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By Maggie Toussaint
MuseItUp Publishing

Molly Darter is a charming, responsible mother whose job at the newspaper depends on her personally collecting a family-placed obituary from the Naturalist Woods nudist colony. Molly’s conservative policies collide with the colony’s testosterone-laden male leader, Mama Leon. He is convinced the dead woman was murdered and insists Molly is the only person to find the killer’s identity. Molly has her own problems. She is convinced her hunky estranged husband, Hadley Darter, has cheated with her irresponsible and trashy sister, Clarice. Molly needs the newspaper job and that means obtaining the obituary information so she can meet her boss’ deadline.

Forced into investigating the murder, Molly opens a Pandora’s box and learns more than she ever wanted to know about various leading men in Marshview, Georgia. She also learns that she knew the dead woman as the friendly saleswoman at the roadside organic vegetable stand. Now Sheriff Otis Blizzard, the man who beat her husband in the last election, appears to be trailing Molly. Why is that?

MURDER IN THE BUFF is one of the best cozy mysteries I’ve read, and I read cozies frequently. Maggie Toussaint is a gifted author whose wit shines through to provide a fast-paced, hilarious read. The only point in which I disagreed with the plot was that Molly didn’t listen to Hadley’s explanation about Clarice. I won’t belabor that because this was such a fun read with surprising twists and turns guaranteed to provide suspense, laughter, and a smile at the perfect ending. I’d give a 5 out of 5 rating to MURDER IN THE BUFF and recommend it highly!

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Mystery and Romance Author, Maggie Toussaint

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Maggie Toussaint said...

What a lovely review, Caroline! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.


Unknown said...

i haven't read anything by Maggie, and not sure i would have picked up this one, except for your review. Thanks, Caroline

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