Sunday, March 02, 2014


March came in like a lamb Saturday, with a high of 81 degrees F. The lion showed up Sunday with rain, sleet, snow, and overnight lows of 14 degrees F.  Yes, this is normal for Texas.

Darling Daughter 2 remembers going to the movies with a date several years ago about this time. He wore shorts because the weather was pleasant. When the movie was over, temperature had dropped 30 degrees in the hour-and-a-half they were in the movies, and the guy nearly froze. Yep, more normalcy for Texas.

March is Irish-American Month. Many people in the USA are of Irish descent, so St. Patrick’s Day is a well-celebrated occasion. In San Antonio, Texas, the river through town runs green. In Dallas, there’s an Irish Celebration at the State Fair Grounds. On Dallas’s Greenville Avenue, there’s another St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Towns all over the country have parades on St. Patrick’s Day. I suppose the most famous is in New York City.

State Flag of Texas

March 2 was Texas Independence Day. Not a big holiday unless you live in Texas or are a displaced Texan.  “Remember the Alamo” has a great deal of significance to Texans, even to those like me whose relatives showed up in Texas a few decades later. I’ve heard that’s also where the saying “One Ranger, one riot” originated.

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

March is when the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” is held to raise cancer awareness and research money. Darling Daughter 1 is a breast cancer survivor, , Hero is a subcutaneous lip cancer survivor, and I’m a thyroid cancer survivor. You can bet that we are in favor of cancer research and early detection awareness - and hoping Darling Daughter 2 escapes this disease!   

So, whether your weather is snowy or sunny, celebrate the month that finally brings spring on March 20th.

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The Texas flag looks like the flag of Chile.