Friday, November 03, 2017


What a great past week we’ve had at our house! Our friends Jacquie and Mark Rogers—two of our all-time favorite people—arrived on October 25. Jacquie was nominated for the Will Rogers Medallion Award in Humor for HOT WORK AT FRY PAN GULCH and SIDETRACKED IN SILVER CITY.

Each of these books features Honey Beaulieu—Man Hunter. Honey is a bounty hunter like her father and always gets her man. Defining Honey's genre is impossible as her stories have humor (obviously), adventure, fun animals, some romance, and a ghost. I can only say they’re fun to read!

The wonderful news is that on Saturday, October 28, at Cattleman’s Steak House in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Jacquie won a Gold Medallion for each book! I have to say I was not at all surprised she won a first place—always fun to say “I told you so”. ☺ What did surprise me is that she won two more Gold Medallions as her publisher for the two books. Jacquie said Mark should have received those medallions. He is such a chivalrous and kind man he insisted all the credit should go to Jacquie.

Jacquie wearing her four gold
 Will Rogers Medallions

To make matters even better for Hero and me, Jacquie and Mark provided tickets so we could attend the dinner and witness her triumphs. We had a great steak dinner and met several western authors. Judging from those we met, western authors are a nice group of people.  Seeing Jacquie win made ours a perfect evening!

Jacquie receiving the medallions
from a Southern belle

Jacquie and I set up our lap tops in the dining room with the sincere intention of working. Jacquie is way too much fun for me to concentrate on my story for long.  I laughed a lot and we talked and talked and laughed some more. Jacquie made memes for us, which I appreciate since I don't do well at graphics. Plus, we kept having internet trouble. Luckily, both Mark and Hero are electrical engineers. 

On Tuesday, we met with authors Carra Copelin and Bea Tifton at Red Robin for giant burgers and sweet potato fries and, for me, several glasses of Dr Pepper. I was certain I’d never be hungry again, but my appetite proved me wrong the next morning.

Carra Copelin, Bea Tifton, Caroline
Clemmons, and Jacquie Rogers
That's Sassy snoozing on the table.

Jacquie Rogers has written westerns, western romance, fantasy, and Honey Beaulieu. Jacquie has published five Hearts of Owyhee (Idaho) Series books that include MUCH ADO ABOUT MADAMS, MUCH ADO ABOUT MARSHALS, MUCH ADO ABOUT MUSTANGS, MUCH ADO ABOUT MAVERICKS, and MUCH ADO ABOUT MINERS. Currently, she is writing the sixth in this series. I love these books and highly recommend them.  P.S. You won’t find a more deserving hero than Cole in MUCH ADO ABOUT MARSHALS. 

Sorry I'm missing the image for MINERS

I also love SLEIGHT OF HEART, in which Jacquie used information from her aunt about numbers and gambling. I do NOT mean her aunt was a gambler. She was a brilliant mathematician, but that's a story for another time.

Jacquie's MAIL ORDER RUCKUS appears with my MAIL ORDER PROMISE featuring sisters in the duet MAIL ORDER TANGLE. 

We also wrote about sisters for the American Mail-Order Bride Series: Jacquie wrote MERCY, BRIDE OF IDAHO and I wrote PATIENCE, BRIDE OF WASHINGTON. Since I've never been to Washington, Jacquie had to be one of my research sources. Of  course, Jacquie grew up in Idaho, so she is her own research source for that state.

Her latest release is IDAHO FAIRY TALE BRIDE but she has numerous short stories and novellas available.

Look her up on Amazon. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a Jacquie Rogers book!

Jacquie and Mark Rogers

On November 1st Jacquie and Mark packed up and left our home.  Picture me sad. Very sad.
I guess we have to share them with others, but our house seems awfully quiet without them here.


Jacquie Rogers said...

Wow, thanks for the wonderful write-up, Caroline. I have to say, I can't remember having more fun than staying at your house, and the topper was winning enough gold medallions that I needed a cart to get them back to the table. You've been so supportive! And then you won, too!!! I don't think we could've had a better weekend. The only downer was parting, and I miss you already. The next visit can't come too soon.

HurricaneReads said...

Like Caroline, it wasn't too surprised to me that Jacquie won, but I'm also a little prejudicial she's my mom. Caroline is correct you can't go wrong with any one of her books just word of warning don't be drinking anything because it will come out of your nose... I have to tell you coffee is the worst.
Congratulations to you Caroline on your award as well.... Total fangirl here

caithiseach said...

Honey is one of the most appealing characters I know of. Her creator certainly deserves these awards!

Jody Sherin said...

Hi, Caroline, and thanks for posting the great info and pics about Jacquie!!

R's Rue said...

Great. Congrats.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Jacquie, she deserves these awards. Her Honey books are Awesome and so are her other books. Plus she’s a sweet lady!!!