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I thought so! And are your cats valued members of your family? Mine definitely are. As the staff for two cats, I’m pleased to present my review for a book of interest to all cat owners...or anyone who even contemplates adopting a feline companion. I highly recommend this book!

Darlene Arden’s THE COMPLETE CAT’S MEOW really is everything you need to know about your cat. Say you’ve had cats all your life and believe you know all about adopting and caring for a cat. Wanna bet?

For instance, did you know a group of cats is called a clowder? I didn’t. I also didn’t realize that not all vaccines are good or necessary. But which are which? Can your cat catch your cold or vice versa? Can you teach your cat not to scratch furniture? Darlene’s book answers all your questions in simple language and logical order.

YOUR CAT by Darlene Arden from Wiley Publishing

Miss Delilah
Sue Kitty
Here's a genuine recommendation and example from me. If I’d had Darlene’s book several years ago, I could have spotted problems and prolonged the life (with quality) of my late pet, Miss Delilah Sue Kitty. Delilah died of renal failure, which I would have spotted when it could have been treated if I’d had a copy of THE COMPLETE CAT’S MEOW. But Delilah was sixteen, and I simply thought she was old and had kitty dementia that made her forget where the litter box was. (Unfortunately, she chose the dining room carpet instead, and we still can’t get the smell out.) The vet told us renal failure is the number one killer of elderly cats.

Darlene covers every aspect of cat ownership from before a kitten is born to caring for the elderly cat. Those of us who already have cats realize that each has its own personality and needs. By reading this book, we can meet our pets needs to provide them high quality long lives.

Darlene and friends
Whoa! Don’t think Darlene Arden is some sweet little old gray-haired cat lady crocheting anitmacassars while she coos to her 17 cats. Not at all! She is sweet, but Darlene Arden’s passion for helping animals live longer and better lives shines through in all she does. Whether she’s writing books or articles, speaking to breed clubs and other animal-related groups, attending veterinary conferences to increase her own knowledge and as a presenter, or interacting with individual pet owners, her goal is always the same -- to enhance the lives of dogs and cats.

Darlene with Crysteena of Drgon,
Pekingese owned by Nancy Ross
Photo by Mary Bloom
This amazing woman is an award-winning writer, lecturer, and author of “The Irrepressible Toy Dog,” (Howell Book House”) and “The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs (Contemporary Books), is an internationally recognized authority on Toy dogs and their care, and a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant.

Darlene has written hundreds of articles and columns for all of the major dog and cat publications, as well as newspapers and general interest publications. A former member of Dog Writers’ Association of America, Inc., and former director of the Cat Writers’ Association and a member of Boston Authors, Darlene is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Maxwell Award, the Muse Medallion, and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/American Humane Education Society’s Media Award for veterinary writing and animal welfare. There are more awards I won't mention because I'm starting to feel like a total slacker.

Darlene makes friends with
an Affenpinscher puppy
Photo by Mary Bloom
She also writes celebrity profiles and travel features. In fact, Leslie Nielsen said, “Darlene is a fine writer, and a witty lass who caught my personality as only a true professional could."

She is a frequent guest on radio and television, and she produces and hosts her own cable television show, “Creatively Speaking". Darlene is a popular and much acclaimed speaker. You may contact her through her website at Her blog "PerPETually Speaking" is at

You understand now how qualified Darlene Arden is to write THE COMPLETE CAT’S MEOW! Wouldn't this book make a great gift? The buy link at Amazon is:

Darlene's Barnaby and Bruiser,
Best friends

Caroline at work assisted
by Bailey, the shy tabby.
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Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.” – Garrison Keillor.


Cathie Dunn said...

Fabulous post, Caroline. Just our type of book. With two cats in our house, this sounds like a useful read.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

what a great post/review! I love my furbaby and read up on what I can to give him the most comfortable life he has. Sounds like a very good and useful read!

Diana Cosby said...

Thanks for sharing. I have two cats, Bad & Brat. Enough said. *G* They're really sweet and love to be patted. It sounds like a 'must own' guide for any cat owner. Take care and I wish you a fabulous Christmas! *Hugs*

Elaine Stock said...

Thanks for the informative post--I just Tweeted it.

My owner is a 16-year-old cat, Wild Cat. We almost lost her 2 years ago but she miraculously bounced back. I truly think it was the flea medication poisoning her. We switched meds and no serious problem since then, thank God.

katsrus said...

What a great post. I have 6 cats whom let me live in their house. LOL. Just toke in a stray kitten. 2of my cats are elderly~15 yrs. One is going the vet cause he has been losing weight. Hoping I can make him better. My other one has thyroid disease. The vet said he looks much younger than his 15 years. Has been on pills for 5 years now. There are so many new ways to keep your pet healthy compared to many years ago. Sounds like a great book.
Sue B

Beth Trissel said...

I loved this post Caroline (and Darlene). Big cat lover here--also love dogs. This looks like a very good book for my family.

Sandra Crowley said...

Thanks for the post, Caroline. I just bought the book for my sister's Christmas present--been racking my brain what to get her. This is the perfect answer for a woman with 7 cats last count.