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Texas Author Celia Yeary

Celia Yeary is a seventh-generation Texan, and her life revolves around family, friends, and writing. San Marcos has been her home for thirty-five years. She has seven published romance novels, three “coming soon” novels, and published essays with a local magazine. The author is a former science teacher, graduate of Texas Tech University and Texas State University, mother of two, grandmother of three boys, and wife of a wonderful, supportive Texan. Celia and her husband enjoy traveling, and both are involved in their church, the community, and the university. She meets with The Write Girls on Tuesdays at a local coffee house.



Caroline and I joke about being long-lost cousins, possibly even sisters. However, many sisters are quite different, which means Caroline and I have too many likenesses to be siblings. So, we'll stick with the cousin thing.

My two recent releases are about sisters: One born in poverty, shame, and isolation, but loved dearly by her young, unwed mother; The other born with a silver spoon in her mouth, loved and adored by all, raised like a hothouse flower. When the oldest turned five, her mother married a Texan who soon became wealthy. The child and her baby sister grew up inseparable, devoted to each other.

One of my favorite kind of romance is a series—either sisters or brothers, or occasionally a family with both. It seems that all popular, successful romance authors write a sibling series sometime in their careers: Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Karen Robards, Susan Mallery, Mary Balogh…the list is long. If the first book in the series is good, I'll read all others that follow.

Although I am not as popular nor successful as any of the aforementioned authors, I have definitely written a series—The Cameron Sisters—Western Historical Romances.

Available from Desert Breeze Publishing,
Perfect cover for a Texan's book,
spring bluebonnets--Texas state flower.
The first is The Cameron Sisters: Book I: TEXAS PROMISE. This is Jo's story, the one born in poverty and shame, and how she matures into a beautiful young woman, though willful and stubborn and bold.


After two years, Jo Cameron King’s life as a widow abruptly ends when her husband returns home to Austin. Unable to understand her angry and bitter husband, she accepts a call to travel to the New Mexico Territory to meet her dying birth father whom she knows nothing about. Her plan to escape her husband goes awry when he demands to travel with her.

Dalton King, believing lies his Texas Ranger partner tells him about Jo, seethes with hatred toward his wife. Now he must protect Jo from his partner’s twisted mind, while sorting out the truth. Jo’s bravery and loyalty convince him she’s innocent. But can they regain the love and respect they once shared?

Available from Desert Breeze Publishing,
and another perfect Texas cover,
indian paintbrush
The Second is The Cameron Sisters: Book II: TEXAS TRUE. This is the baby sister True's story, the one raised like a hothouse flower, loved, adored, and protected by everyone.

Blurb for TEXAS TRUE:

At a Governor's Ball in Austin, Texas, True Lee Cameron meets suave Sam Deleon. Before the night is out, she transforms from the coddled and protected younger sister to a woman in love. Reality crashes down when she accidentally learns he has deceived her. Daring to disobey him, she follows Sam to the oilfields and determines to live wherever he does. Has she made a mistake? Will she give up and return home where she can make her own rules?
 When Sam Deleon meets the gorgeous young woman his mother has chosen for him, he fears falling in love, because he knows nothing about love. In order to carry out his mother’s plan, he marries True and moves her to his mother's home, intending to visit enough to set the plan in motion. When True fails to obey him, he faces the possibility of losing her, thereby losing his inheritance and the family property.
 Sam and True attempt a reconciliation and compromise. Together, they now face a nemesis, someone who determines to thwart every action they take, endangering not only their lives, but also those whom they love.


Desert Breeze Publishing


Barnes and Noble

Thank you, Caroline, for having me today. You're the perfect hostess, and also the perfect "cousin."

Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas

Celia, thanks for sharing your books with us today. Thanks also for plugging our team blog, Sweethearts of the West. I love your writing, Cousin, and your books' covers are gorgeous. Come back again soon, ya' hear!


Unknown said...

Good morning, Caroline! I love the blog--you did a fantastic job. Do you like the "cousins" photo? I wonder which would be me, and which would be you? We should take a poll!
I appreciate this spot today on your very popular blog....Celia

Gail Pallotta said...

Your books sound very interesting. I enjoyed the interview. I have a good friend who lived in Texas for a while and loved it.
I wish you much success with your series.

LK Hunsaker said...

Hey Celia, there does seem to be something about sisters that draws writers to them, doesn't there?

Interesting concept with the siblings raised so differently. :-)

Mona Risk said...

Hi Celia-- You have adorable pictures here. I learned a lot about Texas through your books and blogs.

Stephanie Burkhart said...

What a cute picture! It's nice to have a cousin you can count on! hehe

I loved Texas Promise. Jo & Dalton's story was the perfect balance of edge, romance, & adventure. I'm looking forward to reading Texas True!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Gail--I can say the stories are pure Texas. Celia

Unknown said...

LK--thank you. I don't know why a series about sisters hold so much interest...but it seems everyone likes them. Celia

Unknown said...

MONA--glad you like the pictures. I have fun finding images for blogs. The two little girls surprised me--it was exactly what I was looking for. Celia

Unknown said...

Thanks, Steph--sometimes we can count on our "adopted" cousins more than our real ones. I do hope you like Texas True...I've always considered it the best of all of them. Celia

Laurie-J said...

I absolutely love the beautiful covers!! Blue Bonnets & Paint appropriate for Spring in Texas. Your series sounds super Celia. Wonderful Post!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Waving, Celia. Your stories sound absolutely wonderful from the excerpts. I didn't realize that sisters stores are a must so am proud that my first three stories are about sisters. :)

Best of luck with lots of sales. I look forward to reading them.

Unknown said...

LAURIE--thank you! Thr artist is Jenifer Raneri with Desert Breeze Publishing--she is very talented, and all the covers at DB are excellent...the sort I like.
I appreciate your stopping by. Celia

Unknown said...

PAISLEY--really! Wonderful. Yes, stories about sisters are very popular. Good for you that you innately knew. Thanks for coming by....Celia

Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Celia and Carolyn,
Great post! Some day I think I'll write a story about two sisters who were both given up for adoption and how different their lives were as a result of going to different unknown families. But that's way in the future for my writing, I think.
Good luck with your stories, Celia, although from what I've been reading I don't think you need it. ;-)

Sandy said...

Caroline, I love that tree at the top of your blog.

Celia, your books sound great. I have a tendency to write about families, too.

Love the cousins photo. Adorable.

Unknown said...

JEANMARIE--that would make a great plot. It's happened more than once in real life, so here's your chance to write happy endings. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Celia

Unknown said...

SANDY--yeah, if you write about families, it's a natural tendency, and probably because of your own experiences. I know it is with me. The tree is gorgeous, isn't it? Celia

Linda Swift said...

Celia, I'm late reading the announcement on the loop but here I am. And I want to say again how much I enjoyed both Cameron Sisters' stories. And Carolyn, what is that beautiful tree at the top of the page. Breathtaking.

Caroline Clemmons said...

In case anyone else wonders, that tree at the top is the redbud in my side yard taken last year. This year we didn't have as much rain, so it wasn't quite as full of blossoms.

Sandra Crowley said...

Perfect--two of my favorite people together. Hi Ladies, excellent post. Good luck with Texas True, Celia!

Unknown said...

LINDA--I thought you might like that tree--and it's in Caroline's yard. So, it's a Texas tree!
I thank you once again for your support and attention..every person needs a friend like you.

Unknown said...

SANDRA--two of your favorite people? Wow, I'll take that compliment for sure. Thanks for dropping by...Celia

Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, Celia. I love series, too. You get to spend time with a family, as well as a couple, and it's wonderful getting to know a group of people so well.