Sunday, August 01, 2010

Highland Heroes

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My husband asked me, "What is it with all these Highland heroes in romances?" I couldn't think of a quick answer, so I've pondered it.

The Highlands represent free spirit, clan loyalty, and so much more. One reason they're so popular among Americans is that so many of our citizens trace their ancestry back to Scotland and the Highlands. We believe them to be fiercely proud--like William Wallace, Rob Roy, and Sean Connery. Wait. I got carried away for a minute.

Who wouldn't love a man brawny enough to wear a kilt to war? And that's only after they were civiilized. Before that they went to battle wearing nothing but paint. That really took a brave man! Whew! It's a wonder there were any children born after some of those battles.

Coming from a strong Scot-Irish heritage, I find Scottish history fascinating. Supposedly, my father's family traces back to both Duncan and Macbeth. Probably anyone with British blood has the same line in his or her family tree. Is that why we're so enthusiastic about Scotsmen?

I don't know, but maybe our romance with Scots is the same as with the American Indian. We find intriguing those who resist being conquered. And as with the American Indian, we resent being stripped of all of our possessions and shipped off our lands--or forced to hide out to remain. Come to think of, I also have a Cherokee line of ancestors, so my family was robbed by two countries. LOL 

I first fell in love with Scots Highlanders from reading Julie Garwood's beautiful novels. Sigh. That lady knows how to write to steal your heart, doesn't she? Diana Gabaldon gave such great historical detail that she's received historical association awards. Diana Cosby, Sandy Blair, and Beth Trissel write great Scottish heroes, too. I loved Janet Chapman's time travels of Scotsmen carried to the U.S.  I seem never to get enough Scottish heroes.

Why do you believe we romance readers are in love with Scottish men? Besides Sean Connery, I mean. And Liam Neesom. And that "Highlander" guy. Oh, my. They are good looking devils, aren't they?


Cherie Le Clare said...

Hi Caroline,

I'd never thought about Highland Heroes until I was introduced to Jamie through Diana Gabaldon's series. Jamie captured my imagination very well. Hmmm.
I'm sure your reasons, for why Highlanders are so popular, are correct.
We named our second son Cameron - but it wasn't till later that I realized the Scottish connection. But as my husband used to be a drummer in the pipe band, two brothers-in-law play the bagpipes, and our eldest son took lessons for a while, the connection's definitely there!

katsrus said...

I really love highlanders in books. They are strong, kind of aloof, and sexy as heck. and everytime I read a story about Scotland the authors seem to draw you in about how beautiful it is.
Sue B