Wednesday, February 19, 2020


 Today is the day A BRIDE FOR LUKE, Proxy Bride Series Book 36, is released for your reading pleasure. Beta reports on this book were very good. Although writing IS hard work, I enjoyed writing this book. I love anything Irish and the heroine is from Ireland. So is the hero, Luke, but he's been in the United States longer. The heroine, Maeve, has only been in the U.S. for a few months.

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The blurb:

Each is struggling to build a better life . . .
Two strong-willed people are bound to clash . . .
Danger forces them to focus on what is at stake . . .

Maeve Kelly came to America for a better life but found only signs that said No Irish Need Apply. When the cousin with whom she is staying leaves Boston, Maeve is left desperate. Her job at the laundry doesn’t pay enough for her to survive alone. Her friend suggests a way out, Maeve resists a proxy marriage but finally accepts. What else can she do?

Sheriff Luke Sullivan is proud of his accomplishments. Known for his strong principles, he is admired and well-respected in the community. When he learns his mother and aunt have schemed to get him a proxy bride he’s furious. If he’d wanted a wife he would have found one. He respects and loves his mother and finally agrees to the marriage. Before he and his bride can adjust to one another, Luke is caught in the middle of an explosive situation between striking miners and the railroad. 

Threats against Luke by each side have him fearing for the safety of his wife, mother, and aunt. He must resolve the strike to protect his family and many others. Will he succeed in time to save lives?


He pushed back from the table. “How can I keep you safe if you don’t follow orders? Do you understand?”
She put her hands on her hips. “Oh, so it’s orders you’re giving me, is it? Weel, Lucas Brady Sullivan, I take orders from no man. Do you understand?”
“Mae, you’re making something from nothing.” He tapped his chest. “I’m your husband. You promised to obey me when we wed.”
That brought her temper down a notch. She had promised and Father Patrick had lectured her on the husband being the head of the household. “Mayhap I did, but not high handed orders.”
“And what would you consider obeying? You want a written invitation to remain home? Shall I show you the other wanted poster and suggest you avoid that man? You’ve no idea what these other men look like so how would you know if they were walking down the street or shopping in the Mercantile? How can you know who’s an upstanding citizen and who’s a stranger in town? You were in front of the Mercantile when Higgins accosted you.”  
She turned toward the sink, hands on her face to hide her shame. “Aye, ‘tis sorry I am. The worry of what’s going to happen has me in bits. I can’t get out of my mind the fact someone may shoot at you from an ambush.”
He wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t fret, honey. I’m doing my best to keep this situation from becoming violent. I can’t focus on my job if I’m worried about where you are and what you’re doing and who’s around you.”
She leaned her head against his broad chest. His strong heartbeat reassured her. “I see the way I was wrong. ‘Twas my mistake and ‘tis sorry I am.”
She looked up at him. “But, for us to have a peaceful marriage you’d best consider making requests instead of giving orders.”

 I hope you'll give A BRIDE FOR LUKE a try and that you love it. Don't forget to leave a comment to be in the drawing! Please include your email in your comment.


Mary Preston said...

Maeve is a beautiful name. I love the softness of the cover. Sounds like a fabulous read.


Lori Smanski said...

Congratulations. What a pretty cover. Oh but this sounds wonderful. Thanks for a chance.
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Betty said...

Congratulations on your Book Birthday Caroline. I absolutely love the cover, her hair is almost the same colour as my granddaughters.

Sue K said...

Looking forward to reading it!

Caroline Clemmons said...

I drew Sue K.'s name. Congratulations, Sue!