Monday, July 12, 2010

Guest Blogger Rae Summers, Author

Readers, today please help me welcome a guest author, Rae Summers. Rae lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a working mom. Welcome, Rae!

Thank you for hosting me here today, Caroline.

My novella, LET’S MISBEHAVE, which released from The Wild Rose Press last week, is set in the Jazz Age. It’s not a period often seen in romance novels, but I just adore the 1920s.

It was a time of adventure, when people let go of the restrictions of the past, experimented and indulged. It was the time of youth, with society dominated by young writers like Scott Fitzgerald, and by young Hollywood icons or celebrities like the dashing Charles Lindbergh. At lavish parties, jazz was in the air. Party-goers danced the Charleston and drank exotic cocktails or bubbling champagne.

Best of all for me, was that the 20s were really the time when women came into their own. They bobbed their hair, wore short skirts, drove cars and drank alcohol. Women poets and writers, sportswomen and actresses, made names for themselves, and everywhere women were getting the vote, getting jobs and gaining their freedom. We modern women owe a great deal to those pioneers of the 20s. At the very least we can thank them for originating compact mirrors and metal lipstick containers.

My heroine is one of these modern women and I hope you enjoy reading about her and her rocky path to love, as much as I enjoyed writing her.


Gabrielle is the quintessential Flapper, a wild child who turns her back on home and a resentful and unloving mother to become a nightclub singer. She wants nothing more from life than freedom and pleasure.

Sebastian is a dutiful son, following in his father’s footsteps and on the verge of marrying a suitable bride. But as the Twenties roar to their conclusion, he finds himself torn between duty and the urge to indulge his adventurous streak.

From the moment Gabrielle and Sebastian meet, the tension between them simmers. When he rescues her from a boorish suitor, Gabrielle discovers a kindred spirit beneath Sebastian's serious demeanour, and she sets out to seduce him into one last passionate fling before he settles for a loveless marriage.

But the fire that burns between them threatens to consume her. Will Gabrielle survive falling in love with the one man she cannot have?

If you’d like to find out more about LET’S MISBEHAVE, or about London in the Jazz Age, visit my blog at

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Rae, LET'S MISBEHAVE sounds intriguing. I love that time period, too. Thanks for being my guest today. Good luck with your writing.


Karen Michelle Nutt said...


Roaring 20s --Your book has me intrigued. I loved your cute book trailer. The music was perfect, too.

I wish you the best of luck with it!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Rae,
I too am a Vintage Rose author.It is a great line. Lets Misbehave sounds a wonderful read. I love the era too.


Unknown said...

RAE--what an interesting time period it was. Your book sounds wonderful, just the right story for the Jazz Age. Your book is set in London? The Roaring Twenties was a nation-changing event--in the US--women got the vote. "Let's Misbehave" is a great title. Congratulations and good luck with many sales.Celia

Susan Macatee said...

Sounds like a great story, Rae! I get tired of publishers putting out books only in certain time periods. Love to see variety in historical romance.

Best of luck with your release!!

Maeve Greyson said...

The book trailer was great! Best of luck, Rae. :)