Monday, July 13, 2015


As soon as I complete one book, I begin work on a new one. In this case, I have just started work on two projects. Yes, that’s right, two. Normally, I work on one project at a time, but this circumstance is an exception to my rule.

The first book on which I’m working is one of four about the four Fraser brothers whose mother surprises them with brides. The brothers and their widowed mother have a ranch in Colorado. The books are called Surprise Brides with the name of the brother. 

The brother I drew is named Jamie Fraser, Jr., the eldest of the four and a widower with two rowdy children. The other brothers’ stories will be written by Cynthia Woolf—Gideon, Callie Hutton—Caleb , and Sylvia McDaniel—Ethan. Getting these stories planned has been fun but quite complicated. We have to insure that none of the books contradicts the others. The four books will be released simultaneously on October 1st.

The second project is a brand new series I’ll be releasing starting later this summer. The series title is The Bride Brigade and is seven books long. Each book carries the name of the heroine. The first bride is JOSEPHINE. The covers were designed by the talented Skhye Moncrief. 

The Bride Brigade comes about when Lydia Harrison and her best friend, Sophie Gaston, are discussing the lack of marriage-age women in the town of Tarnation, Texas. The young men are leaving for larger cities where they have a chance to find a wife and have a family. Lydia is a wealthy young widow. As fond as she is of Sophie, she longs for women her age and to see children in Tarnation.

Lydia comes up with a plan. She’ll go back to Richmond, Virginia where she grew up and recruit several suitable young women to come back to Tarnation with her. She convinces her friend Sophie to go with her and help chaperone the young ladies.

Since Lydia has a large home, the young women will be her guests until they wed. She intends to bring back four women, but her soft heart compels her to accept an additional three. And that makes up the seven books in the Bride Brigade.

That’s what I’m doing for the next few months. 

What are your goals? Anything fun planned?



Chele aka hula girl said...

Caroline, I can't wait to read your new books! I particularly like books with rowdy or rascally children. I hope the heroine in Jamie's book is clever and has eyes in back of her head!

Looking forward to the Bride Brigade series also. But I miss the Stone Mountain family. I wish that series could go on and on :)

Aloha, Michele

Caroline Clemmons said...

Thanks, Michele, I'll still be adding to the Stone Mountain series from time to time next year.