs is where the romance begins..

As the most distinguished watchmaker in England, Christian Bainbridge believes in accurate timepieces, not love. He secretly offered his heart years ago, and he’s never gotten it back. When Raine Mowbray stumbles into his life again, Christian realizes the woman he’s worshiped from afar is still the woman he desires above all others.

Raine Mowbray needs solitude and employment, not love. A housemaid forced to flee a loathsome earl’s grasp, the last thing she’s seeking is a man’s amorous attention. When she finds herself unexpectantly paired with a gorgeous watchmaker in need of an assistant, she’s unnerved by his wit, kindness—and clandestine devotion to her.

If you like spirited heroines who fight falling in love and charmingly arrogant heroes who think they know best, then this is the book for you! Snuggle up with Tempting the Scoundrel, a steamy second chance, love-at-first-sight Regency Romance!


This is a Downton Abbey-ish novella at 98 pages and 25K words!!

Find the entire House of Devon Series on Amazon



About the Author

Award-winning author Tracy Sumner's storytelling career began when she picked up a historical romance on a college beach trip, and she fondly blames LaVyrle Spencer for her obsession with the genre. She's a recipient of the National Reader's Choice, and her novels have been translated into Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish. She lived in New York, Paris and Taipei before finding her way back to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

When not writing sizzling love stories about feisty heroines and their temperamental-but-entirely-lovable heroes, Tracy enjoys reading, snowboarding, college football (Go Tigers!), yoga, and travel. She loves to hear from romance readers!


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September 23-27

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Gone Daddy Blues
Grace Street Mysteries Book 7
Jane Tesh
Genre: Paranormal Mystery 

Discouraged by a recent deadbeat dad case, PI David Randall wonders if he should close the detective agency he operates from his psychic friend Camden's boarding house at 302 Grace Street in Parkland, North Carolina. But Doreen Padgett, a scrappy teen, convinces him to find her useless father, Arliss.  Arliss and Doreen's mother have divorced, and Doreen wants the man to pay what he owes her family. It's another deadbeat dad, but Randall agrees to take the case.
When policeman Jordan Finley comes to Grace Street with a blouse he wants Camden to touch, a blouse that belongs to the victim of a suspected serial killer, a man with a bizarre fondness for blond hair. Camden has a serious reaction to the blouse, but can't see anything that will lead to the killer except a hatred for a woman named Margaret. 
Despite Cam using an accident as an excuse not to be psychic, Randall finds a connection to Margaret, Arliss, and the serial killer. All of them plan to attend an upcoming high school reunion, the same reunion Cam’s wife Ellin is looking forward to. Randall has to find the killer, especially since he realizes that except for himself, everyone who lives at 302 Grace Street is blond.
Gone Daddy Blues is the seventh in the Grace Street Mysteries, the continuing adventures of the family and friends who live at 302 Grace Street.

When I got home, Camden was out on the front porch feeding his werewolf. This latest stray was a large, extremely hairy, mentally challenged man, always growling and scratching around for a handout. Camden said his name was Tom, but I’d never heard Tom say anything remotely intelligible. I guess Camden remembered men like this from his own hobo days. No doubt there was a secret sign somewhere on a fence that said, “If you’re riding the rails through Parkland, 302 Grace is the place to stop for a sandwich.” 

As I got out of the car, Tom grabbed his food and a can of Coke, ready to run. 

“It’s okay,” Camden said. “It’s Randall. You remember him.” 

 Tom’s eyes beamed small and dark from his forest of hair. He said something that sounded like “Urrrhh,” and scurried across the yard to hide behind a tree.

“Nice to see you again, Tom,” I said. 

 “He’s been helping me rake the leaves,” Camden said. Tom wouldn’t take food unless he did a chore to pay for it. 

 “Haven’t seen him lately. Been visiting his relatives in Sasquatch Town?” 

 “He’s been at the shelter in Tranquil Grove, but he didn’t like it. I’ve been trying to explain that he can’t catch a ride with the trains the way he used to. Come have a seat. He’ll be okay.” Camden sat down in the porch swing, and I sat down in one of the rocking chairs. 

Tom peered around the tree like Bigfoot deciding which camper to eat. 

There were several cans of soda and a pile of sandwiches on the wicker table between the rocking chairs. “Can I have one of these, or are they all for Tom?”

“Help yourself.” 

 “Does he know how to share?” 

I got a dark look for a reply. With Tom watching my every move, I chose a sandwich and a Coke, expecting him to hurl himself at the porch to defend his food supply. When he stayed put, I raised my sandwich in salute. “Come up and join us, Tom.” To my surprise, he came around the tree and slowly walked up to the porch steps, where he sat down, his eyes still wary, and finished his lunch. “Is anyone else here?” I asked Camden. “Kary went down town to the South Avenue Clinic, and Lottie’s rewriting something she calls the windmill scene.” He stopped eating and gave me a power stare. “What’s happened?” “You were right about something bad happening. There’s been another murder, one of Doreen’s neighbors.” “The same killer?” “I think so. It could very well be Arliss Padgett. Don’t be surprised if Jordan comes by with another piece of something for you to hold.” As I said this, Jordan’s patrol car pulled up. Tom took off, a hairy blur disappearing around the house. Jordan got out. “What the hell was that?” “Camden’s werewolf,” I said. “Save it, Randall.” He took a worn brown shoe from a paper bag. “Cam, if you don’t mind. We’ve got another murder victim.” I could tell Camden did mind, but he got up and set his Coke aside. He touched the shoe and immediately zoned out. He turned three shades whiter and started breathing hard quick breaths. When I reached over to take the shoe, he shook his head. “Wait. A few more minutes. I can’t—” He dropped the shoe, groped for the porch swing, and sat down. “Good lord.” Jordan and I both asked if he was okay. He nodded. He took a drink and caught his breath. “My God. Her head.” “Is it the same man you saw before?” Jordan asked. He took a few more moments before he could reply. “Yes, but there was something different about him this time. Much more violent. Almost as if he were trying to prove something. I still can’t see his face.” He rubbed his eyes. “Sorry. The images were so sudden.” Jordan took the shoe. “Maybe later?” I could tell Camden didn’t want to have anything more to do with Pauline Raterman’s shoe. “Maybe.” “We’ll call you,” I said to Jordan. He caught my eye and correctly interpreted the message: Enough for now. He thanked Camden for his assistance, got in his car, and drove off. A few minutes later, Tom came around the corner of the house and stood looking at the sandwiches. Camden didn’t seem to notice him, so I handed Tom the plate. He frowned a hairy frown as if I’d committed a social faux pas and carefully picked one sandwich from the pile. “Pardon me,” I said. “I’m not up on hobo etiquette.” He frowned another frown at Camden and then glared up the road after Jordan. Probably remembering an unpleasant run-in with the law. “You okay?” I asked Camden. He took another drink of Coke. “Add one more unforgettable image to my repertoire.” “I saw her, too. What did you mean about this one being different?” “It was the same guy, but not for the same purpose. He didn’t need her hair, he just took it.” “Compulsively, you mean?” “I don’t know. He’s using all the hair he’s collected for something. I can’t tell what. But he killed this poor woman just for the hell of it.” “Because he could, maybe?” Camden looked off into space. I knew he was seeing Pauline’s badly skinned head because I was, too. “Something else.” He sighed in exasperation. “If I’m not going to get a clear picture, then why get a picture, at all?”

Death By Dragonfly
Grace Street Mysteries Book 6 

"The mystery plot is convincing and motives abound, but the vivid characters are the main draw, in particular the wryly observant Randall, who narrates the story with verve. Fans of cozies with a paranormal twist will be rewarded." —Publishers Weekly
Flamboyant actor Leo Pierson's Art Nouveau treasures have been stolen, including a one-of-a-kind Lalique glass dragonfly he claims is cursed. David Randall, 302 Grace Street's private eye, agrees to recover the valuables before he realizes murder has raised its ugly head in the Parkland art community. Samuel Gallant of the museum board is missing, until Randall and his landlord/consultant Camden find Gallant's body stuffed in a museum closet. When another board member suffers a fatal accident and the art critic for the Parkland Herald is attacked, Randall suspects the stolen dragonfly is indeed cursed. He investigates Richard Mason, curator of the Little Gallery, whose artwork consists of ugly mechanical sculptures, and Nancy Piper, finance manager at the Parkland Art Museum.
Meanwhile, Camden struggles against psychic visions he's had since birth, taking pills to limit sudden intense visions. His wife, Ellin, fends off Matt Grabber, a television celebrity healer threatening to take over her Psychic Service Network and using his two large pythons to emphasize his bid. The pythons take a liking to Camden, upping his stress level, while he takes more pills hoping his visions—and the snakes—disappear. Kit, a new tenant at Grace Street, is a young rock star who is also psychic. As Camden becomes more addicted, Kit becomes an early warning system, alerting Randall to the next attack.
Randall works to solve the murders, find the jeweled collection, help Cam, deter Grabber and his pythons, romance the young lovely Kary, and avoid stray curses. A spirit on the Other Side surprisingly requests his help, a spirit with ties to the stolen pieces of Art Nouveau.

Baby, Take a Bow
Grace Street Mysteries Book 5 

"...readers seeking a cozy, feel-good mystery will enjoy this outing to Grace Street. The delightful characters navigate their worldly and otherworldly challenges with affection and humor, and Tesh maintains a whimsical tone that doesn't detract from the serious subject matter." 
Publishers Weekly
Camden's friend Rufus Jackson receives a letter from his ex-wife, Bobbi, and he's surprised to learn he's the father of a baby. When Bobbi is found murdered in her home and her baby stolen, Rufus becomes suspect number one. PI David Randall immediately takes the case.
But Randall is almost sidetracked from the case by a series of what appears to be never-ending favors. When he takes his friend Cam to the Carlyle House to sing for a concert, Cam encounters Delores Carlyle, a troubled spirit trapped inside a huge mirror, who wants to see her daughter, Beverly, one last time. Beverly Carlyle will come to the house on one condition: that Randall find a home for her surly teenage son, Kit, and a band for her obnoxious daughter, Frieda. Kit is welcome at 302 Grace, but to secure a spot for Frieda, Randall has to get a local girl group a gig at a local nightclub. The owner agrees, if Cam will pose as a teenager and spy on a rival club. Cam agrees if Randall will take him to Green Valley to answer some questions about his past. And another ghost is haunting the hot dog restaurant, refusing to talk to Cam.
In addition to the tangle of deals, Randall has to contend with Rufus being hell-bent on revenge, the return of Cam's telekinesis, and growing concern that if the baby—a girl named Mary Rose, as it turns out—is found, Rufus, might not want to keep her.
But where is Mary Rose?

Just You Wait
Grace Street Mysteries Book 4 

David Randall, a private detective short of work, invites his psychic friend Camden into a case. Miss Viola Mitchell, an aging local actress, has recently been reported missing. The Parkland PD's Jordan Finley objects to the pair inspecting Viola's home, claiming the police don't need their help. Moments later, despite the array of birds and cats perfuming the residence, Cam advises Finley, "Check the basement."
Viola is neatly planted there in a square of dirt. Who would kill her? Why? Are others targeted? Is a local performer twisted by jealousy? Could a role in a Parkland Little Theatre production have caused her death? Cam goes undercover at the theater while rejecting demands from his fiancée that they marry this month. His psychic gifts have expanded to levitate objects. He fears for their children. She wants to put him on television.
Meanwhile, a new Grace Street client, owner of popular BeautiQueen Cosmetics, is searching for her arrogant, absconding partner. Randall tracks him to Clearwater, Florida, and soon finds himself chasing shoplifters stealing pharmaceuticals and helping a jazz musician woo his woman while failing to woo his own love, Kary. Will Randall and Cam piece all this together?

Now You See It
Grace Street Mysteries Book 3 

Who is audacious enough to steal an antique box once owned by Harry Houdini? This collector’s treasure, skillfully hidden in the local Magic Club— a nightclub where magicians perform—is not merely an old theatrical prop. It is the prize in a contest that promises to jump start a magician’s career. At least that’s what Taft and Lucas Finch hoped before their prized possession was stolen. Private investigator David Randall is already busy searching for socialite Sandy Olaf’s missing diamond bracelet when he begins the search for Houdini’s box. But instead of finding the valuable box, Randall finds Taft murdered, his body locked in a backstage trunk. The magical world is brimming with jealous suspects, less successful magical competitors, romantic rivals, business conflicts, and festering hurts from long ago. Randall’s friend Camden is concerned with losing his voice, his girlfriend Kary insists on being a magician’s assistant, and Cam’s girlfriend Ellin has to deal with the overbearing Sheila Kirk, wife of a potential sponsor, who insists on hosting the Psychic Service Network’s programs.

Warned away from interfering in a police homicide investigation, Randall focuses on finding the box, searching for a missing diamond bracelet, and handling the crises embroiling his unique housemates in their rambling home on Grace Street. It will take a stroke of magic to connect the interlocking circles of these crimes.

Mixed Signals
Grace Street Mysteries Book 2 

"A solid mystery with a plethora of suspects and quirky regulars."—Kirkus Reviews

It's Christmas in Parkland, North Carolina, and PI David Randall is looking forward to his mother's visit, even though he knows she'll want to talk about his daughter, Lindsey, who died in a car accident. Further dampening the season's cheer, his psychic friend Camden has harrowing flashbacks to a murder: Randall and Camden found Camden's friend Jared Hunter brutally stabbed. Among the suspects is Boyd Taylor, Randall's client. Jared had served time for breaking into the Parkland Museum of History. Bert Galvin, son of the editor of the Parkland Herald, was also involved.
And what of the inept superhero, the Parkland Avenger? The Superhero Society of Parkland insists the Avenger isn't one of them. Are these things all somehow related?

Stolen Hearts
Grace Street Mysteries Book 1 

2018 – ALA Book Club October Pick, Things that Go Bump: Paranormal Mysteries

David Randall's perfect family life came derailed when his little daughter Lindsey died in a car crash. Thrown out by his second wife and wanting to leave a dead-end detective agency to start his own, he reluctantly accepts his psychic friend Camden's invitation to stay in Camden's boarding house in Parkland, North Carolina.
Meanwhile, working the case of the murder of Albert Bennett, Randall's only clue is a notebook filled with odd musical notation. When another client, Melanie Gentry, hires him to prove her great-grandmother was murdered by her lover, composer John Burrows Ashford, over authorship of "Patchwork Melodies," Randall sets out to find a connection to Bennett's murder, as well as to the murder of a Smithsonian director, who was preparing a new PBS documentary on early American music.
Randall's investigations lead him to another notebook, where he finds not only "Two Hearts Singing," Ashford's most famous song, but a valuable early copy of Stephen Foster's "Oh! Susanna," hidden in the cover. But things become more complicated when Ashford's spirit parks itself in Cam...and refuses to leave until Randall proves Ashford's innocence.

Jane Tesh lives and works in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, Andy Griffith's home town, a real life Mayberry. She is a retired media specialist and the author of ten mystery novels, three fantasy novels, and over thirty plays for children. When not writing, Jane plays the piano for productions at the Andy Griffith Playhouse.

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