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Celebrate with me—I have a new release! I’m excited to announce that AN AGENT FOR MAGDALA, book 37 of the popular Pinkerton Matchmaker Series, is now available from Amazon in e-book, print, and in KU. This book was both fun to write and a challenge.

Most of this sweet romance and adventure takes place in one of my favorite cities, San Antonio, Texas. Even though I've been to San Antonio numerous times, I did a lot of research to discover what the city was like at the time of this story set in fall of 1871. I was surprised at how many things were the same or similar. The Menger Hotel is still in operation and is a well-known and excellent hotel that has been expanded and updated over its 160 years.

The Menger Hotel at the time
of this book in 1871

One surprise for me was that the Alamo originally had a flat roof instead of the arched one from the restoration. I’m a native Texan and didn’t know that. The famous Rose Window at the San Jose Mission has a poignant story—perhaps a myth—which I included in the book. 

The Alamo Mission after the 1836 battle
as sketched by E. Everett
My daughters and I have always enjoyed the Mercado, where we enjoy browsing and snacking. At the time of AN AGENT FOR MAGDALA, shopping was spread out but not that different, as you can see from the photo below, which was taken in 1880.

Vendors on the plaza
as it was at the time of

So much happens in AN AGENT FOR MAGDALA. The heroine poses as Princess Magdala of Bayergrovenia and the hero poses as her husband, the Duke of Montpelier. The princess' jewels are bait for the thieves. Well, you just need to read the book, so here’s the summary:

She craves adventure, but this may be too much…
His job means the world to him…
Capturing jewel thieves will test them…

Magdala leaps at the opportunity to become a Pinkerton agent. Learning the position requires a paper marriage shocks but doesn’t deter her. Maggie plans to get an annulment before her unusual family learns of the situation. She’s determined to prove she has the grit to be an excellent investigator. But, why does she have to be partnered with the one man who has been rude to her?

Douglas “Cloud” Ryan loves being a Pinkerton agent. Otherwise, he’d never go along with his boss’ crazy plan to marry him to a female agent. He’s certain women have no business dealing with criminals. After barely surviving the stagecoach trip from Denver to San Antonio Maggie needs to stay in the background and let him solve the case. He has reasons to distrust women, especially women like Maggie.

Can Maggie and Cloud catch the jewel thieves plaguing an historic San Antonio hotel without becoming victims? Will they take a chance on the love growing between them?

The Universal Amazon link is

Cover by Virginia McKevitt

To tempt you, here’s an excerpt from their departure in Denver when Cloud is still angry because he has been paired with a woman he thinks will be a hindrance:

At the depot, the stage driver and his second loaded the luggage on top of the stage.
The driver sent them a sour look. “Brought everything you own, did you? Other passengers need space for their things, too.”
Maggie touched the driver’s arm. “Thank you for your help when I know this must be trying for you.”
She gestured to her skirt showing when her unbuttoned coat flapped open. “You understand how much room is required for all the skirts and petticoats and fripperies required of a woman. Such a trial that society demands we change clothes so often. I can’t imagine what I’d do if you weren’t so accommodating.”
Cloud was certain the middle-aged driver blushed under his tan. “Don’t you worry none, ma’am. We’ll find places for everything. You just get inside and settle as comfortably as you can. Won’t be pleasant for a lady like you. Road’s bumpy and twisty and dangerous. We’ll be going straight through until we get to Trinidad. ‘Course you can stretch your legs when we change horses.”
She smiled at the man. “I’m confident you’ll get us to our destination safely.” She climbed up into the coach with assistance from the driver.
Cloud followed, awed at the change in the driver’s attitude. Maybe having Princess Snobby along wouldn’t be as bad as he’d imagined.

I hope you’ll read and love this romance!


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Lori Smanski said...

This cover is pretty. Some interesting information. How fun that you can do this for research and learn so much and use some of it in your books. I read: Texas Lightening and thoroughly enjoyed it. I giggled in many places. I talked to the characters. I rooted for some of them. I just enjoyed it immensely quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

Jeanna Massman said...

An Agent for Magdalasounds wonderful! I would love to read it! Thanks for the giveaway !

Beyond Comps said...

Angeline is my fave!

Mary Preston said...

JOSEPHINE is my favorite so far.


Debby said...

I love research. You learn the most amazing things. My favorite is Monk's Bride
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Audrey Stewart said...

The Kinkaids Series are my favorite. I have read the series twice. I wish I owned thwm, but I have a library in walking distance. I live there.

Mood Reader said...

Gabe Kincaid is my favorite of your books. I already follow in Amazon!
Congrats on your new release! :) xo

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