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Real Horse Whisperer, Madeleine Walker, Offers Tips

Horse whisperer Madeleine Walker is my guest today. In my lartest release, THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE, hero Dallas McClintock trains horses without cruelty by "whispering" to and soothing them. Of course, Dallas is fiction. Madeleine is the real deal. She is an international horse and rider trauma consultant based in the UK, but she travels extensively to run courses on animal communication and healing. She runs clinics for animals and people and provides distance readings and healing. She is also a columnist, lecturer and author of numerous articles and her latest book, AN EXCHANGE OF LOVE. Here's her post:

                  "Top Tips For Communicating With Your Horse"

Love and respect are the two most important things to remember when communicating with your beautiful horse. Never underestimate their wisdom.

Most horse lovers truly understand the deep, spiritual, connections we have with our horses. It never ceases to amaze me, just how aware they are of our physical and emotional issues, and they love to help us to make sure we are as happy and healthy as possible. So it is only right that we should be just as vigilant for them. By learning to listen to their needs and advice, we learn so much about ourselves, and they very often ‘mirror’ what is going on for us in their behaviour patterns, and even take on physical symptoms for us. We have to remember that they are so much more than just a horse -they are huge sentient beings that really care about us. Whenever a horse starts to behave badly you must always check them for any physical pain, but then ask what’s going on for the owner? What has changed in their life that could be impacting on their energy and so affect the horse and the harmony of the connection between them?
(Madeleine above left with a dolphin on the cover of her latest book AN EXCHANGE OF LOVE.)

Before you start to try and hear what horses are ‘saying’, sit quietly and really connect with your heart centre. It might help to close your eyes, so that you can really concentrate and focus on your task. Feel your heart opening like a beautiful bloom and imagine sending a silver or golden line, or beam of light, to connect with the heart centre of your horse. Imagine pouring as much love as possible along that line or beam. I also ask permission to connect with the animal with the deepest respect.

(At right, Madeleine at a workshop in France with Giggles the horse.)

If you are just starting and want to practise, start with something simple, like asking what might be their favourite food or friend, or a favourite place they like to be. It might be useful to have a notepad and pen to jot down whatever comes to mind, as you learn to strengthen and build your confidence with your telepathic skills. We all have these skills innate within us; it’s just that we have been programmed to think that telepathic communication could be considered as something weird and something that only certain people can do. You can amaze yourself by just starting to write whatever comes into your head. This may take the form of pictures, or what seems rather like a video clip of the animal’s experiences. Physical feelings, sounds, smells or even taste can be experienced. If you feel any physical discomfort, for example tooth ache if the horse’s teeth need attention, or back ache, if their back needs realigning, make sure you imagine breathing out the feelings down into the ground and out of your body, as you don’t want to be carrying around their discomfort!

However consider if the discomfort is in an area of your body, which you have been ignoring, as the horse may be telling you to look after yourself! Horses need calm assertive leadership, so we need to check our emotions. Your horse will know what mood you’re in before you get to the barn, so always discuss your problems with your horse –they have great shoulders to cry on! This will help your horse understand what’s going on in your world and will alleviate their concern, as they will intuit that there’s a problem, and may think it’s their fault! Just by talking it over, your horse may allow solutions to pop into your mind. Commit to an action plan in order to help your horse and create a positive outcome to any issues that may occur. This will deepen your connection even further, and build even more trust between you. Just practice and be open to experiencing more balance, harmony, and love between you, than you ever thought possible.

For more information, check out her website http://www.anexchangeoflove.com/ Her book is available from Amazon in paperback.

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us today, Madeleine! I suspect your tips would cross over to other pets and with people.

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