Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Thanks to all those who helped launch GABE KINCAID on Sunday. What a great party we had. Cyberchampagne sand cyberchocolate served to all. Thanks for helping send Gabe on his way.

If you haven't yet purchased your copy, please accept my invitation to do so. Here are the links
Amazon    Barnes and Noble  and   Kobo. It's also supposed to be up at the iBookstore and iTunes. And please, please, please leave a review after you read the book. Reviews are so important to authors.

If you've never participated in a Facebook Launch Party, you're missing some fun and prizes. Other authors drop by, and we have a ball discussing various aspects of writing. You know authors--if we're not writing, we're thinking and talking about writing. ☺ We can't help ourselves.

Bestie Geri Foster and I planned this past launch together and called it Bad Boys and Cowboys. Okay, technically Gabe Kincaid is not a cowboy; he's a lawyer in the Old West. Technically, A. J. Roddio is not a bad boy, he's an agent for Falcon Securities who helps Falcon's main secretary, Zoe Ross, save the day. We write fiction, okay?

Now, I'm off to my critique meeting to discuss the book on which I'm currently at work, BACK TO MY TEXAS HOME, book 2 of the sweet contemporary Texas Home series. Book one is HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME.

Thanks for stopping by!

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