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My friend and fellow Sweethearts of the West author, Cheryl Pierson, has a release that is a departure for her in that KANE’S REDEMPTION is told in first person by a ten-year-old boy. This novella is charming on many levels. I intended just to read a bit in support of Cheryl, who is a nice person and a great writer. Immediately, I was engaged and unable to stop reading until the story’s very satisfactory conclusion.

In KANE’S REDEMPTION, Will Green is the boy who has been captured by a band of raiding Apaches after watching his family killed. Will fights for his life when he is taken prisoner. He’s lost count of how many days the Apaches have traveled, but he knows the band’s leader Red Eagle toys with him and will soon torture him. Steeling himself for death, Will vows he will not cry or let the Apache know how frightened his is. He's shocked when a lone man walks into the Apache camp to rescue him several days later.

Driven by the secret he carries, Jacobi Kane has followed the Indians for days and needs to make his move to save the boy. With the odds stacked eight against one, his chances for success look pretty slim. But even if he's able to rescue the boy and they get out alive, what then?

But Jacobi Kane does rescue Will. In turn, Will rescues him. I’d tell you how, but you owe it to yourself to experience firsthand this story's pleasure.

Here’s the Amazon link:

Cheryl Pierson, Author

KANE'S REDEMPTION author, Cheryl Pierson, is a romance author who loves to read and also teaches novel writing classes and is co-owner of West Winds Media, an editing/teaching business for writers. She writes short stories that have been published by Adams Media, novel manuscripts, and has written a screenplay. Her novel, FIRE EYES, was an Epic Award Finalist and Cheryl received the PNR PEARL Awards Honorable Mention as Best New Author of 2009. She also placed third in the San Antonio Romance Authors (SARA) Merritt Contest with her newest novel, GABRIEL’S LAW. Cheryl's Western/Time-Travel/Romance, TIME PLAINS DRIFTER, is available from Western Trail Blazer in both Ebook and print. To learn more about Cheryl and her exciting books, visit her at

Here’s what Cheryl says about KANE’S REDEMPTION:

Rule #1 - I never write in first person.

Rule #2 - I never write from a child's point of view.

Rule #3 - I always have romance somewhere in my stories. out of three ain't bad.

I threw Rule #1 out the window when I picked up my pen and started this book. I did write KANE’S REDEMPTION in first person. It's the first work of fiction I've ever written from this perspective, and after I wrote it, I knew there would be two more of these novellas to follow. There was no better way to tell this story of young Will Green and Jacobi Kane - and the secret that stands between them.

Will is a child when the story begins, but a young man by the conclusion. So, I guess you could say I broke my own "Rule #2" as well.

Growing up in the 1800's on the prairie of the southwest would make an adult of you quickly; even quicker if you watched your entire family murdered in the space of five minutes. This story is not just about Will, though - it's also about Jacobi Kane, who has some secrets of his own. Although he rescues Will, he wrestles with demons that can't be fought alone - but how can Will help? In the end, who is the true rescuer - Will, or Jacobi Kane?

Romance? Well, there's a bit of that. But it's the romance that comes with new beginnings and the kiss of forgiveness. Come to think of it, the romance in KANE’S REDEMPTION is different from anything else I've ever written, too.

This story came from somewhere deep; a place I didn't know existed. It's a gift I hope you will take as much pleasure in reading as I did in writing.

Look for Book 2 in the Kane trilogy, KANE’S PROMISE, in the fall of 2012.

I am supposed to disclose that I purchased KANE'S REDEMPTION and the opinion expressed is my own. In fact, I will be ordering the next two of the Kane trilogy the first day each is available!

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Laurie-J said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure story!!Thanks so much for this post and allowing me to 'discover' this!!
I'll be on the lookout for it.


Cheryl Pierson said...

Caroline! What a wonderful surprise on this Wednesday morning! Thank you so much for the very very kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed Kane's Redemption so much. I truly love this story and am working on the 2nd volume right now. Thanks for being such a dear friend.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Caroline for sharing this novel. it sounds like a great adventure, and the fact that it is a series of three excites me. Will be looking for it!