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DANGEROUS AFFAIRS, by Diana Miller, is the first book I’ve read (as far as I recall from Amazon’s  Montlake publishing. The romantic suspense is available in print or for your Kindle.

Famed soap-opera star, Abby Langford, has gone through a public, nasty divorce in which she refused to defend herself in the press although her ex cheated on her. She returns to her Minnesota hometown with her nine-year-old daughter, Maddie. Abby is able to purchase a home she longed for when she was growing up with her neglectful, abusive, alcoholic parents. She plans to write a novel with a female police protagonist, but writing is not going well. Soon after moving in, she is cleaning and discovers a previously hidden knife on which there is dried blood.

Even before leaving California, Abby had begun having nightmares of a woman being stabbed. The nightmares increase after she discovers the knife. She reports her find to the local Police Chief, Josh Kincaid. At first, he believes she is only seeking publicity for the novel she’s writing. When she receives hate mail, he begins to take her seriously. The hate mail seems connected to her nightmares, and also connected to the home into which she and Maddie have moved. Is she remembering an actual event? The hate mail seems to have confused the real Abby with the character she used to play on a soap opera.

At least Abby enjoys reconnecting with her old friend Laura, and her parents, who were very kind to her when she was growing up. Abby wants Maddie to have the kind of childhood Laura had (but Abby did not), but Maddie has a little trouble adjusting. I love kids in books and seeing more of Maddie would have been nice.

Josh is recovering from his own divorce, and has a young girlfriend unwilling to let him go. Once he determines Abby is genuinely the victim of hate mail, he tries to discover who is sending it. You could pretty well count on the worthless ex-husband showing up, and he does. But Josh and Abby have formed a strong romance.

Author, Diana Miller
This is the first book I’ve read from Diana Miller, and I would read a book by her again. By the way, this book won the Golden Heart for unpublished novels from Romance Writers of America.

Here’s the buy link for DANGEROUS AFFAIRS in print and e-book:

This review is part of a Goddess Fish Book Tour and the book was provided by the publisher.

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Dangerous Affairs sounds like a great read.


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Thanks so much for hosting me today and taking the time to read and review DANGEROUS CHOICES. It's my debut novel, so I'm especially excited about it!

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This sounds so good. Thanks for the review.
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Thanks for taking the time to read the blurb, excerpt and review. I really appreciate it!

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I forgot to say I really like the cover too.
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I haven't read anything by Diana Miller either, but this is a good place to start.