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EPIC 2011 Finalist, NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES includes six novellas, one of which is mine. The five other authors and I are friends and decided to put together an anthology on a "what if we did this?" basis. Working together was fun! Not only were we able to contract the anthology with The Wild Rose Press, but we've had wonderful reviews from the result. We were #6 in the 2009 Preditors and Editors Top Ten poll last year and received a 4. rating from Romantic Times. This was the only thing I've written set in Georgia or in the Civil War time period--I prefer Texas in the years from 1870-1895. To my pleasant surprise, NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES came together rather well (in my opinion, which might be more than a little biased LOL). Over the next few weeks, I'll slip in interviews with each of the authors and ask each to share some information about her novella. First up is my long time friend, Jeanmarie Hamilton.

Jeanmarie Hamilton
Jeanmarie enjoys family and friends, oil painting, fossils -- which reminds me of her story that was inspired by a "dinosaur beach" -- and dinosaur tracks. She said, "A thirty-inch long dinosaur footprint touching your toes can change your life!" Texas is her home as it was to some of her ancestors -- men who were farmers, ranchers, judges, lawmen -- women who would rather be outside riding their horses than inside cooking, who learned to speak the language of the Lipan Apache, stopped hangings, and raised children. Jeanmarie loves writing stories set in the Southwest about heros and heroines, the problems they overcome, their fears and triumphs and the forever love they can't deny.

Caroline: Welcome, Jeanmarie. How did you come up with that idea for ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE? for the anthology?

Alsatian dress Castroville
women settlers wore
Jeanmarie: When we authors decided to write an anthology, I was interested in writing a story about my Texas ancestors' experiences. I didn't want to write about them exactly, so I used their actual history for inspiration. The town of Castroville, Texas (known as Little Alsace) voted to have a local militia unit to protect their town rather than send men to fight in the Confederate army. My great great grandfather wanted to keep the states together. He'd come to Texas from Holland in the early 1840s and it was important to him and many other farmers in that area of Texas to keep all the states together. His son became a member of the local militia.

Comanche family. Comanches were
known as Lords of the Plains
Another family story involved my great great grandmother saving the life of a Comanche brave who had been wounded and hadn't been found. The scene of how she discovered the Indian at night and removed the bullet and cared for him is actually part of my great great grandmother's story. Inspired by the militia and her experience, I developed the characters, Lexie and Clay, for "ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE?"

Caroline: Tell us about your writing schedule. Do you write full time?

Jeanmarie: I write all the time. I'm either writing a story, editing, or working on promotion for my stories. I start around 9 in the morning and stop when my husband arrives home from work around 5 or 6 pm. I take off on the weekends when he's home all day, unless I'm in a hurry to finish a project at an editor's request.

Caroline: I know you love setting books in Texas, as I do. Are you drawn to the Civil War era?

Jeanmarie: Although my story, ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE? takes place immediately the Civil War, I haven't previously written stories influenced by the Civil War. I would rather write stories about how the war influenced my characters' lives following the war and how they picked up their lives once again.

Caroline: What are the other works you have out?

Jeanmarie: I have a few out. MOONLIGHT DESPERADO published by Siren BookStrand is a werewolf western historical romance that takes place in central Texas after the Civil War. This story was inspired by an incident which involved raiders who robbed my great great grandmother in Castroville. Of course I changed it as well as the characters and added werewolves for some fun. Werewolves are strong over-the-top characters and I enjoy reading and writing about them.

SEDUCTION was my debut book out in 2009. It's a western historical romance with a little touch of pygmalion flavor. PURE HEAVEN, out with Red Rose Publishing, is a short novella, an erotic werewolf western historical romance I wrote under the name Jenette DuPris. It has received some great reviews as well, and it's part of a multi-author series titled Legends of Loving Texas.

Caroline: What do you have in the works for the future?

Jeanmarie: I just contracted another erotic werewolf story, GUARDIAN OF HER HEART, with Siren Bookstrand. This one is a contemporary story and also a novella. It is scheduled for release in March, 2011. Meanwhile, I'm working on an erotic western historical novel about a Texas Ranger and a strong-willed rancher's daughter.

Caroline: Would you give us a blurb from ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE?

Jeanmarie: Strong-willed Lexie Perreau must protect her lifelong friends, the Lipan Apache from being wrongly arrested for a deadly raid. Clay has led the local militia in times of war and peace and kept his community safe. But someone has just been killed by raiders. Now he must find the killer and agrees with the men in town that he must catch the Apache raiders responsible.

But beautiful and courageous Lexie challenges him at every turn, endangering her own life and possibly the trust and respect of the one man who holds her heart.

Caroline: How about an excerpt:

Jeanmarie: Certainly.

"Mind if I cut in?" Clay smiled at her.

"Yeah, I do mind." Al looked plainly disgruntled.

"Too bad." Clay pushed Al back, slipping between him and Lexie, taking control.

As Clay's gentle hand swept around her waist, and his other hand took hers, she breathed a sigh of relief. Relaxing in his embrace, she smiled at him as he swept her into a turn, following the music. "I didn't know if you'd make it," she admitted.

"Sorry, I was late. I wouldn't miss the dance knowing you'd be here."

At his words, Lexie looked up at his eyes. His warm gaze sent heat and that disconcerting ache streaming through her to settle low in her stomach. Oh Lord. She hoped no one noticed how he affected her. He easily led her around the room, turning her in time to the waltz until she was almost dizzy. When the music stopped, he released her from his hold and escorted her to the refreshment table.

They drank glasses of punch and afterward shared a breathtaking polka. As the dance ended and people clapped and whooped, Lexie noticed Clay's attention was drawn to the entry. She turned to see what he looked at and saw with disappointment that one of the younger militiamen stood inside the doorway gesturing for Clay to follow him.

"Looks like I'm needed for something. Hate to leave so early, but I'd better check this out." Clay turned to leave.

"No. I'll go with you." Obviously, there was trouble. What kind of danger did he face? She hurried after him as he made his way through the crowd and out the door to the road.

Caroline: Is there any other news you’d like to share? Any links?

Jeanmarie: I'm thrilled to say that the anthology, NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES, which includes "ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE?" is a finalist in the 2011 EPIC contest. Look for an ad for the anthology, NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES, in the January 2011 issue of RT Book Reviews. I'd love it if readers would like to sign up for my newsletter. Anyone interested can find the link on my web site at

The anthology set around the Civil War is available in both print and e-book format and is available at and also on Amazon for Kindle, and most other online book sources.

Jeanmarie, thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks so much for having me on your blog site today. You put together an amazing blog and I've really enjoyed the interview with you. This has been a fun project. :-) I'm looking forward to reading what the other authors of Northern Roses and Southern Belles have to say. Thanks again!

Marin Thomas said...


I love hearing about your family history--it's so interesting and I think it's great that you use the stories of your family in your books--it adds a unique flavor in my opinion.

Diana Cosby said...

Hi Jeanmarie,
I'm so thrilled by your each success! I love how the NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES anthology came together. You're so passionate about your writing, inspire me as so many others, and flat out are an amazing person. I'm blessed to call you friend. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with friendship as laughter! *Hugs*

Susan Macatee said...

Great interview Jeanmarie and Caroline! It was a lot of fun working together on this book!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You've done so well with your anthology, Jeanmarie. I am so proud of all of you not only for working so well together but gaining this success.

You have such an interesting family I would think you'd never run out of stories to tell!! :)

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

I can't help it. The stories about my family just get my imagination going. :-) Truth is stranger than fiction at times, and there's nothing better to inspire a story.

Love the cover of Roughneck Cowboy! I'll be looking for it.

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks! Yes, all 6 of us authors worked hard with our editor to make this anthology the best it could be. I think your passion for writing inspires your friends including me and keeps us going at times when we can't get our characters to do what they should. ;-) Couldn't do it without you!
Happy holidays to you too. I bet you'll be cooking up some amazing food for your family and friends.

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Yes, it was fun working together on Northern Roses and Southern Belles. We should do it again sometime soon.
As soon as we all catch up on our work in progress.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Thanks so much for your support and friendship. I'm looking forward to your stories being in print as well. Talk about intriguing history. You have some great stories to tell! Can't wait to read them. Hope your holidays are filled with close friends and family.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Jeanmarie, I can't believe Seduction, your first, was just out in 2009. You've had a busy 2 years with more to come it looks like. Congratulations on all your success and especially with the Epic contest.


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Hi! Yes, Seduction wasn't released until 2009. After that I had three more stories released that year. The last one, Moonlight Desperado, came out the very end of December 09. So it really felt like it was out in 2010. Now, I have another novella coming out in March, 2011. I can't wait! I'm trying to catch up with you! :-)
Thanks for the congrats for everything including the EPIC contest. We authors are stoked about that final. All the best to you as well. Many future publications and sales. :-)