Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Telling Your Story

"A good writer is basically a storyteller, not a scholar or a redeemer of mankind." Isaac Singer

Each of us has many stories to tell. Whether we want it to be family related, memoirs, or create it into fiction. I love each of those three forms, but have chosen most often to write romanctic fiction.

My father was a great storyteller. After dinner he would often talk about events from his childhood or that of his parents. I felt sorry for my grandparenst with seven rowdy sons and only one daughter. Dad's stories held my attention from his opening words until the end of his tale. He and his brothers lived near Denison, Texas. They were hard workers who played hard, too. I treasure the stories he related to my brother and me.

Writers follow that same style whether writing fiction or non-fiction. Open with The "hook," a phrase or paragraph that pulls the reader into our story. We pace ourselves, keeping the action moving forward at varying speeds to the conclusion. The big finish in which our protagonist or hero/heroine barely save the day  has to leave the reader satisfied, yet wanting more stories from the author.And I have lots of stories still to tell. Writing is a passion for me. But I know that if you gave the same set of events to ten writers, you'd come up with ten very different stories. We create from within, drawing on all the things that makes us individuals.
Some of us writer comedy, some noir, some suspense, some contemporary, some historical.

What part of you feels compelled to create? How do you fulfill that need?


Denise McDonald said...

Great quote (and I love the pic of the tree!)

I create because I feel like if I don't get the ideas out I will explode. When I don't write *enough* I get awfully dramatic in my personal life--the dh can attest to that. Why though... I have no clue :)

barbrmcphd said...

Writing brings the abstract thoughts in my head into reality on the page. When I put a thought into writing, it springs to life and takes root. Thoughts are amorphous until they form on the page.

barbrmcphd said...
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Caroline Clemmons said...

Barb, you're so correct. And when those thought are on the page, we can sort them and see which make sense.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Denise, I feel the same way. Those voices just won't shut up until I write them out.

barbrmcphd said...


Are you aware that Isaac Bashevis Singer is the subject of my dissertation? I interviewed him several times in Florida and found to be an amazing and brilliant man. His sense of humor was wonderful.

Enjoyed his quote!