Friday, September 28, 2018


Since I was a girl, I’ve loved the Beauty and the Beast story—long before Walt Disney Studios captured audiences with the movie and stage play. In my mind, the Beast didn’t change, but Beauty came to know him. As she did, she realized he was beautiful inside even though his exterior was rough.

I was struck with this revelation when we attended a small church in which a disfigured man sang in the choir. The first time I saw him I was surprised. He’d been in a horrible car crash which smashed his jaw and part of it was missing. I suppose now there would be better re-building techniques available. The point is, after I became acquainted with him, I no longer saw his flawed features.

This is the premise behind SNARE HIS HEART, which re-releases today. Forrest was severely scarred on one side of his upper body when he tried to save his first wife from their burning home. Because of his scars—inside and out—he’s become a recluse. He takes his children to church, but stands at the back near the door to avoid people and leaves as soon as possible.

He needs a wife to look after his rebuilt home and his three children. He’s especially worried about his oldest daughter, Frannie, who hasn’t spoken since the fire. Their home is too far for the children to attend public school and his wife would need to teach them at home.

Addie has been jilted at the altar when her fiancé ran away with her bridesmaid. She knows she will never be allowed to forget the scandal and decides to become a mail-order bride. Forrest’s letter touches her heart and she accepts his request. She determines that in addition to his children, she will snare his heart. Is it possible?

I love mail-order bride stories but I wouldn’t have wanted to become one. However, if the choices were some of the same ones that faced the women about whom I write, then I would have chosen to take my chances. Many more women had acceptable experiences than bad. I imagine the comparison is about the same as for arranged marriages, which were not uncommon at that time.

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SNARE HIS HEART is available as an e-book, print, and is in KU. I hope if you haven’t read this romance, you’ll take advantage of the opportunity and buy it today. 

If you read it when it was a Kindle World selection, please leave a new review. When Amazon deleted the Kindle World program, they also deleted all the reviews.

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