Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Happy ♥ Valentines ♥ Day! 

I am especially excited because today is the release of DANIEL McCLINTOCK, book four of the McClintock series! Writing this series has been difficult but fun. Tons of research went into the series even though readers see only a fraction of the foundation built by the investigations. 

If you haven't yet commented to be entered into the contest for a bag of swag, print books, and a box of chocolates, don't fret. You have until midnight on Thursday, February 15, to enter. I’ll announce the winner of the ♥ Valentine’s ♥ Day Contest on February 16.

For those who haven’t read the series, in McCLINTOCK’S RELUCTANT BRIDE, book 3, Daniel McClintock was left paralyzed from the waist down when a villain shot his horse, the horse pinned Daniel’s legs, and Daniel’s back was broken when he landed on a rock. In the area of Texas near Bandera and Medina, there are limestone outcroppings and the rocks can sometimes have sharp edges.

Needless to say, I could not sentence this nice young man to a lifetime of being an invalid. But, what kind of physical therapy was around in 1888? Well, almost none, at least not in the United States. In Amsterdam and nearby, a new type of treatment for paralytics had been developed called mechanotherapy. The practitioner of this was called a heilgymnast.

Fortunately for Daniel, Clara Van Hoosan is an expert at mechanotherapy. When the McClintock family’s family doctor writes for help for Daniel, he is told the hospital clinic is sending their best student, C. R. Van Hoosan. Everyone expects a man.

When Daniel meets Clara, tempers flare. Eventually, a new kind of sparks fly. Can Clara help Daniel regain use of his legs? Then what? Will she have to move on to another place?

My friend, Skhye Moncrief, created the cover. Don't you love the result?

I hope you will read DANIEL McCLINTOCK. The buy link is Remember, the first of this series, THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE, is free. 

In the meantime, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to each of you who has bought my books. I couldn’t continue without you!


Mary Preston said...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mechanotherapy sounds kind of scary.

catwoman1a said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Why has writing the series been difficult? Is Daniel McClintock the last in the series?

Caroline Clemmons said...

It sounds kind kind of like something Dr Frankenstein would use, doesn't it?

Caroline Clemmons said...

Sharon, there was so much research involved but I didn't want the books to sound pedantic. No, Daniel is not the last in the series. There's at least one more and that's for Rebecca, Daniel's younger sister. Maybe one for Lance Clayton.

catwoman1a said...

I am so glad to hear that there will be another book in the series. I am going to start Daniel tonight