Friday, October 01, 2010

It's A Lovely Day In The Neighborhood!

Fanfare, please!
Gather around if you love romances set under Western skies. This is the official launch day for a new team blog, Sweethearts of the West. Fourteen talented writers whose contemporary, historical, and paranormal romances are set West of the Mississippi River have joined together to blog about our books, our lives, themes for the month, guests, and more. Join us beginning today at

Woohoo! I’m still doing the happy dance over my terrific reviews for THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE. I have to admit it's my favorite book cover ever. Nicola Martinez designed the cover and Allison Byers was my fabulous editor. Earlier this week, I shared the 5 Heart Review from The Romance Studio. Here’s the Top Pick review from Terri at Night Owl Reviews:

Set in the Texas hill country in 1885, this historical kept my interest from the first page.

The characters are fun. Dallas truly desires to do things right, not lose his temper, and work hard. He’s half Cherokee and many of his neighbors, including his grandmother, look down on him because of this. Keeping himself in check has Dallas stretched to his limits as Cenora and her family turns his life upside down. Cenora has lived in a wagon for the past ten years and has never lived in a house as grand as Dallas’s house. Can she hide the fact she can’t read and has no idea of what she is doing? She doesn’t want Dallas to throw her and her family out. It doesn’t help that the housekeeper, Rosa, doesn’t like her.

Dialogs are fantastic as the O’Neill family still speaks as if they are in Ireland. The wording is such that you can hear the brogue. Even better are the blessings and toasts that are shared as well as the customs and superstitions.

What starts as a clash in cultures becomes a fantastic story. I loved reading the misunderstandings and watching as they became clear. Cenora’s youngest brother was a trial for everyone and his actions caused plenty of trouble for Dallas. Just when you thought a happily ever after was around the corner, another corner appears. What should have been a simple sweet love story developed into a complex family affair.

After staying up as late as I could stay awake and then reading as much as I could at work, I’d say my interest was peaked and now I want more! Fantastic historical set in cowboy country.”

Wow! I’m so appreciative of the reception this book has received. I hope you’ll want to buy a copy here, and that you’ll love it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks for being here.

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