Friday, October 12, 2012


The Yellow Rose RWA Chapter, of which I am a member, hosts an annual members-only retreat the second weekend of each October. In the past, we stayed at a lovely little cottage in Glen Rose that seemed to have a haunted fireplace. ☺ For several years we held the retreat at the lake house of a member on Lake Granbury until they sold the property and moved to Dallas. For a couple of years, the retreat was simply an all-day workshop at our regular meeting site. This year, the retreat is at a home on the shores of a lake near Fort Worth, Texas. The home has six bedrooms and four baths, so the 14 of us who plan to attend should fit nicely.

The photo above is from the website through which we rented the home.

And above is the view from back patio.

Writers are people who hear voices in our heads. We aren’t crazy (well, most of us aren’t), and we love to meet with other writers who understand our need to write down what these people in our head are saying and record their stories. Certainly, not everyone understands that aspect of writers. Fortunately for me, Hero  understand and is supportive. Not all writers are so fortunate. Many spouses actually try to prevent his/her spouse writing.

Gretchen Craig
Author Gretchen Craig will present a workshop. Other time will be spent brainstorming writing problems and, let’s face it, discussing anything that pops into our heads. Those of us attending are mega-excited. After I’ve attended one of these retreats, I’m physically exhausted for a few days, but mentally energized. Fresh ideas pop into my head for treatment of plots I’d already conceived. New plots follow, too.

Psychologists say that endorphins produced in settings like this are akin to a jolt-sized antidepressant that lasts for three to five days. A retreat like this one is shaping up to be could have me flying high for weeks.

What do you do to recharge your creative energy?

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